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Deus is absolutely transcendentally qualitatively superior to everything else – completely unlimited.

Deus is beyond definition and conceptualizations. Deus is unclassifiable. Contradictory and long explanations of circular metalogic cannot even begin to describe what, “Deus,” is supposed to be, or how Deus can transcend metalogic, Metaphysics, Abstract Mathematics, and Existence itself. Deus is the Undefinable active prime mover of All. Deus exists beyond any and everything. IF you can describe something, Deus exists beyond that. Deus exists beyond Possibility, Totality, and Nothingness; the describable and the indescribable. While it is true that Deus is totally/absolutely All-Omni, it is equally true that Deus is beyond Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence as these are only the lowest and most insignificant fragments of the principle of Deus.

Deus, by what they are, exists infinite reality-fiction levels above infinite hierarchies of higher layers beyond the concept of dimensions. Deus are those that are not only meta-conceptually greater to the model of space-time dimensions but all hierarchies of size. The models of spatio-temporal size and dimensionality do not apply to them. To them, even infinite-dimensional all-encompassing entities are nonexistent in comparison. They are trans-conceptually inaccessible. To paint a picture, if looking at what can be akin to their size, they cannot be reached by increasingly eternally transcendentally “stacking” infinities on top of each other without end.

Elohim Allah
Lucifer Phosphorus
Michael Eosphorus
The Morning Flower
The Great Significance

The Bloody Serenade

The Bloody Valentine

The Bishop

Deus is the title given to beings that have created the Omniverse and that are above All. Every Omniverse has an active Deus / God encompassing it (at least 1).

Any Deus represents the 1st Level out of the 7 Trials to Glory. They are essentially and necessarily Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotence Paradox defined. They are the lowest and weakest level.

Deus exists merely “as” and “beyond” the collection of all mathematical structures and ideas, with the transcending uncountable dimensions within it being abstract and theoretical in nature. Deus embodies the Author itself, completely transcending the entirety of the verse, viewing everything and everyone as mere fiction. The logic surpassing infinite creations in its entirety of existence is described by each Deus as only “a story” that they wrote, trivializing all the hierarchies and laws of existence, as they are infinitesimal to them. All of existence and non-existence is less than a grain of void to them, as logic cannot even be applied to them. Words cannot describe Deus, as Deus defies explanation and hierarchy. All is less than nothing before that which definition cannot reach.

Deus is the unerased and all-encompassing author, the Eternal I AM that is completely unbound by all illusions of duality and restriction, and which stands simultaneously above the highest cosmos and below the lowest existential pin of Totality, Possibility, and Nothingness; free of all things, even it’s own surpassing transcendent infinite consciousness, and able to will all ideas and possibilities into being.


For every theory of dimension, for every Omniverse, there is an all-encompassing being that created it and that is above all tiers of power and phenomena; supremely almighty and invincible, in every sense and aspect. Their authority is personal, impersonal, and transpersonal for every fictional, nonfictional, and transfictional reality.

Each titled Deus is the master and sole superior of the cosmic creation; the Supreme Overseer and Grand Architect. In Heir to the Stars, the number of Omniverses goes well beyond any and all systems of any theoretical multiplicity of transcendent mathematics, giving the amount of Supreme Beings (at minimum) somewhere transcending an uncountably absolute totality.

Deus is “THE” (I AM) complete identity and/or self of all people/beings/everyone that exists, could exist, and/or will exist. Deus is beyond the literal and metaphorical or “I am everyone.” Deus is “THE” central consciousness/personality that all the identities/selves share, and Deus can easily shift their appearance and identity whenever they choose to become someone else to talk to. There is no we when referring to a Deus, as Deus has always been everyone in one from the start of existence and nonexistence. Deus just is. That is the history of Deus, the Be-All, End-All of all Creation.


On this scope, it is essential and necessary for said all-encompassing being to be the quality beyond representation, causality, logic, and reason, and can achieve absolutely anything without any limit or condition.

