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Alsei Digra

"To confront the unknown is to embrace the whispers of the Chaos Queen"

Photo NovelWebsite Exclusive
PhysiologyBlack Tenet
HeightImmeasurable by Human Comprehension
WeightImmeasurable by Human Comprehension
Eye ColorSilver
Hair ColorBlack
Birth DateInapplicable
Birth PlaceInapplicable
StatusBeyond Existence and Nonexistence
GenderMasculine Principle
Love InterestsNone
AffiliationMizuchi’s Mon∀rk Road, 9th regiment of the Ehrima Hunters,
Alexstrasza EXAM group

Alsei Digra is a character that appears on www.heirtothestars.com.

Alsei Digra embodies the archetype of the intrepid seeker—a Black Tenet enamored with the allure of the unknown, yet tempered by the fires of adversity. Stepping from from humble echoes amidst the tumultuous landscape of the Zerrziel Res Publica, his journey through the hallowed halls of the Mizuchi’s Mon∀rk Road is a testament to the resilience of the Black Tenet be-ness. Possessing a keen intellect and unwavering determination, he navigates the labyrinth beyond existence with a steadfast resolve, unafraid to confront the shadows of uncertainty that lurk within the recesses of the unknown.

As a Mon∀rk of unparalleled proficiency, Alsei Digra ascends to unprecedented heights of mastery, his talents shining like a beacon amidst the darkness of ignorance. Yet, beneath his stoic exterior lies a be-ness untamed by the tumult of fate, his be-ness unyielding in the face of adversity. Faced with the enigmatic complexities of void technology, he grapples with his shortcomings with humility and grace, his pursuit of knowledge a testament to the boundless depths of his intellect and the resilience of his spirit.


Alsei Digra emerges from the shadows of antiquity as a figure of profound significance within the labyrinthine corridors of the Mizuchi’s Mon∀rk Road—a realm veiled in the enigmatic whispers of destiny and the ineffable mysteries of existence. Born from humble origins amidst the tumultuous landscape of the Zerrziel Res Publica, the infancy of Alsei Digra remains shrouded in the mists of obscurity, his origins obscured by the passage of meta-narrative. Yet, it is within the hallowed halls of the Mon∀rk Road that his true potential began to unfurl, his talents blossoming like a resplendent flower amidst the barren wasteland of uncertainty.

Under the tutelage of the venerable Mon∀rks of Old, Alsei Digra ascended to unprecedented heights of proficiency, his mastery of the arcane arts unparalleled in its brilliance. With the weight of the next generation resting upon his shoulders, the expectations placed upon him by the Mon∀rks of Old were lofty indeed, yet he bore them with a stoic resolve befitting his stature. However, despite his prodigious talents, Alsei Digra grappled with one glaring deficiency—a lamentable ineptitude when it came to handling void machines, a weakness that would prove to be his Achilles' heel amidst the grand web of cosmic intrigue.

As the former commander of the now-vanished 9th regiment of the Ehrima Hunters, Alsei Digra traversed the ethereal realms of Eschatos with a sense of purpose that bordered beyond the divine. Encountering beings who wrought havoc upon the denizens of old humanity, he embarked upon a fierce battle against the forces of darkness, his valorous deeds earning him renown amongst his peers. Yet, his endeavors were not without consequence, for the realm of Eschatos bore witness to his monumental feats, its very fabric forever altered by the crucible of his actions. However, when faced with the enigmatic tower that loomed ominously over the crucible of Vygias, Alsei Digra found himself thwarted by the inscrutable nature of void technology, his estranged relationship with its arcane intricacies leaving him bereft of answers amidst the shadows of uncertainty.

Selected to join the covert "Alexstrasza EXAM group," Alsei Digra found himself thrust into the crucible of adversity with unwavering resolve, his mettle tested amidst the chaos of battle and the malevolent forces that lurked within the shadows. Appointed as the acting commander of the squadron, he led his comrades into the heart of darkness, their numbers dwindling in the face of insurmountable odds. Yet, when confronted by the specter of annihilation, Alsei Digra made the ultimate sacrifice, choosing to remain behind with Aeradias Rubyright to confront the forces of darkness head-on, his valorous deeds echoing across the annals of eternity.

Though his comrade would never return from the abyss, Alsei Digra emerged from the crucible of Alexstrasza with his be-ness unbowed, his resolve unshaken by the trials he had endured. Yet, amidst the tranquility of solitude and the embrace of introspection, he found solace in the pursuit of knowledge, his quest for enlightenment a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Black Tenet otherness. In the hallowed halls of the Mon∀rk's Research Lab, he sought to unravel the enigmatic mysteries of void technology, his mastery of its arcane intricacies a testament to the boundless depths of his intellect.


Alsei Digra utilizes Suggsphysics to command the "Queen's Pawn" of Black Ontology.

Queen's Pawn Blackness - Olympus: Alsei Digra summons bacteria from the deepest reaches of The "Former" Chaos Queen, surrounding the target and immediately plunging the target downwards the descending ladder of nothingness endlessly negating the modes and attributes of the transfictional narrative target.

Queen's Pawn Blackness - Leto's Crown: Alsei Digra points out and indicts the contradiction of the basis of the actus purus and being-of-itself of the be-ness of said target and causes a breakdown of the target's background of creation on a transfictional narrative level.

Queen's Pawn Blackness - Apollo: Alsei Digra creates a lightning javelin-like weapon using negative energy that is ineffable in comparison to the Heir to the Stars Comic Hierarchy. He can use this weapon as a projectile or as an ineffable weapon. When thrown, it produces an incredibly destructive explosion on impact that erases a boundless expanse immeasurable by the background of creation that endlessly erases and retroactively denies the absolute boundless multiplicity transcendental hierarchy of the boundless layers of the Transhierarchical actuality of the transfictional narrative target.

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