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Baseline (Tier 8)

The Baseline for a character in Heir to the Stars can generally be scaled to who is able to fight against particular characters.

For example, the characters listed below have gone to war with a large variety of characters, and while doing this, we will focus on Tier 8. In other words, any character that has been able to at least land a punch or operate on the same playing field as one of these three can effectively be scaled to them as they must possess a form of suggslogic to be able to do so. These three can fight against a Deus (fully read what a Deus is to understand them better) and surpass them in all stats, without actually becoming them.

In terms of Tier, they would fall into (Low – Highend), and nowhere near (Middle- Lowend). This is only counting Part 1 and the first half of Part 2 of Heir to the Stars main events. However, because this is still Tier 8, these three are still lower and weaker than Cannon Fodder and have a low significance of power. They might as well not exist in comparison to the weakest characters in the Heir to the Stars.

Christopher Sincere Pride
Lamont Heartfelt Vanity
Chris Raion Spades

Common Attributes

Paradox Embodiment: These three exist as a paradoxical existence and nonexistence.

Paradox Manipulation: These three surpasses and ignore the laws of reality, logic, common sense, etc, making them able to cause anything to happen or not happen. Their power itself operates totally outside of logic, reason, and comprehension. Logic is invalid to this power.

Paradox Transcendence: These three can ignore the effects of any contradictions of existence/nonexistence as if they didn’t happen. This allows them to avoid and ignore the effects of reality/world-destroying paradoxes as if nothing happened and go about their business as usual.

Logic Manipulation: These three can achieve fundamentally impossible feats on a whim, and freely redefine what’s possible and impossible. They can simply do this without much of a cause. With it, they ignore all rules like they didn’t exist at all.

Absolute Uncertainty: These three possess an absolutely/infinitely chaotic and unpredictable nature, making them so inconstant in action that it actually causes them to warp, change or collapse the results of things such as reality, context, normalcy, and even probabilities/variables. In general, when they engage in combat, they utilize their unpredictable nature to render others actions useless. Literally, no action, aspect, or trait of them can or could be predicted, including normal involuntary bodily functions such as blinking, breathing, and even their heart rate/heartbeat. Trying to read or control their minds is pointless as well.

Reality Defiance: These three can defy reality by interacting with things that are not there as if they are there. They are not limited to actions and events, but also properties of matter and energy, physics as well as space and time themselves, meaning they can interact with far distances as if they were close distances, lift the infinite as if it were 0, etc.

Physics Distortion: These three can distort the laws of physics, metaphysics, and pataphysics. Their abilities and sheer presence allow them to distort the law of physics, metaphysics, and pataphysics to warp reality, or tear apart the fabric of the universe to cause illogical occurrences.

Physics Infringement: These three are capable of violating the natural laws of physics, metaphysics, and pataphysics and using the forces for their advantage.

Physical Law Immunity: These three are unaffected by physical laws.

Omni-Law Immunity: These three can ignore laws that are unbreakable by any means. Space, Time, Life, Existence, Reality, Truth, Logic, and Etc mean nothing to them.

Erasure Immunity: These three cannot be erased from existence or removed from the endless descending infinite hierarchy of less than nothingness. They will always come back after getting erased from existence, making them immune to powers like Erasure-like powers and Nothingness Manipulation. All three will continue existing even after all of existence has ended by default.

Paracausality: They have their own personal causality and are independent of external systems. They are immune to causality-related abilities, natural and supernatural laws, and essentially protect them from any unwanted effect.

Transcendent Physiology: These three possess the attributes of existing in a state of being free from the constraints of the material world. They have overcome the limitations of physical existence and are independent of it. They are physically and mentally beyond essentially all forms of harm or other ways to influence them (outside of other beings of similar status, superior beings, or some specific concepts).

Duality Transcendence: These three have transcended all forms of dualities; are absolutely independently and qualitatively beyond various dualism systems and their conceptual level. They exist at higher levels above and beyond binary oppositions and dueling systems, making them unaffected by binary concepts.

Boundary Transcendence: These three are free and immune to every law, rule, fate, predestination, concept, limit, and any other type of cosmic, spiritual, mental, physical, metaphysical, pataphysical, and mystical jurisdiction, making them completely immune to opposing effects. They make the fundamental source of power that allows all limitless abilities to function pointless against them.

Common Statistics

Speed: When it comes to speed, these three operate on a level that is Immeasurable. They are able to operate beyond the fundamental principle of the world which is described as the lynchpin that sustains the Omniverse, from which universal laws and forces are derived and thoughts which they are sustained. Before a moment can even come to be, they can transition from Infinite Speed (Able to travel anywhere instantly, or move an infinite distance within a finite amount of time, Immeasurable (Movement beyond linear time. Speed concepts cannot be applied to them), Irrelevant (They are qualitatively superior to the concepts of dimensions of time and space themselves), and MetaOmnipresence (They can surpass this state of being, fully surpassing Omnipresence, which is the property of being present everywhere, whenever and nowhere at the same time, referring to an unbounded presence).

Lifting Strength: When it comes to lifting strength, these three possess an Immeasurable (Exists in a higher dimension where infinite-dimensional concepts of size and mass are irrelevant, with entire worlds which themselves contain infinite higher-dimensional structures being just fiction) and an Irrelevant scope of lifting strength.

Striking Strength: When it comes to striking strength, this is about being able to generate an amount of physical force in a single strike. Striking strength describes the power behind the character’s physical blows. Their striking strength can correlate to them surpassing anything a Deus can do. In other words, they possess an Immeasurable amount of force behind their striking attacks. (They can choose to hold back if they desire)

Durability: This is the property that guarantees the ability to withstand a certain amount of force. Their durability allows them to shrug off anything a Deus can do to them. In other words, they possess an Immeasurable amount of durability.

Stamina: THIS is the measure of a character’s ability to remain active, exert themselves for long periods of time, and power through critical circumstances. Their stamina allows them to transcend a Deus in terms of possibility and actuality. In other words, they possess an Immeasurable amount of stamina.

Range: This is the measurement that refers to how far their attacks or abilities can efficiently reach on their own. Their range is capable of reaching unto realms completely inaccessible in relation to, and existentially beyond the scope of infinite hierarchies beyond an eternal transcendence of higher levels of existence entirely, as well as any further extensions or “layers” on this scale. Their range can surpass an infinite number of hierarchical steps above the former sentence in link to realms and structures. Their range surpasses realms or states completely beyond all hierarchies and extensions thereof.

Common Passive Traits

These three are able to operate in moves that surpass an infinite hierarchy of narratives and a transhierarchical meta-conception that directly target the enemy’s very existence in an attempt to deny it, and are thus impossible to physically, metaphysically, and pataphysically avoid, forcing their opponents to counter their  “move” with a suggslogic. As the damage dealt by these three operates on a transhierarchical meta-conceptual level, rather than strictly physical, metaphysical, and pataphysical, these three completely bypass conventional durability.

Common Underlying Existence

These three are fully untethered from the laws of space and time in any form, unable to be encompassed by the voids of nonexistence outside of the physical, metaphysical, and pataphysical Omniverse, which has been stated as being akin to an infinitely-layered ladder possessing infinite higher qualities of existence, where each former layer is akin to fiction.

These three are unable to be encompassed or controlled by the fundamental, unmanifest expanse of absolute nothingness at the basis of all existence and nonexistence. They are unable to be controlled by the linear narrative observed from outside of paratext, which is in an unreachable state outside of any words and conceptualizations altogether.

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