Deus is not only beyond the concept of boundless Dimensions, but Deus is completely boundless to everything that exists including Binary Opposition, Concepts, Space-Time, Reality, and so on. Deus is essentially at the absolute peak of transcendence.

All of existence (and its infinitely layered increasing upwards hierarchies) and nonexistence (and its infinitely layered decreasing downwards hierarchies) are stories. Deus actively determines whether these stories appear to be truth or illusion. Deus actively determines whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, transfiction, fanfiction, metafiction, patafiction, interfiction, personal fiction, or impersonal fiction. Deus created all stories that can be described and all stories that are indescribable and unwritten. Stories with infinite dimensions, higher dimensions and without, with change and without change, where the existential planes exist and where it doesn’t – where all different concepts of different perspectives exist. Deus determines if these stories contain stories themselves and if Gods like them can freely create stories.

Deus is the Irrefutable, objective, and subjective truth that needs no evidence or proof to demonstrate its principle or your principle. In essence, Deus is THE unobserved possibility and nothingness existing alongside the transcendent boundless.


Each Deus is boundless and absolute; beyond any known system of abilities and power. They are above all cosmic powers and abstract entities. All is within their Mind, and they stand Above All. Any Deus is considered the be-all, end-all of modes and attributes; fully transcendent outside and within the story.

Deus is the “I AM” – the beginning of one’s sense of self. Deus <I AM> is THE starting point. Deus <I> has existed since the dawn of Possibility, Nothingness, and Totality. What “IS” is determined by Deus.

The functionality of Deus transcends the rest of the Tiering System (Tier 8 – Low) and stands outside of any extensions of infinite hierarchies and all abstract mathematical scopes, to interpreting degrees and magnitudes. Each Deus is beyond the measure of the size and/or level of power that cannot be reached by the possibility of surpassing infinity.

While in media, it is explained that there is one and only one being (meaning that there can only be one in each fictional and nonfictional continuity) that is fundamentally invincible, being completely immune to all other powers and concepts, and is above All; Heir to the Stars expands boundlessly, realizing many with the almighty aspect of Omnipotence.

Outside of the Omniverse, they exist on a whole other level. Their qualities are absolutely unlimited, incalculable, and immeasurable, meaning they can do anything they want. In the Omniverse, they are recognized as fully and truly Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. The Omniverse and every mode and attribute within it, are simply just a part of The Mind of Deus.

Each Deus by default has significantly affected, created, and/or destroyed realms or states that fully transcend infinitely-layered hierarchies and/or dimensional levels on a conceptual or hyper-existential level. Deus is beyond all layers of external abstractions that exist outside of the applications of any theory of dimensionality as a constant defined by physics on any level, even compared to the absolute infinite multiplicity or uncountably infinite dimensions. Everything to their perception is akin to fiction or something of lesser insignificance.

  • Omniarch (Rules over anything and everything in existence and nonexistence. Deus has absolute control over all objects, abstracts, planes of existences, and forms. Deus has absolute dominion over any situation or environment by simply being.)    
  •  Omnicompetence (Can handle all situations and matters, regardless of the problem, situation or conflict, and have the needed skill, knowledge, experience, etc., for any purpose, and will know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. They can never lose a fight or conflict.)     
  • Omnifarious (Has complete and absolute control over their own being, allowing them to manipulate their shape, density, size or energy. Deus can take any form that they can imagine, independently from the laws of Physics and Logic.)    
  •  Omnificence (This is the unlimited power to create anything from nothing without limits.)
  • Omnilock (Has absolute transcendence and resides beyond space, time, duality, probability, nothingness. Deus exists outside of all existence and nonexistence. They cannot be affected even by Omniversal effects and are absolutely immune to everything.)        
  • Freedom (Is free and immune from every law, rule, fate, predestination, concept, limits, or any other type of cosmic, spiritual, physical and/or mystical jurisdiction, making any Deus completely immune to effects.)
  • Omnipotence Paradox (possesses unfathomable authority beyond any reason and understanding, allowing them to achieve anything and everything without any limit, no matter how impossible or contradictory, overriding all other forces and abilities like they didn’t exist at all.)
  • Omnipresence (Is present everywhere at the same time, referring to an unbounded or Omniversal presence. It is the absolute presence of being everywhere and nowhere at once.) Completely transcends and contains all spaces and times, both those that could exist and could not exist, as well as all that existed and may exist.
  • Omniscience (The Mind is unblocked to the entirety of all Omniverses. They know every answer to every question, theory, past, present, future, and eternity.)        
  1. Enlightenment (Understands the meaning of everything; possess full comprehension of all Omniverses and beyond..)
  2. All-encompassing and is aware of all things, having knowledge even of the “ultimate mystery” which lies underneath, and defines, the totality of all of existence and its inner workings, with its avatars and manifestations absolutely sharing this all-knowing nature as well.


