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Suggsverse Kagami von Ende

“This is the paracontextual realm outside the True Author.”

The Suggsverse Kagami von Ende is a ♠paraconcept♠ that exists for [<परस्> ALL beyond <para> The All beyond <meta> All] ati-∀plots, ati-∀stories, ati-∀verses, ati-∀authors, ati-∀editors, ati-∀directors, which cannot be straightforwardly defined in one decree.

Suggsverse Kagami von Ende is the question and answer of how everyone else is playing the game. Because those that exist on Suggsverse Kagami von Ende know the answer, it allows them the grand effect to tailor their own composition to always have the advantage over stories.

Suggsverse Kagami von Ende is the Top Tier force within Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy, just under Cataphysics. Villain Descendingsword was the first to touch this realm, and because of it, he was allowed to acknowledge the very actuality of a Voyager.


Suggslogic is a particular unwritten suggsphilosophy under the branch of Suggsverse Kagami von Ende which subjugates the very realms of Suggsverse. As simple as the most basic definition of logic, this particular unwritten outright explains that the underlying Principle of Creation on the Grand Stage is: ‘♠The Ace of Spades♠‘ and “Heir to the Stars” come in and out of bond boundless spells in a closed Meta. From this directing principle emanate “আট 卯の女神 Doctrines” known as:

§0. “Diarium Ejus”

To be written…

♠1§. “Unicorns and Rainbows, Skulls and Crossbones”

To be written…

♠2§. “House of the Birds of Paradise, House of the Black Swan”

To be written…

♠3§. “White Ripple, White Sword”

To be written…

♠4§. “Kingdom Hidden within the Whisper, Kingdom Hidden within the Silence”

The user defies the rules of nature and/or existence/nonexistence and is defined by its disregard for the natural laws of the Verse as we understand them. The user is not bound by the laws of the Verse. Their true form cannot be grasped by contents of the Verse.

♠5§. “Subjugation of the Heavens, Frozen Heaven Hundred Flower”

The user can manipulate differences, controlling the properties of anything they want, deciding which change that can and will take place as change is simply becoming different. As the difference is what defines everything from everything else, giving them identity and meaning through the interplay of differences, this power can be said to have domination that encompasses all things.

♠6§. “Lion Tamer, Dragon Tamer”

The user is boundlessly transcendentally invincible and undefeatable in absolutely every aspect: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, etc. The probability of them losing in a confrontation would be infinitesimally less than zero.

7§. “Save the Queen, Save the King”

The user possesses a disposition to deny every physical/metaphysical/pataphysical concept, law, and substance made (or will be made) by anyone or anything (most of all by a supreme panentheistic being) and remain independent of them.

♠8§. “Feather of the 2 of ♠ and the Rabbit”

The user exists in an undefined/undetermined state, transcendent of categories/classifications of existing beings. The user exists in an undefined grey area both inside and outside of the standard categories of definitions tied to creation. The user has complete freedom from any power that operates on being either existent or nonexistent.

♠0♠. “Ellone”

The user is universally irreversibly unreachable, making it impossible to approach or get near them. Transcendent Hierarchies (infinitely spiraling upwards) simply never “get there” because they can’t ever “reach” the user. Anything will always be at a set boundless narrative away from the user.


♠logic is a particular upper unaccompanied ultimate unknowable unwritten unbreakable unobservable unreachable unknown ♠philosophy under the branch of Suggsverse Kagami von Ende in which ♠The Ace of Spades♠ utilizes directly. Only through actualizing, answering, and quantifying ♠The Ace of Spades♠, can this ♠logic be grasped and understood. ♠logic empowers the very ‘Unconquerable Will’ and ‘Pure Act’ that gave Suggsverse creation.

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