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“Please forgive the reference, however, because you are a pawn, while I AM all of the pieces, including the game board, the players, the table in which the game board sets, the dimensions around it, and the principle in which the concept is defined. I AM even your game piece.”

Photo NovelHeir to the Stars: Skylar Kousenshou, Heir to the Stars: The Unwritten Chapters III, The Unwritten Chapter: LDeltaIV, Aeirs Ending
PhysiologyMagatama Essence/Ansho Angel
HeightUltimately Inapplicable
WeightUltimately Inapplicable
Eye ColorUltimately Inapplicable
Hair ColorUltimately Inapplicable
AgeUltimately Inapplicable
Birth DateUltimately Inapplicable
Birth PlaceUnknown
StatusUltimately Inapplicable
GenderUltimately Inapplicable (Appears Female)
FamilyLapis (Sister)
Love InterestsUnknown
AffiliationUltimately Inapplicable
TierBeyond the Necessity of Tiers

Skylar “Garnet” Kousenshou is the keeper of the Ansho Eyes that appears in Heir to the Stars: Skylar Kousenshou. She is Beyond the Necessity of Tiers in any Heir to the Stars title (past, present, future, endless, and beyond the beyond). Skylar Kousenshou is a Magatama Essence that exists above any tier of power.


Skylar Kousenshou is introduced into the story reading about the events that Tentei had written, who had decided that it was time for an heir and she was still influencing events to come up to one final conclusion. She made her way to the Lion’s Den, where she would encounter Kain, a remnant of the Big Bang. After her battle with Cain, she was confronted by Endless, who challenged her to a game of chess. Endless, who fully encompassed an entire Omniverse, who was above The All, lost to Skylar in the game, igniting a smile on his face. After giving her details about where to go next, she encountered two more remnants of the Big Bang. After defeating Largamente Madoushi, Skylar encountered Chris Raion Spades, who explained to her the situation of the current events. Soon, she encountered Alex Victory, and afterward, Michael Ende. As she continued to climb the long ladder of opponents, she eventually encounters Cain, who forces her to undergo her first transformation into her true self. By the end of the story, she and Chris Raion Spades travels to the ends of The Mainfold.

In Heir to the Stars: The Unwritten Chapters III, Skylar makes her return. Although no other stories hinted at this, Skylar has a history with Lionel Christopher Suggs, as well as Lucrezia Bella Evangeline. It is revealed that Lucrezia Bella Evangeline is her successor. This is due to the exceeding growth of Skylar, as she is uncapped in the tier, and ever-transcending. It is revealed that Lionel and Skylar are on unfriendly terms due to either what happened on the Day of the Glass Kingdom’s Memory, or because she is an Heir to the Stars. After their discussion, Lucrezia reveals that she is able to see that there are unwritten words being created behind Skylar’s thoughts. However, Skylar took no real interest in her revelations.

In The Unwritten Chapter: LDeltaIV, Skylar appears ON TOP of the realm of Cataphysics in order to confront Grandt. Grandt is a personal, impersonal, and transpersonal self-entity that seeks the Heir to the Stars. However, what he was searching for was the unwritten rests within the letters, elaborating the Heir to the Stars and uncovering its unwritten doctrine. Skylar appears before him, revealing aspects of the prelude to Heir to the Stars.

The battle was portrayed as futile in disrespect to Skylar’s presence, as she was not on a Tier in which Heir to the Stars could reach. The role of her opponent was to merely be cannon fodder. Skylar opened up her hand, holding back even more magnitudes than which was described on the descending ladder of nothingness, simply ended the character that is Grandt.

In Aeirs Ending, Garnet makes her appearance near the end of the story to confront Arza Megidoborne and α≠a.

Magatama Essence Physiology

In a span of 1 book, Skylar had the biggest jump in power to date. She went from Tier 8 to Tier 6 to Beyond the Necessity of Tiers. By Heir to the Stars logic (by all of Suggsverse logic in terms of its franchise), this is an inaccessible improbability (sitting in the void and truth of impossibility). This is due to her being a Magatama Essence (Garnet), which means that her transcendence eternally surpasses all Cosmologies and any Tiers from 8 to 0.