Absolute Transcendence: A Deus is a limitless, eternal, timeless existence with no beginning nor end and is beyond the notion of personality and individuality. The user transcends absolutely anything and everything.

Conceptual Transcendence: A Deus transcends all concepts, conceptual powers, definitions/meanings, and/or forms of logic, allowing them to exist in a state outside of any perspective, understanding, or method of classification.

Cycle Transcendence: A Deus transcends the cycles of the Omniverse. A Deus is not bound by the same beginning, present, and end (and beyond) that most other beings are subject to. A Deus is beyond it.

Dimensional Transcendence: A Deus transcends an existence beyond any and all-dimensional levels beyond a conceptual or existential level. A Deus is completely transcendent to any hierarchy dimensions

Duality Transcendence: A Deus transcends all forms of dualities; being independently and qualitatively beyond various dualism systems and their conceptual level.

Eternal Transcendence: A Deus is in a state of constant and endless transcendence. A Deus is a completely unrivaled force unmatched by the totality of all existence and beyond (and beyond the beyond), leaving A Deus to continue transcending themselves for all of eternity.

Hierarchy Transcendence: A Deus is always above the entire power structure of whatever the conceptual boundless (spiraling infinitely upwards) hierarchy consists of such as True Omnipotent Supreme Beings, Cosmic entities, ontological metaphysical beings, and Patapahysical Beings. A Deus transcends the hierarchy of entire worlds on whatever scale be it Universal, Zettaversal, or even Omniversal.

Numerical Transcendence: A Deus is essentially transcendent of any form of numerical or math-based function. A Deus is transcendent to all things like Levels, Status, Experience, Age, Distance, Size, Dimension, and more. A Deus can’t be quantified by any numerical system, as they exist outside time and numbers.

Obstacle Transcendence: A Deus transcends any and all kinds of obstacles to deal with that is in front of it, whether it is physically, mentally, existentially, metaphysically, pataphysically, etc.

Origin Transcendence: A Deus transcends its own origin; reducing its effect on them from an absolute order to that of an inconsequential force. If their origin is manipulated, overthrown, or destroyed, they will not cease from existing. A Deus is an entirely independent and free agent that is not bound to the whims or force of power of anything that isn’t itself.

Reality Border Transcendence: A Deus has transcended limitless realms of existence countless times, going further and deeper each time they transcend the previous plateau of existence. A Deus supersedes (and continues to transcend) the countless tiers of reality and the reality of The Creator above the reality which A Deus was self-created on and so on, surpassing all infinite stacked realities.

Fictional Transcendence: A Deus is transcendent beyond the boundary between fact and fiction, already transcending each domain.

Nonfictional Transcendence: A Deus is transcendent beyond the boundary reality and its alternative perspectives.

Fanfictional Transcendence: A Deus is transcendent beyond the boundary of fictional writing written in an amateur capacity by fans, unauthorized by, but based on an existing work of fiction and its alternative perspectives.

