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Descending Ladder of Nothingness


(Absolute Nothingness)

Also called:

  • The Alpha Void
  • The Beginning Void
  • The Void
  • The Greater Void
  • Void beyond Voids
  • Origin Nothingness
  • Primal Nothingness
  • Primeval Nothingness
  • The Primordial Nothingness
  • Deletion
  • Emptiness
  • Ultimate Umptiness
  • Nihil
  • Nihilismscape
  • Nullification Realm
  • Oblivion
  • Eternal Oblivion
  • Subtractive World
  • Anti-Meta-Existence
  • Decreation
  • Śūnyatā
  • Abyss
  • Ain
  • Ayin
  • Absolute Meaninglessness
  • Rejectionscape
  • The Lost
  • The Unwritten
  • The Empty
  • The Nothing
  • The Nonexistent
  • The Abyss
  • Ultimate Abyss

Nonexistence is that which is unlimited/immeasurable/absolute in presence. It is the complete absolute simplicity and perfection of itself. Nonexistence is invincible of itself and in itself as it is the erasure of all opposition. It is fundamentally “THE” subtractive authority and author authority. As such, it will not produce any result that can be considered a Creation. It may amend, correct, reestablish, or change, but never create.

Nonexistence is a dedicated variation of Omnipotence, possessing the same unlimited presence, but focusing all of its presence in the pure and simple annihilation of any possibility and/or totality, making it completely nonexistent, or rather, itself. Nonexistence is simplicity and perfection, standing completely invincible through the elimination of all resistance, exceeding even narrative authority and the hierarchy of narratives.

On the smallest notion, Nonexistence is the negation of transconceptual models and subjective ideas, unbounded by the laws of reality – principle. It is the negation of events of all things of existence. It is the negation of presence and perception. It is the negation of metaphysical contact. It is the negation of any target and any scale. It is a perfect trans-singularity – inimitable, as there is only ‘nothing’ to replicate. Nonexistence is a truth of its own – a grand meta-narrative causality in a sense of its own.

Absolute Nothingness, Absolute Nonexistence, Primordial Void, Outervoid, Grand Void, Grand Meta Void, etc., are just the start of an ever descending infinite hierarchy of infinite (to paint a picture) hierarchies of less than nothingness, with each ladder being boundless, with each step being even more (infinitely) subtractive than before, with each branch effectively infinite and more infinite in comparison, eternally transcendent, and forever spiraling downwards.

Absolute Nothingness existed before the existence of the Alphaverse, Omegaverse, and the before the creation of the Universe, the Alpha reality, the original principle, the original plane of existence, the original dimension, and everything that is anything. Here, everything is negated and nullified – absolutely any/all concepts, powers, universal definitions, laws, boundaries, etc. on any/all levels are quite literally nothing.

  • Physical Nonexistence: Even if you disappear from reality, your memories and physical evidence of your existence will remain. You will be invisible and undetectable to the rest of the world in connection to this Nonexistence, while also being intangible and invulnerable to conventional damage.
  • Mental Nonexistence: This is where “Memories” and “Akashic Records” of you are erased, while your physical form remains. The principle of Identity no longer exists.
  • Complete Nonexistence: This is where both physical and mental are denied from stepping into existence. All traces of your being is removed from history, time, space, memories, and even reality. Physical evidence doesn’t exist. Your very Metaphysical nature never was…
  • Selective Nonexistence: This is where Nonexistence allows you to connect to certain people/objects etc to still perceive your existence normally, physically and/or mentally.


That in which existence may not enter, or rather, existence cannot be… ever. Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu prevents energy from ever being conceived regardless of its pataphysical nature and principle. Boundless becomes an illusion here, or rather, it can never be. All theories of dimension cannot exist, as all lineages of narrative causality cannot enter possibility or totality, only remaining in Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu.

Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu is the principle behind “Impossibility” respectively, consequentially, and narratively. Through Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu, “Impossibility” can be/is-a, and because of Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu, “Impossibility” serves as either an authoring zenith or an authoring boundary.

Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu is the principle behind Nonexistence, as it stands alone, singular in (inverse-nothing akin to) nature, principle, and pinnacle.

To give an illustration, Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu is similar to what happens when the Author decides to remove something from the story before publishing it, which makes the targeted subject or object completely and absolutely null in the truest sense. Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu would also be similar to the result of Meta-Omnipotence focusing its Incalculable/Immeasurable/Incomprehensible/Inaccessible/Indeterminable/Ineffable/Innumerable/Inestimable/Incomputable/Infinite/Undefinable/Unknowable Omnipotenceptual Power beyond all logical and illogical power for pure deletion. Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu ignores all boundaries and will always reach you no matter what. Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu cannot be stopped, defied, redirected, or escaped. Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu even denies the impossible, irrational, and contradictory nature of feats that could attempt to enter its subtractiveness.

Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu is inescapable and irreversible, without the slightest hope and before, in-between and after Pure Act and Divine Will.


Behind the expression in which all theories of concepts themselves are defined is that which can only be observed as Vārvaḍavzūha, which cannot be defined at the least or at the most but it is Less than (The Principle –) Nothingness. This is even further down from the former, and perfectly more subtractive.

