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(in-between) is akin to an inaccessible boundless eternal transcendence. This is beyond any magnitude and intricacy, that is, (in-between) is completely eternally transcendental in interconnection to physics, metaphysics, and pataphysics.

(in-between) is akin to a meta-abstraction — completely non-physical in interconnection to any higher beyond dimensional reality, and everything before / below is considered null.

(in-between) is always “Beyond Reality” in which its nature is not only transcendental distinct but also meta-conceptually greater to the meta-concept of beyond dimensional reality as some ever-expanding formless, transcendental dominion, that is, even an infinite-dimensional Level IV: Ultimate ensemble would be nonexistent in comparison to (in-between).

(in-between) is quite literally inexplicable.

Posted by aceofspades