Transfictional Transcendence: A Deus is transcendent beyond the boundary of the one and only Creator and Omnipotent ruler of all Verses. A Deus encompasses all omni-dimensional beings, existing simultaneously in all Verses as their local Supreme Being, under a wide variety of names, traits, and appearances.

Metafictional Transcendence: A Deus is transcendent beyond the boundary of Omni-Creators. In other words, every single story is nothing but Deus, and every God in the omniverse which is every reality is nothing but Deus. Every incarnation of the Supreme Being or Ultimate Diety is just Deus.

Sure they might have different Traits, Appearances, and Names but they are the same regardless, no matter what – they are Deus. And at the same time, Deus encompasses them all.

Patafictional Transcendence: A Deus is transcendent beyond the boundary of the fathomlessness/unfathomable/ultimate Beyondness.

Incompatibilism Fictional Transcendence: A Deus is transcendent beyond the boundary of that which is absolutely and totally incompatible with any beyond dimensional reality. That which resides or can be present outside of everything: space, time, non-space, non-time, reality, hierarchy of voids, duality, boundaries, probability, improbability, totality, possibility, impossibility, conceptualization, meta-conceptualization, nonexistence, (absolute) nothingness, existence, etc. and is absolutely incompatible to any notion or perspective or layer of fiction or beyond fiction-reality is fully encompassed by Deus. Due to being outside of all forms of existence and nonexistence, Deus cannot be affected by anything, even the narrative, temporal paradox, trans-fictional reality intervention, or reality warping; and are immune to literally everything.

Paratext Transcendence: A Deus is transcendent beyond the boundary of the material that surrounds a published main text (e.g., the story, non-fiction description, poems, etc.) supplied by the authors, editors, printers, and publishers.

Grand Metanarrative Transcendence: A Deus is transcendent beyond the metanarrative that is beyond the infinite hierarchies of narratives about narratives, each encompassing all possible and impossible historical meaning, experience, and knowledge. Each narrative contains the completion of all (realized and unrealized) master ideas and master sets of existence and nonexistence.

Rule Transcendence: A Deus is unstuck from canon, being unbound by reality or the laws that govern it, including the actuality of causality and fate. A Deus can change the meta-narrative and chaos of the hierarchies in existence and the hierarchies of nothingness.

Spatial-Temporal Transcendence: A Deus exists beyond the concepts of time and space and as such are immune to anything that would affect or harm them.


Feats of Omnipotence

*Each Deus / God by default has utilized each and every one of these feats to the most maximum scope and with absolutely no effort. These are just some of the feats, some of the most minuscule and weakest of feats.


Deus exists as the absolute result. By default, the chances of failure from a Deus are below absolute 0.

Everything “Act” or “Will” by a Deus is impossible to physically, metaphysically, and pataphysically avoid. They are beyond conceptual, metaconceptual, and paraconceptual. They don’t just completely bypass any conceptual or metaconceptual resistance or absolute permanence; they bypass transcendence, immanence, permanence, indivisibility, and freedom retrocausality.

Deus is unassailable. Deus is beyond the necessity of subjective and objective truths; requiring no reality-fiction actualization to demonstrate its authority. In quintessence, Deus is all unobserved meta-possibilities, meta-totalities, and the greater void below infinite hierarchies of nothingness; existing beyond the ultimate truth.

Deus cannot be reached by the conceptual or metaconceptual on any pataphysical scale or tier system.

Deus is impossible to remove.

“I AM”

Deus is THE all-encompassing oneness that exists as “All-in-One and One-in-All boundless transcendence being and self,” acting as the underlying essence of all existence, underlying all manifested phenomena.

“Greater I AM”

Deus extends outside of the works they appear in. Deus actively affects the plot of other stories (and the paratext) and chooses not to just because. The stories you read where the Deus doesn’t act are just the ones the Deus chose not to act in (but already has unknowingly so).

