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Cosmic Hierarchy

Comments on 'Cosmic Hierarchy' (5)

  1. rarityz says:

    you can consider adding the comments about the amount of floors in between the 99th floor to iQ19>8 FLOOR

  2. Richarllys Lira da Gama says:

    Como posso entrar no The Final Floor?

    1. aceofspades says:

      That’s a tall vision.

  3. Kvinsihub O says:

    Hello, I have a question – is the Cosmic hierarchy infinite, and is there such a thing that the 1st floor of the hierarchy stands so high above the universe that it does not see the meaning between a 3-dimensional object And all that. Do you have a term – Ephemeral difference?

    1. Zeu Hjläähjo says:

      Russian Suggs-phage.

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