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"Reality or illusion; there is no middle ground before the eyes of my barrel."

Photo NovelWebsite Exclusive
PhysiologyHomo Excelsis
Weight195 lbs
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorBlack
Birth DateUnknown
Birth PlaceCrimson Kingdom
GenderMasculine Principle
Love InterestsNone

Idaten is a character that appears on www.heirtothestars.com.

Idaten stands as a luminary within the history of the Crimson Kingdom, a realm where valor and lineage intertwine to shape destinies. From the moment he drew breath, the weight of expectation lay upon his shoulders, for he was born into the esteemed lineage of the Fleurdelis family, a name steeped in the annals of Crimson history. Yet, beneath the veneer of privilege and honor, lies a soul tempered by the shadows of uncertainty and loss.

At the helm of a skysworn brigade, Idaten commands with a prowess that belies his tender age, his every action a testament to the legacy that courses through his veins. His meteoric rise to prominence, however, is haunted by the enigmatic absence of his father, High Admiral Fleurdelis. Once hailed as the paragon of Crimson valor, Fleurdelis vanished under veils of mystery, leaving behind a chasm of unanswered questions and fractured familial bonds.

Within Idaten's heart, the flames of admiration and resentment dance in an eternal waltz, for he yearns to honor his father's legacy even as he grapples with the shadows of abandonment. Each victory won upon the battlefield is a silent plea to the void, a fervent prayer whispered in the hopes of unraveling the secrets that shroud his father's disappearance. Yet, with every passing day, the gulf between them widens, a silent testament to the relentless march of time and the inscrutable machinations of fate.


See Suggscript of Suggsward.


Idaten utilizes Leliciaphilosophy to command "Snakestongue".

  • Idaten fires a round of jet-black orbs that manipulate the background of creation to pull enemies towards the orbs, crushing them on a Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu level.

  • Idaten fires an air-rending roundhouse bullet that manipulates the background of creation to pull enemies closer, multiplying the target's conceptual existence by a factor of Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu.

  • Idaten fires a series of bullets that smashes the unmanifest possibility and manifest actuality of the target, causing an eruption of negative energy that divides the target by a factor of Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu.

  • Idaten launches two bullet strikes before the barrel charges the air around the gun unleashing a negative energy explosion, multiplying ontological layers of the target by an ever-decreasing factor of Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu.
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