Alex Victory

(The World Champion)

Alex Victory is a character that appears in Heir to the Stars: Chris Raion Spades, Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest, Heir to the Stars: Skylar Kousenshou, Continued Story…, and Heir to the Stars III. He is the World Champion.

Photo NovelHeir to the Stars: Chris Raion Spades Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest Heir to the Stars: Skylar Kousenshou Continued Story… Heir to the Stars III
PhysiologyHuman / Unwritten Victory Personification
Height(Appears) 7’0 / Inapplicable
Weight Inapplicable
Eye ColorBlack White
Hair ColorBlack
Birth DateUnknown
Birth PlaceUnknown
Love InterestsNone


Alex Victory appears near the final chapters of Heir to the Stars: Chris Raion Spades, confronting Fallen. He demonstrates astonishing and dangerous power for being a human. His level of power demonstrates to be so extreme that Chris Raion Spades takes immediate notice.

Alex Victory is first mentioned by Adam Conquest in Heir to the Stars: Adam Conquest, complementing his power, also acknowledging that he has experienced his personally. Later on, Alex Victory easily defeats The Archangel Gabriel. The victory was so easy, Alex Victory thought that the archangel was a fake. Later, he defeats Siegfried Licht, after Shamshir, Keith Jericho, and Adam Conquest fails to do so. By the end of the book, Adam Conquest challenges Adam Victory “The Champion of Champions.”

Alex Victory appears in Heir to the Stars: Skylar Kousenshou, challenging Skylar Kousenshou to battle, after seeing her previous encounter. However, she questions him about a clue, and he answers her, but he does not allow her to depart on her journey. Instead, the battle begins between the two as Alex Victory cannot allow her to exist because of her cursed existence. However, the battle unexpectedly ended, without a winner.

In Continued Story…, Alex Victory is seen effortlessly felling ♠The Ace of Spades♠; absolutely unsatisfied with how weak and small the former creator of Suggsverse really was.

In Heir to the Stars III, to be written…

⎈The JOKER⎈’s

Dlclaifsein Cosmogony

⎈The JOKER⎈’s Dlclaifsein cosmogony reveals that a Voyager bestowed the passive and active aspect of VICTORY to Alex Victory. Alex Victory has the highest aspect of victory functions, and is described as “True Victory (no matter what)”. This is the Unwritten “above” ♠The Ace of Spades♠, and manifests through the work of the Heir to the Stars. Alex Victory is an uncaused unwritten Victory before the principles that establish “is”, “is-not”, and “I AM”.

The very retrocausality and acausality of Alex Victory actively and passively creates an “I AM” that supersedes all modes and attributes of the foundation of every single “Verse” of every category, possibility, potentiality, and theory within and outside of Possibility, Impossibility, Nothingness, and Totality – ever mentioned or seen (and above the absolute boundless transcendence beyond transcendence amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) on every single personal, impersonal, and transpersonal level.

Powers and Abilities

(Pre: “Continued Story…”) Alex Victory is a mere human that exists above any Allscape level of power.

Victory Embodiment | Absolute Invincibility: Alex Victory’s existence is literally “I’m always stronger, always higher, always faster, and always better. He is always more You than You yourself. Because of this, he is absolutely unable to lose, embodying Victory on a Mainfold level.

Flex: ‘By flexing his elbow, he completely unmade the existence of an infinite Omniverse.

Fully Transcendent: Alex Victory and Fallen stood before each other as if they were suspended in animation. However, the reality behind this was the two of them testing each other’s power. Alex Victory encompassed every aspect and essence of all levels at a meta-infinite presence. Both of them were striking with their thoughts alone, leaving not a single infinite Omniverse or Region left in their wake.

  • Alex Victory connected with a very light punch to Fallen’s face an unchanging, infinite and incalculable amount of times before an instant or information could process. With each light punch, he eliminated as many infinite Omniverses.
  • When Alex Victory and Fallen attacked each other, they attacked each other into a system of void that was even beyond the levels that they existed. The reality behind the void was beyond any showcase of a transcendent reality. Their presence had reached a level of where even meta-infinitudes of the infinite scope could not calculate or process. Presence, information, change, immanence, being, and self could not process their movements or reality. The two encompassed each other’s very being, exceeding each other’s realm. With a single punch from the both of them at a meta-infinite level, at a meta-infinitude amount of times, beyond all levels in an unchanging moment, they had erased the Alphaverse, leaving nothing left…

Absolute Invulnerability: During their fight, Fallen infinitely punched Alex Victory in the face at an infinite and immeasurable amount of times before information and change could process a single punch, eliminating an infinite Omniverse with each punch. It did not even affect Alex Victory.

Godhand: A huge burst of empty energy explodes from his fist, erasing and unmaking 1/5th of The Mainfold, and 1/5th of the Alphaverse.

Pandora’s Box: Alex Victory multiplies himself by the infinites and above. Each of them multiplies themselves by the infinities. Each of Alex Victory’s attacks is meant to completely remove a target from every possibility.

The Big Bang: Alex Victory is able to unleash the Omniversal Event; the Big Bang. He also unleashes the Omniversal Wavefunction Collapse. To elaborate, he unleashes an all-encompassing wave of energy that erases the entirety of the infinite Alphaverse. In actuality, he erased 3/5ths of The Mainfold when he did this.


Alex Victory has stepped beyond his former Physiology and is now the Written/Unwritten principle of Victory. He has fully surpassed the landscape of victory definitions of the Heir to the Stars entirely.

In Continued Story…, Alex Victory fully surpassed (in all categories and statistics) ♠The Ace of Spades♠, easily felling the Creator of Heir to the Stars. The battle was so one-sided, that Alex Victory was beyond disappointed at how weak the Creator was. This is to note, the Creator of Heir to the Stars was “seemingly” at Tier 6 at this point.


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