Vārvaḍavzūha contains the fundamental nature and identity of any term, name, type, abode, power, object, or concept. Vārvaḍavzūha is the bridge for a possibility to allow the coming of definitions for Totality, and at the same time, remains the principle behind all that is Creation. Since everything that exists is defined by something, which (something) comes from Vārvaḍavzūha, those that are aware of Vārvaḍavzūha can only be Less than the union of Possibility and Nothingness – the Grand Principle of Creation.

Soliloquy Principle

The former applications can only ever “never be” because of The (Unwritten) Soliloquy Principle as it brought about The (Unwritten) Soliloquy Principle, which together established Proto Nothingness. Reaching this point nullifies the other principles of creation, as it has surpassed the former (and stands outside of / next to / fundamental as the ground of Creation). Categories and sub-branches of Proto Nothingness fall under this.

Soliloquy Principle escapes the confines of and perfectly imprisons and eternally denies Definition, Becoming, Identity, and Self. It is before the connection of Proto Nothingness, and without the necessity of Vārvaḍavzūha.

Proto Nothingness is the original Absolute Nonexistence and carries within it the original suggslogic of denial.


Authauthausen is unwritten < that which can only be gauged as meta-eternities (beyond a transcendent eternal scope) of magnitudes < that which could only be gauged as absolute Inaccessible boundless < magnitudes of levels lower than below absolute < the principle in which defined proto nothingness. At this junction, we have gone into that which comes before the Principle itself. Akin to a ladder of infinite Zettaverses, now we have nothing akin to less than itself. This is the essence of unwritten universals.


< magnitudes of levels lower than the principle of नीचीन (nIcIna) is SenRe:stray, which effectively comes next, or rather, less than the former above. Its negation and subtraction enter into an untersubtractive unrealm that cannot be reached by any hypothetical or paraconceptual absurdities of Possibility – Totality – Nothingness.

The Principle of नीचीन (nIcIna) is the essence of below. It is an indefinable deepness in the pre-abstract logical and irrational uncertainties that are so far less than limitations of any ground state, no amount of Logical Indeterminacy, Irrational Indeterminacy, or Duality Transcendence could ever reach it and maintain any hint of Omnipotenception.

This is the denial of Realm Reborn Red.


< ∀ paraeternities of metamagnitudes < that which could only be measured as trans-absolute indeterminacies is Geneishalempress. This is effectively translated to less than for all eternities beyond that is which beyond magnitudes less than that which can literally only be measured by beyond absolute (नीचीन) inaccessible indeterminate boundless (in the form of scope) of this descending subtractive realm.

Geneishalempress is a greater belowness akin to a beyond greater than an inaccessible greater beyondness beyond the greater beyond.

Laevateinn Revenant

< अपर-lower (apar-lower) than below absolute < nihility of that which are cosmically (macro) of ladders less than that which could be defined as lesser than less than unterصفر (below that which is below) is Laevateinn Revenant.


< leagues of categories of levels less than the unteremptiness in which unterոչինչ (under all nothing) is defined is Anathemania. A different descending dividing subtracting ladder of levels is what this represents, as it steps below the former, negating the former from ever reaching this point.

Paradisus Paradoxum

< even the former, barely reaching the beginning of what can be noticed as less than that of an unwritten Anathemania of a < ladder of a principle that is greater than an unending scope of levels decreasing beyond that which can only be akin to an interpretation of forever is Paradisus Paradoxum. This is what awaits that which descends into this. There is no echo to the prelude to the former.

There is no context or paratext that can reach Paradisus Paradoxum. This is effectively the bottom of the Descending Ladder of Nothingness, as there is no below that can be accessed.


Less than that which is akin to what is defined in Terms, Names, Essence, Measurement, and Null as it reaches the zero (of an unreachable echelon) point < ਘੱਟ-ਕੁਝ ਵੀ (less than ghaṭa kujha vī) of that which can only be below an ever descending subtractive ladder of sets of less than all of the above into a single empty point is ∀uswählen. ∀uswählen is harshly interpreted because it is so far below any principle of Paradisus Paradoxum…


Here rests the revelation of sets within sets, within untersets within even those that are composed of an even lesser descending hierarchy that sets every subtractive agreement above into a small valueless point. While the translation is roughly simplistic, it exists below the former and sits nowhere that can be reached by even those that can continuously descend.

The Golden Gate

This is where it all began… The Golden Gate. Unfortunately, no information can be revealed about this or written, as its truth is automatically unwritten.

The only thing that can be said is that The Golden Gate was here before The Ace of Spades or JOKER.

The First Principle – Nihility


Less than that in a tier < the ground in which the above was defined < magnitudes of unterlevels lower than the principle in which an even lower category called The Golden Gate was defined is that which is lesser than that which rests the realm in which codes themselves of all of the above were never defined.

Drecept of Rozensens

< a lower series of dividing by a “‰ / 0 < α > ϩ” (zero over zero/zero divided by true 0 within alpha of Suggsprinciple) categories of that which was less than the Meta of Names, Terms and Essence ≤ the Džphistopheɮe§ value is the Drecept of Rozensens.

Rabbit Nemesis

It was revealed by Garnet that there are even more magnitudes than what was described above. In other words, there is even less than what was already described in all of the former…

However, only Garnet has been shown to even reach this lowness.

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