Because of her Magatama Essence Physiology, she can utilize all Terms within the Heir to the Stars at their most maximum capability. While she was ignorant of her power when she was introduced, it was her very essence in combination with the Ansho Angel Physiology that made her an unstoppable force and an impassible force.

As it stands, all Branches of Philosophy collapses and disappear trying to understand Skylar. All Terms fail to reach her.

“To think that any being operating on the realm of Cataphysics (beyond or lower) could ever reach me… is a very bad joke.” – Garnet

Powers and Abilities I

Heir to the Stars: Skylar Ansho Eyes: The Ansho Eyes are a trans-epiphenomenon that grants the bearer omnisapience; the ability to perfectly know all possibilities of a situation and what would happen if they came to pass. It is a power that commands all concepts of Mathematics and Metaphysics. However, it is also a stigmata, meaning that the bearer is bound to a destiny outside of All.

Maximum Speed: Skylar is able to traverse trillions of light-years in an attosecond.

Maximum Strength: A mere side-hook kick from Skylar contains an infinite amount of force behind it.

Maximum Vision: Because of her Ansho Eyes, Skylar can easily see approximately 3.6 googolplex light-years away in distance.

Meta-Omnipresent: Skylar could literally dodge and evade every blow from Kain, who existed in all aspects and from all locations. He was fully Omnipresent, all in one and one in all, yet she was able to completely dodge his existence. Later on, it was shown that before any unit or concept within the infinite scope could process, Skylar could attack infinitely, immanently, and transcendently. She literally attacks meta-omnipresently, meta-incalculably, and meta-immeasurably.

Meta-Omniscient: Skylar is able to transcend The Mind of The All.

Meta-Omnipotence: When Skylar became present in all awareness and consciousness, many Almighty Lord God Omnipotents who were unchanging and infinite tried to stop her fight, but they all ceased to exist by the Skylar’s might.

Atemporal Existence: When Kain used time to de-age Skylar’s existence, it simply did not work. He used time to age her at an accelerating rate to the point where she could no longer exist; at the End of Infinity. However, Skylar had no end. Kain went back in time to find out where and when she was born, but he could not find her within the stream of any timelines.

Powers and Abilities II

(Heir to the Stars: The Unwritten Chapters)

By this time, Skylar has reached so far above the previous standing that she exists somewhere on top of all Floors of the Heir to the Stars Hierarchy.

Author Authority: It is revealed here that all stories revolve around Skylar. All stories in Nothingness and Possibility move according to her will.

– Skylar even comments that she could easily take out God’s Will without even using a hint of 0% of her power.

The Ansho Eyes

Ansho Eyes: Originally, it was described that The Ansho Eyes are a trans-epiphenomenon that grants the bearer omnisapience; the ability to perfectly know all possibilities of a situation and what would happen if they came to pass. It is a power that commands all concepts of Abstraction, Mathematics, Logic, and Metaphysics. However, it is also a stigmata, meaning that the bearer is bound to a destiny outside of All.

The Ansho Eyes created this ignorance in the narrative in order to limit Skylar. Skylar consistently used these eyes when she was ignorant of her power, with the power of the Ansho Eyes being less than 0% realized.

The Ansho Eyes (Truth)

The Ansho Eyes exceed the scope of ♠The Ace of Spades♠ and ЖTHE JOKERЖ in every retro-actualism, trans-actualism, meta-actualism, inter-actualism, and impersonal-impossibility.

In Heir to the Stars: Skylar Kousenshou, it was revealed that Garnet was one of the Heir to the Stars and that the eyes that she possessed were the bridge that controlled the aspects and the ground in which the principles of “Anti” and “Meta” were defined and created. The very line she spoke at the end of the story revealed that she had surpassed Verseology, as she was the one writing the story, as well as the story of ♠The Ace of Spades♠. Her very existence/nonexistence/supraexistence exceeded such diminutive notions, becoming the defining principle in which ♠The Ace of Spades♠ and ЖTHE JOKERЖ were defined.