“Greatest I AM”

Deus is the embodiment and collection of all ideas that can be conceptualized through mathematics, being boundlessly transcendent and containing all forms of time, space, and truth as well as “transcendence” itself, with the very terms “within” and “outside” being inapplicable to its full extension and only existent in individual spaces. Deus is all possible geometries, manifolds, and numbers, as well as all subsets, supersets, and power, sets thereof, alongside all formal descriptions of all informal structures, with anything capable of being categorized under the aforementioned terms being automatically contained within the constraints of Deus… even if never seen before.


Deus is beyond Names, Terms, and Essence — Deus trivializes any description that can be given, so essentially, Deus is more powerful than anything anyone will ever conceive of because it trivializes description entirely.

“Greater I AM MORE”

Deus is beyond Deus and beyond all. Deus is the unerased and all-encompassing Supreme Being, the Eternal I AM, being completely unbound by all perspectives of duality and restriction (which are merely illusions to Deus) and which stands simultaneously above the highest All and below the lowest void, free of all things but its own boundless consciousness, bringing all ideas and possibilities into being.

“Beyond I AM”

Deus defines all reality and its opposing forces, and beyond. Deus stands completely transcendent over everything that IS/IS-NOT.

“Beyond the Beyond I AM”

Deus is truly omnipotent, beyond characters that are stated to be truly omnipotent. Regardless of the publisher, multi/omniverse, trans-fictional creator, reality, dimension, or those that are transcending infinite hierarchies; Deus is all-encompassing in power (all-powerful), having power over everything that has been created in the fictional and nonfictional realities (that anyone knows about and the ones that no one knows about).

Deus is beyond what the mind can never quantify.

Deus is all that can be written, described, or drawn with transcendent boundless power, possessing a transcendent boundless amount of feats and is perfectly described to be able to do absolutely every last thing to the most minuscule action. Deus is the description of all the actions an “Omnipotent” being has and only Deus (who is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent) could ever hope to accomplish the task of describing themself.

Deus is the equation answering the equation of anything that is Omni. Deus is THE meaning that transcends all barriers that have ever been established (and the boundless amount of that have not been established) that no one could understand (and not understand).

Deus is THE possibility and ACTUALITY of a trans-fictional totality that can (and has) do absolutely everything – be everywhere and know all there is (and all that is not).

Deus exists beyond and outside of intelligence itself, as Deus is beyond the totality of all mathematics, encompassing all of existence within itself as the abstract totality in which all ideas, both logical and illogical, are contained, with the worlds in which the story takes place being nothing but one among many imaginary spaces.

Deus can never be quantified, but in every reality that is established (and those that have not been established and those that cannot be established), Deus is Omni everything.

“Beyond the Beyond”

Actively and Passively destroys all things in creation, no matter how boundless, eternal, or infinite they are, which would include ultimate ensembles comprised of transcendent boundless layers, with each layer containing countless Omniverses, each created, sustained, and destroyed by an absolutely Omnipotent/Omnipresent/Omniscient Supreme Being. Has turned all reason into nothing, therefore it is useless to think about what it can or cannot do. Deus is the origin of all things, creating every story that is describable and the boundless amount that cannot be described. Deus is on top of all such story hierarchies, even infinite ones, easily.

“Actively Beyond”

Actively (passively) defines the principle and actuality of the tier list on all power rankings. Actively demonstrates the individual and singular ability to alter the content of any work of all of fiction, all of nonfiction, all of transfiction, all of fanfiction, all of metafiction, all of patafiction, all interfiction, all of personal fiction, and all of impersonal fiction ever written and the works of all of fiction, all of nonfiction, all of transfiction, all of fanfiction, all of metafiction, all of patafiction, all interfiction, all of personal fiction, and all of impersonal fiction that have yet to be created. This extends outside of books written by this author and outright are the ones credited with changing the beginning, middle, and ending of all stories, plots, and narratives.

