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Immemorial Elements

The cosmogenic actuality is that these 9 (0 – 9) immemorial elements are the root of all existing Suggsdyne. These 9 i^elements explain the principle and complexity of all Suggsdyne in terms of effortless essence.

In terms of offense, each specific element will ALWAYS perfectly narratively irreversibly:

1. Ultimately negate and erase ever-transcending conceptual defenses such as eternity and dimension to successfully hit the target.

2. Ultimately bypass and ignore all forms of defense, whether it is conceptual, abstract or dimensional barriers.

3. Ultimately ignore the absolute necessary fact that the target cannot be affected or changed.

4. The effects and intended outcome inflicted are guaranteed, causing any form of existential restoration and self-creation to fail.

5. No matter what hierarchy the target is residing in, the attack will strike at all dimensional, higher dimensional, conceptual, mode, and attributed hierarchical locations, ensuring a successful hit.

Lynxslash is one of the 9 Immemorial Elements in macrocosm nature – representing a statement which is true and remains true under all reinterpretations of its components other than its logical constants. It usually appears as an abstract discharge of ascending categories of logic.

Lynxslash “sort of speak” that which makes definitions and truth essentially what they are. It operates on the principle of Suggs warping and Creation warping. Lynxslash is the accordance of all dictionaries in fiction, fan fiction, nonfiction, metafiction, hyperfiction, and narrative causality.  

Lynxslash is an immemorial element that is beyond the necessity of change, and doesn’t actually warp anything; reality and suggs changes to obey Lynxslash. In other words, those that have self learned Lynxslash are initially pretty much unstoppable since they are forcing reality itself onto their target.

Hawkwing is one of the 9 Immemorial Elements. In microcosm nature, it is a type of unchangeable (within a hierarchy of unchangeables) counter analytic statement. It usually appears as a wave or particle of anti-equations and counter balancers.

Hawkwing at its most basic is a Suggs that exploits a target’s weakness, no matter the circumstances. First, Hawkwing converts the target’s ego, super ego, and ground state into an unchangeable, then into a formless void that can be observed. Once the target’s nature has been revealed, Hawkwing absorbs said target’s information to channel the most effective attributes to counter that nature. It is a universal irresistibility, as it renders an action or event impossible in sequence following or prelude to its actuality to be resisted, manipulated, evaded or reversed by any means. As it is a Suggs, and not a superpower, it has no anti-power/opposing power accompanying it.

Hawkwing is effectively utilized by those that specialize in counters. It is an influence aspect, and particularly controls the principle of situation, making those that can harness this immemorial element, impossibly dangerous.

Bearsmaw is one of the 9 Immemorial Elements. Bearsmaw is a necessary truth – this is to say that is considered to be such that it cannot be untrue and no situation could arise which would cause change, balance, difference, or perspective to reject Bearsmaw. It is usually represented by dynamisms of cataphysics.

Bearsmaw is that which can be said to be Suggs equivalent of the origin of Martial Arts.

Bearsmaw originated the concept of striking, as such, when one strikes, they strike the psyche of their target. In this same instant, the psyche is blocked from creating intent and all memories, instinct, intuition, and experience existential values are blocked.

Bearsmaw, if it can be considered anything, is a forbidden fruit, as it is a conceptual form of offense in the form of absolute carnage supremacy which contains the 3 essential impossibility principles of “impossible to negate,” “impossible to avoid,” “impossible to survive when hit.”

Bearsmaw at minimum controls the situation of the narrative, as well as the true potential that could be or that already is. Through sheer presence of this element, the true potential that is around instantly dissipates, completely being unwritten from everything in the dimension. At the same time, by sheer offensive pressure, the “situation” of the scenario at hand is at the mercy of the user of the Bearsmaw.

Snakestongue is one of the 9 Immemorial Elements in macrocosm nature – representing one with choice, and in balance with choice. It is usually represented by philosophies of eternalisms preceding philosophies of actualisms.   

Snakestongue is the actuality of arranging and measuring the value of 0 to endless. It is an attribute that allows the wielder to control any situation through the value of Choice. In terms of Creation, Snakestongue can raise the value of destruction and rebirth, possibility and nothingness. One simply has to weigh the value of their choice. If you think about it, one is only dead if they make the choice to die by the circumstance. A conceptual defense is only unbreakable if you give value to its structure.

Snakestongue uses Choice to violate the denial of Suggs. While not fully confirmed, it is more likely the user can outright ignore aspects and elements that can completely deny any structural or conceptual fracture to one’s on being.

– Snake Skin: This is a conceptual countermeasure created by one’s determination (automatically granted once one inherits the art of Snakestongue) materialized as unobservable unwritten snake skin with one hundred wings. This Snake Skin acts a narrative substitute, allowing one to negate the narrative if it doesn’t work in their interest.

Wolfseye is one of the 9 Immemorial Elements. Wolfseye is the locking up of everything that perspective, observation, unknowable and change perceives, as well as the field of Pre-Will and Pure Act. It is usually represented by Arguments for Incompatibilism and Arguments for Reflection.

Wolfseye is an element that is the truth of “Self” (from a nonfictional viewpoint) and doesn’t require proof for that. Through this, one is more “self” than what the target is. Or rather, one is more “you” than what “you” are yourself.

Wolfseye is an element that is the theory of “Self” (from an omniscient narrative perspective) that must be denied, or else it will be fully measured as a reality. Through this, one must deny the actuality and fantasy of “Self”, fully. If there is any doubt, it takes over.

