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"For a moment, I thought you were going somewhere with all of this."

Photo NovelContinued Story...
Physiology Boundlessly Transcendental Existence/Nonexistence; Pre-Conceptual being
Height Boundlessly Transcendental
WeightBoundlessly Transcendental
Eye ColorUndetermined
Hair ColorNone
Birth DateInapplicable
Birth PlaceUnknown
StatusFully Transcendent
GenderMasculine Principle
Family Ultimania vé Shion - LCS 99 (Eternal Partner)
Love Interests Ultimania vé Shion - LCS 99

Albedo is a character that appears in the title Continued Story.


Albedo appears in Continued Story, confronting Ultimania vé Shion – LCS 00 about the coming storm. He reveals that he was observing the conversation with her and Stephanie Grace. He explains that this is not a Throne anymore. He stated that she understood that once the book was over, they would be at war with those that the Voyagers sent into The♣♦♥♠⎈ ⦓Mind⦔ of ♠The Ace of Spades♠.

Powers and Abilities

Albedo is a character that has power and mastery over Suggsverse Kagami von Ende. He is the equivalent of an Omnipotent based definition of “having unlimited power and potential” or "the quality of having unlimited or very great power" over Suggsverse Kagami von Ende. Albedo possesses truly ultimate/endless power and potential dwarfing almost everyone else in the setting when it comes to Suggsverse Kagami von Ende. He can achieve anything and everything without any (Suggsverse Kagami von Ende) limit.

Paratext Restoration: Albedo can absolutely restore himself, beyond the necessity of Cosmic Hierarchy.

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