Actively (passively) demonstrates having absolute control over any and all characters of all of fiction, all of nonfiction, all of transfiction, all of fanfiction, all of metafiction, all of patafiction, all interfiction, all of personal fiction, and all of impersonal fiction on top of it of every illustration of every fictional continuity and its paratext.

Actively (passively) is beyond the realms of every form of attribute, category, mode, possibility, potentiality, and theory within and outside of existence and nonexistence ever mentioned or seen (and above the absolute infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) in possibility, uncertainty, totality, actuality, and nothingness.

In truth, Deus not only encompasses the former paragraph but conceived the very first and final idea of them; literally holding all of it within the back of their ultimate mindscape.

“Actively Pure Am”

Actively (passively) above the paraconceptual attributes and modes of perspective and observation, BEING the grand meta-narrative equivalent of beyond Omnipotence Representation over the illustration of every fictional continuity.

Actively (passively) demonstrates absolute control of all aspects of the Verse in which they exist in and does not exist in, actively (passively) freely altering the setting, characters, events, and/or even writing the plot within and beyond time and eternity and the greater concepts beyond THE ALL, Totality, Possibility and Nothingness. All rules can and were outright changed on a whim or flat out ignored, as Deus literally dictates them.

Actively (passively) not only acts and wills it, but in absolute truth are fully transcendent existences and nonexistences, both beyond characters and metastorytellers of all of fiction, all of nonfiction, all of transfiction, all of fanfiction, all of metafiction, all of patafiction, all interfiction, all of personal fiction, and all of impersonal fiction — controlling it (them) like an author controls a work of fiction but from within and outside. This Actively (passively) personal, impersonal, and transpersonal trait is minor; it is not Verse bound.

Actively (passively) literally changes the very perspective and attributes and applications of Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Plot Control of every illustration of every fictional continuity.

Actively (passively) transcends the necessity of self-creation and just being.

“The Story is ME”

Deus embodies the reader of the story, i.e. the entire totality and everything beyond the beyond is but a story Deus is reading, including things like Fictional Transcendence and the 4th Wall of any and all perspectives.

Deus perceives every single power as just a story that they can be separated from or controlled.

Deus is completely indeterminable and unknown and is always affecting the story.

“The Story is A”

Deus is always the top-level, unbypassable in any way, and containing everything. These are the fundamental aspects of its definition.

A Deus can and has illustrated every fictional continuity and its transcendence over them and its absolute manipulation over all of them. A Deus “actively” continues to do this.

“The Story is”

Deus is the representation of all writers within the story and beyond the paratext.

Deus drew that which is called Suggsverse (it’s titular works) on the empty page that is the Cosmic Hierarchy. Deus represents Suggsverse’s true supreme beings. To Deus, reality and beyond dimensional reality and its inhabitants are just stories, characters that can be fashioned into whatever Deus wishes them to be, and should they become discontented with the current state of creation, it can all be effortlessly changed through a retcon. And it’s something they do all of the time, without having to act or will it.

Being completely beyond all stories and hierarchies within Suggsverse, Deus is all-powerful and completely unknowable/indescribable from the perspectives of characters. Likewise, no character can realize the complete Deus, instead of only being able of interacting with representations. Thus while multiple writers or authors of differing ages, genders, and tastes may manifest in Suggsverse to interact with and affect their creations, they are all only aspects of a collective Deus responsible for all stories.

Deus wrote Suggsverse in its entirety, and is transcendent over all of its characters and concepts, as they are all nothing but fiction from the perspective of Deus. Deus sees the highest echelons of Suggsverse as just a sheet of paper from its perspective, and Deus will always exist beyond anything that can be drawn on it, with infinite layers of beyond dimensional reality and infinite layers of fiction within fiction representing the “Real World” being ultimately still fictional models of it and under the full control of Deus.

