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Ultimania vé Shion – LCS 99

“The story flows in many directions.”

Photo NovelContinued Story…
PhysiologyIrrational Indeterminacy Physiology
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
AgeBoundlessly Inapplicable
Birth DateInapplicable
Birth PlaceUnknown
StatusFully (and Eternally) Transcendent
GenderFeminine Principle
FamilyAlbedo (Eternal Partner)
Love InterestsAlbedo

Ultimania vé Shion - LCS 99 is a Narrative Causality Character that appears in the title, Continued Story…


Within one of the corners of Heir to the Stars, beyond the hierarchy, Ultimania vé Shion - LCS 99 sat on the edge of all contextual theories, smiling at the dialogue in which she was having within an unwritten Paratext.

Ultimania vé Shion - LCS 99 and Albedo were engaged in discussion here, which we discover that the two are eternal partners.

It's revealed that The♣♦♥♠⎈ ⦓Mind⦔ of ♠The Ace of Spades♠ is her destination. However, we all know that getting this guy’s attention is more trouble than it's worth. ♠The Ace of Spades♠ won’t just answer anyone’s call, so she was creating a plan to force him to notice her.

The Irielle of the Diyne Lazinvalric was her first target, in order to draw the attention of the Supreme Creator.

Powers and Abilities

Author Transcendence: Ultimania vé Shion – LCS 99 does not exist in a story. She is not bound to the plot. The readers only see what she wants them to see. Everything else goes unwritten.

Creation Manipulation: Ultimania vé Shion - LCS 99 opened up her hand, revealing Birth / Death, Right / Left, Light of Destruction / Darkness of Creation.

Meta Perspective Manipulation: Ultimania vé Shion - LCS 99 can manipulate all perspectives, even those that normally don't have them or are totally outside of them. She can apply perspectives to things that normally have no point of view, including illusions, transcendent abstract qualities, memories, data/information, numbers/counting, unknown/impossible/nonexistent things/objects/properties, complete nonexistence/emptiness, abstract phenomena, etc. The power of Ultimania vé Shion - LCS 99 is so vast, that she can cover every Meta-perspective from Dijehphysics and below.

Dijehphysics Mastery

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