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A Hexaglaive is the status, the apex, and be-all of an indescribable emptiness. It’s generally noted with having 6 swords.

  1. The Author
  2. The Transfictional Creator
  3. The Director’s Chair
  4. The Perspective
  5. The Aegis
  6. The Sword

The Author

Hexaglaive is the complete control of all features of the Verse in which they exist, and can unreservedly change its temperament, substance, residents, narration, providence, etc. All systems can be changed on a whim or flat out disregarded, as the Hexaglaive is literally the one order all sequences.  

Hexaglaive is “the” fully transcendent existence and nonexistence – the actuality and possibility of all “storytellers” of reality.

Transfictional Creator

Hexaglaive is the all-powerful one-dimensional Creator of all Verses, the Pure Act; the one and only Creator and Omnipotent ruler of all Verses, existing simultaneously in all Verses, taking on a specific form and individuality in each of them according to their framework/uniqueness.

Hexaglaive is the untouchable omniversal of Omnipotence, eliminating any and all hypothetical abstract paradoxes, and acts as the unwritten dimension of crossover possibility throughout continuums. Hexaglaive is the answer of Omnipotent vs. Omnipotent.

The Director’s Chair

Hexaglaive has created every story that can be described. These include stories with supreme beings that can create stories, and as such forms a transcendent hierarchy beyond the concept of an “infinity” that transcended the transfinite numbers.

Hexaglaive sees all of existence and nonexistence as stories. Every story is infinite dimensional with a mirrored narrative; as stories from inside of the mirror are the truth and from the outside of the mirror are fiction. Hexaglaive created all stories that can be described and indescribable. This includes stories with higher infinite dimensions and without, with possibility and without possibility, where Omnipotence exists and where it doesn’t, where Definitions exist and without Definitions and all theoretical abstract concepts. Hexaglaive even created stories that contain stories themselves, with a variety of characters that can freely create stories as a character and storyteller of reality or all realities. Hexaglaive is also the final destination for where all stories end.

The Perspective

Hexaglaive is the Omniscient Perspective. The story is not perceived by any one of the characters, but is perceived on by the Hexaglaive. All perspectives are encompassed by Hexaglaive. Hexaglaive is equated to all Omnipotence Perspectives including but not limited to:

  • Narrative Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Superpower Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Embodiment Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Creationist Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Personal Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Fantasy Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Realistic Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Illogical Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Metaphysical Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Cataphysical Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Origin Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Subjective Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Scientific Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Sub-Embodiment Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Virtual Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Primal Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Material Perspective of Omnipotence
  • Panentheist Perspective of Omnipotence

The Aegis

Hexaglaiveis “THE” Identity of the origin of all things. As its very identity, it is the highest echelon always standing on top of all story hierarchies, beyond infinite ones. However, Hexaglaive has always from here to there from before the origin. Hexaglaive didn’t simply create itself, nor was it created by something else or even come into existence or nonexistence; rather, Hexaglaive has always existed/not existed simultaneously in some form or another. Hexaglaive is of no beginning or ending of any kind; completely free from the control or influence of any being, even the author and divine design.

The Suggs

Hexaglaive is “the” control over all things imaginable, unimaginable, possible, impossible, existent, non-existent, known, unknown, thinkable, unthinkable, created, uncreated, discovered, undiscovered, fictional, nonfictional, transfictional, metafictional, seen, unseen, written, unwritten, perceived, unperceived, said, unsaid, heard, unheard, read, unread, visible, invisible, stoppable, unstoppable etc. That is, Hexaglaive transcends everything and have control over everything, literally the origin of it all. But this is hardly even the bare minimum.

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