Each and every Deus possesses:

0. Nonfictional Omnipotence, Transfictional Omnipotence, Fanfictional Omnipotence, Metafictional Omnipotence, Patafictional Omnipotence, Interfictional Omnipotence, Personal fictional Omnipotence, and Impersonal fictional Omnipotence.

1. Nonfictional Omnipresence, Transfictional Omnipresence, Fanfictional Omnipresence, Metafictional Omnipresence, Patafictional Omnipresence, Interfictional Omnipresence, Personal fictional Omnipresence, and Impersonal fictional Omnipresence.

2. Nonfictional Omniscience, Transfictional Omniscience, Fanfictional Omniscience, Metafictional Omniscience, Patafictional Omniscience, Interfictional Omniscience, Personal fictional Omniscience, and Impersonal fictional Omniscience.

3. Nonfictional Omniarch, Transfictional Omniarch, Fanfictional Omniarch, Metafictional Omniarch, Patafictional Omniarch, Interfictional Omniarch, Personal fictional Omniarch, and Impersonal fictional Omniarch.

4. Nonfictional Omnifarious, Transfictional Omnifarious, Fanfictional Omnifarious, Metafictional Omnifarious, Patafictional Omnifarious, Interfictional Omnifarious, Personal fictional Omnifarious, and Impersonal fictional Omnifarious.

5. Nonfictional Omnilock, Transfictional Omnilock, Fanfictional Omnilock, Metafictional Omnilock, Patafictional Omnilock, Interfictional Omnilock, Personal fictional Omnilock, and Impersonal fictional Omnilock.

6. Nonfictional Omnicounter, Transfictional Omnicounter, Fanfictional Omnicounter, Metafictional Omnicounter, Patafictional Omnicounter, Interfictional Omnicounter, Personal fictional Omnicounter, and Impersonal fictional Omnicounter.

7. Nonfictional Omniconmpetence, Transfictional Omniconmpetence, Fanfictional Omniconmpetence, Metafictional Omniconmpetence, Patafictional Omniconmpetence, Interfictional Omniconmpetence, Personal fictional Omniconmpetence, and Impersonal fictional Omniconmpetence.

8. Nonfictional Omninegation, Transfictional Omninegation, Fanfictional Omninegation, Metafictional Omninegation, Patafictional Omninegation, Interfictional Omninegation, Personal fictional Omninegation, and Impersonal fictional Omninegation.

9. Nonfictional Absolute Boundless Transcendence, Transfictional Absolute Boundless Transcendence, Fanfictional Absolute Boundless Transcendence, Metafictional Absolute Boundless Transcendence, Patafictional Absolute Boundless Transcendence, Interfictional Absolute Boundless Transcendence, Personal fictional Absolute Boundless Transcendence, and Impersonal fictional Absolute Boundless Transcendence.

10. Nonfictional Be-All~End-All, Transfictional Be-All~End-All, Fanfictional Be-All~End-All, Metafictional Be-All~End-All, Patafictional Be-All~End-All, Interfictional Be-All~End-All, Personal fictional Be-All~End-All, and Impersonal fictional Be-All~End-All.

0. Nonfictional Inverse-Omnipotence, Transfictional Inverse-Omnipotence, Fanfictional Inverse-Omnipotence, Metafictional Inverse-Omnipotence, Patafictional Inverse-Omnipotence, Interfictional Inverse-Omnipotence, Personal fictional Inverse-Omnipotence, and Impersonal fictional Inverse-Omnipotence.

THE ‘Presentation’

Deus actively (passively) possesses every Eternalism, Actualism, Infinitism, Possiblism, and Totality on all attributes and modes of the absolute perfection of everything ranging from all of fiction, all of nonfiction, all of transfiction, all of fanfiction, all of metafiction, all of patafiction, all interfiction, all of personal fiction, and all of impersonal fiction.

Deus is Absolutism, where it can and has broken (and actively breaks) all paradoxes and logic itself. To Deus, “breaking logic” isn’t impossible as Deus renders any concept literally meaningless for you to talk about in opposition to itself.