Everything that is an element of Heir to the Stars immediately encompassing the pretext and not part of the pretext itself – immediately encompassing the text and not part of the text itself – immediately encompassing the paratext and not part of the paratext itself is (Garnet) Skylar Kousenshou. In other words, beyond Names, Terms, and Essence, Possibility / Totality / Nothingness that isn’t a part of the Plot / Story / Verse / Narrative Causality / Author Authority itself, but still comes with it is Skylar Kousenshou. Skylar Kousenshou comes before and after Heir to the Stars.

The Ansho Eyes are merely a subjugation and permanent ally of Skylar Kousenshou. In the realm behind that in which Truth is defined, The Ansho Eyes exist as a theory beyond Terms, Names, and Essence – as a purpose that purely drives the Plot / Story / Verse / Narrative Causality / Author, maintaining their flow, or resolving situations within principle in which they are all defined.

The Ansho Eyes completely targets and encompasses all of Fiction, all of Nonfiction, all of Transfiction, all of Fanfiction, all of Metafiction, all of Patafiction, all of Interfiction, all of Personal, Fiction, all of Impersonal Fiction, all of Incompatibilism Fiction, all of Impossible Fiction, all of Speculative Fiction, all of Xenofiction, all Universal Genres, all Universal Tropes, all of Paratexts, all of Memetic Fiction, all of Transformation Fiction, and all of a priori and a posteriori Fiction on a qualitative personal, impersonal, and transpersonal scale.

The Ansho Angel

Skylar is the Ansho Angel.

The Ansho Angel is not registered to power, science, knowledge, faith, or presence. The Dynamis and the infinite scope aren’t even able to register the Ansho Angel. Not only is the Ansho Angel not registered, but it is completely outside of all of them. It was once believed that this was The Art Gallery’s greatest masterpiece – the purest work of the ultimate excellence. However, no power in the Suggsverse franchise could come close to realizing what The Ansho Angel is as it is completely beyond the highest echelon of Tier 0.

When Skylar first reached this ascension, Skylar’s body began to silently vibrate as she was glowing brilliantly gold in radiance. As she sat up, she was within her first vestige. Skylar was the Ansho Angel “Tenshura” (Heavenly Carnage). An endless amount of flowers surrounds her, ready to attack her target. At this level, Skylar only needs to utilize below absolute 0% of her power.


To be written…

Less than Džphistopheɮe§

Skylar is the first character to reveal the descending ladders of nothingness.

In The Unwritten Chapter: LDeltaIV, Skylar reveals that she refuses to “ascend” in her nonexistence to apply any effort beyond < that which could only be gauged as meta-eternities of magnitudes < that which could only be gauged as absolute infinitudes < magnitudes of levels lower than below absolute < the principle in which defined nothingness < that magnitudes of levels lower than the principle of नीचीन < ∀ paraeternities of metamagnitudes < that which could only be measured as trans-absolute infinitudes < अपर-lower than below absolute < nihility of that which was cosmically of ladders less than that which could be defined as lesser than less than unterصفر < leagues of categories of levels less than the unteremptiness in which unterոչինչ was defined < even the former, barely reaching the beginning of what could be noticed as less than that of an unwritten unternothingness of a < ladder of a principle that was greater than an unending scope of levels deceasing less than that which could be defined in Terms, Names, Essence, Measurement, and Null as it reached the zero point < ਘੱਟ-ਕੁਝ ਵੀ of that which could only be below an ever descending ladder of sets of less than all of the above into a single empty point, only revealing sets within sets, within untersets within even those that composed of an even lesser descending hierarchy that could set every nothingness above into a small valueless point, only to go less than that in a tier < the ground in which the above was defined < magnitudes of unterlevels lower than the principle in which an even lower category called The Golden Gate was defined; thus the principle in which The Golden Gate was defined would not be reached for lesser than that rested the realm in which principles themselves of all of the above were never defined < a lower series of dividng by a “‰ / 0 < α > ϩ” categories of that which was less than the Meta of Names, Terms and Essence ≤ the Džphistopheɮe§ value.



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