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Table of Contents

    Introducing the Siblings


    Introducing Those Who Travel

    Introducing the DMV

    Introducing the DMV (Part II)

    Introducing 93

    Introducing the BLACK INDULGENCE

    Introducing Those Who Ascend

    Introducing Those Who Defy

    Introducing Those Who Cry...

    Introducing Those Who...

    The Little Ebony Cat

    Paratext characters are those that "surround the published main text" (e.g., the story, non-fiction description, poems, etc.) of the Suggsverse franchise.

    They are part of an element of the franchise immediately encompassing the text and not part of the text itself. They are not in any of the stories, but they are directly part of the stories themselves.

    Paratext Exclusive Characters

    Monday Without Tomorrow
    Thursday Without Suggs
    Sunday Without God
    Schrödinger Neko
    The Queen of Monarchs
    Sata the Spadeswaker
    Tuesday Without War
    Friday Without Dreams
    Lionel of Kingsworns
    Everything but the Rain
    Davenna the Nonpareil
    Testimony Calling
    Wednesday Without Death
    Saturday Without Sinn
    Lionel Xiampa Zinesuthesa
    Spin Pandemonium
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