Deus is “Absolute Omnipotence”, “Practical Omnipotence” and “Impossible Omnipotence”, actively (passively) wielding “all power that is logically and illogically possible”. Deus possesses and wields “powers” that do not make sense. Words that do not have meaning will have meaning in the hands of Deus. It possesses all nonsensical “powers” that literally do not exist. Deus is “True” or “Literal” Omnipotence because Deus is the idea of “all power” in every literal sense, and is also the “default” definition of All.

Deus actively (passively) possesses all of the absolutely infinite multiplicity of powers in existence and non-existence without question or fail. Even if the application does not make any sense, Deus possesses it and can do it. Deu by default is “unsurpassed”, “unchallenged” and “have no equal”. You cannot attribute anything to Deus because can do anything. Deus may be beyond logic, but even with logic breaking being in play and entities being unable to attribute anything to Deus, and Deus and its Omnipotence itself does not lose meaning.

Deus actively (passively) possesses All, The All, and THE ALL of Existence and Nonexistence from the contents of every Verse/Story/Plot — every form of the former ever mentioned or seen (and > above the absolute infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) in possibility, uncertainty, and actuality ever written, and to still be written.

If one imagines something that is neither real nor not real or something that is both at the same time, something that transcends names, terms, essence, and definition, something that cannot be named, something that transcends transcendence, something that is larger than itself, something beyond beyondness or whatever can be or cannot be expressed – even things that are paradoxical in nature and even not paradoxical at the same time – All those things are part of Deus. Even if something cannot be directly imagined, they are still illusionary constructs being referenced indirectly by the use of imagination and nothingness. The same can be said for things to which the question of them being real or not real has no meaningful or sensible answer, no answer at all or maybe it can’t even be posed in relation to those things. All of this is manipulated and controlled and originated from Deus.

Actively (passively) in each Verse/Story/Plot (beyond the boundless transcendent hierarchies of grand meta-narratives), Deus is absolutely beyond the absolute boundless inaccessible transcendence of ever-increasing hierarchies and even greater layers and levels beyond that which possesses All-Encompassing Authors that surpasses any amount of observation, perception, and uncertainty – stretching beyond Nothingness, Totality, and Possibility in sum total. Regardless of the publisher, Omniverse(s), reality, or dimension, these Authors are the fully transcendent authority within and outside of the Verse/Story/Plot, being all-encompassing in zenith, making them all-powerful and beyond the full totality of Creation. Each one of them outright showed to have the dominating power over everything that has been created ranging from all of fiction, all of nonfiction, all of transfiction, all of fanfiction, all of metafiction, all of patafiction, all interfiction, all of personal fiction, and all of impersonal fiction. Not only did they encompass and quantify Infinity, Eternity, Totality, Nothingness, and Possibility; but it has been written, described, and drawn. Every single one of these Authors (fully transcendent authorities within and outside of the Verse/Story/Plot) demonstrated a dominating presence of infinite power, demonstrating above > infinite amount of feats. Each one is able to do absolutely every last thing to the most infinitesimal action, as their very existence and nonexistence is “Pure Act” itself. Their very definition describes all the actions an “Omnipotent”, “Omniscience”, “Omnipresence” Supreme Being has. These Authors are the actuality, eventuality, and potentiality of an equation that answers the equation of anything that is “Omni,” transcending > infinite numbers and languages, encompassing a meaning that transcends all barriers that have ever been established in every form of existence and nonexistence ever mentioned or seen (and above the absolute infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) in possibility, uncertainty, nothingness, totality, and actuality. Each one of these Authors could, can, and has done absolutely everything; possessing an unbounded presence everywhere.

Deus, actively (passively) without even changing in any aspect, erases all of it. In other words, everything written in the former paragraph in actuality was and is true and beyond true, and Deus literally erased all of it (Or rather, One would erase it, then recreate all of it. Then it would repeat, simply as an act of futility).

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