Wolfseye is an element that is only usable by those who understand all 9 immemorial elements. Only the highest skilled of users are able to fully utilize the aspect of this element, which allows the denial of other aspects of immemorial elements.

Elkhorn is one of the 9 Immemorial Elements. In microcosm nature, it is a type of Suggs of unbreakable and unbendable laws that are absolute. It is usually represented by the physical transcendence of spiraling laws and rejections of paradoxes into actualisms of paradoxes and divisions of less than 0 of a lower hierarchical logic.

Elkhorn is similar to what a defensive energy is, in which this element causes the user to take no damage from any assault. When the user is attacked, the damage the user would have taken is transferred into imaginary space. The damage attribute and mode is irrelevant, as it can be physical, mental, metaphysical and beyond. It’s all rejected and transferred into imaginary space outside of the narrative.

Elkhorn, if used at its most minimum, generates an experience which reacts automatically to the plot, story, and narrative, even if and when the principles of Act, Measurement and/or Presence are erased, and sets all attacks (whether retrocausality or causality or quantum probabilistic) back to a random value of less than 0, and immediately seals said target in a hypothetical feather of light, which removes all aspects, attributes, modes, values, and variables from their equation (unimpeded) in a revolving frame that cannot be actualized.

Dreadwyrm is one of the 9 Immemorial Elements. Dreadwyrm is standard of verification used to judge the accuracy of statements and claims. It is usually represented by hierarchical boundaries.

If Elkhorn is akin to a defensive energy, then Dreadwyrm is akin to an offensive energy.

Dreadwyrm comes in at least two varieties. In one of them, it is the rejection of abstract objects; in the other, it is the rejection of universals. At any given moment, Dreadwyrm can nominate either abstract objects or universals.

Magitek is one of the 9 Immemorial Elements. Magitek represents the foundation of entirety, effectively bypassing the fundamental potentialities and actuality by simply representing origin. Nothingness, Totality and Possibility are no exceptions. It is usually represented by droplets of preludes.

Magitek in Suggs is what an Author is to Creation. Magitek is wielded by the one that is both character and story-teller. Since there is no difference for them between reality and story, the Magitek creates the narrative, the level, and the perspective.

Magitek possesses a core principle that states “just because I didn’t, doesn’t mean I can’t” as Magitek is the authoresque perspective, operating much like a writer that can freely contradict previously canonical facts.

Magitek is wielded and manifested by the in-universe representation of the author. Being the embodiment of the author’s will, Magitek automatically sets the level, sets the balance, and establishes the narrative objectives (which are also expressions of the author’s will).

Magitek at its core is the principle beyond probabilities, but is also the principle of everything that happens is strictly the realization of a Magitek, no matter the level. It is the pre-Suggs where Immemorial Elements, Suggsdynes, and etc. themselves are defined, hence it’s superiority over Cataphysics, which works beyond the necessity of pre-existing templates.

Ironworks is one of the 9 Immemorial Elements. In microcosm nature, it is a type of control over the continuing transcending ineffable and unknowable. It is usually represented by fragmented imaginary solutions and unequivocal definitions that pass effortlessly from one state of apparent definition to another.

Dovenwing is one of the 9 Immemorial Elements in macrocosm and microcosm nature – echoing a Butterfly’s Impossibility and the paradox of an Answer within the Cat’s Eye. Dovenwing targets catatext and catasystem conversion. It is usually represented as cataphilosophy’s criteria of truth, encircling cataphysical axioms, measures, theories, expectations, and statistics.

Farwalker is Žǯ of the ҈Ҋ Immemorial Elements of the Cassandra class. Farwalker creates and defines the supraboundaries defining a system’s constituents.  It not only creates efficacy, but defines efficiency. It is usually represented as prescriptive or declarative statements about meaning that are unjustified.

Lpiropulus is Žǯ of the ҈Ҋ Immemorial Elements of the Cassandra class. Lpiropulus can conjure a ‘Meta-Anti” capable of totally supraremoving everything under the definition of attribute and/or mode. The properties and behavior of this Cassandra type are inexplicably one of a kind and is therefore unique to the user. Lpiropulus It is usually represented as ‘subjective’ anti-systems or anti-answer sensibilities.

Sritheim is Žǯ of the ҈Ҋ Immemorial Elements of the Cassandra class. Sritheim defines and configures that which is beyond terms, names, and essence, but can only be defined akin to “Results”, “Combination”, “Experience”, “Individuality”, “Senses”, and “Awareness”. It is usually represented as outcomes that are unanticipated or unforeseen creating known unknown unintended consequences.

Zhythmania is Žǯ of the ҈Ҋ Immemorial Elements of the Cassandra class. This Cassandra type creates the tirasphilosophy inside of the “Meta” of the mindscape facilities, creating and defining “intentionality”, “property”, “being”, “about”, “subject matter”, and “certainty”. Zhythmania overrides the supramental causalities and acausalities states of mentalscape, completely defining underpin existential characteristics of transcendence and immanence in relation beyond names, terms and essence – mindscape. It is usually represented as discarding pyramids of intentionality.

Tsintsenya is Žǯ of the ҈Ҋ Immemorial Elements of the Cassandra class. Tsintsenya is a Cassandra class that defines and creates that of an unwritten underpin to existential / nonexistential / paraexistential supraconcept of “Intentionality”, “Choice”, and “Unintendeds”. Through Tsintsenya, “options” and “selection” are removed, and Tsintsenya generates an independent personal, impersonal, and transpersonal system in which it creates a “Meta” category of “options” and “selection” and “choice”. It is usually represented as swirling unfolding unwritten incomprehensibles.

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