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The JOKER♕ is the Supreme Creator of the Heir to the Stars; both fully transcendent within and outside of the series. She first officially appears in Like Yesterday… (Vol. 13).


In Like Yesterday, ♕The JOKER♕ finally reveals herself in a conversation with her husband – ♠The Ace of Spades♠.

However, there is more to the context of this character. ♠The Ace of Spades♠ created the Heir to the Stars verse, but ♕The JOKER♕created the Heir to the Stars cosmology, creating what is, what isn’t and etc.

The JOKER♕ is the creator of the Branches of Heir to the Stars, creating the foundation for the Branches to come about.

Heir to the Stars

The JOKER♕ is the Heir to the Stars in its entirety and beyond. She is the Narrative Tropes and Paratext of Heir to the Stars.

The Otogo is the original concept from The JOKER, what the Heir to the Stars is to ♠The Ace of Spades♠. However, The Joker didn’t fully realize the potential of being bestowed the Otogo title, in which no one else has been granted said title.

ƛGray Truth: Everything ♕The JOKER♕ says is masked in ƛGray Truth.

The Creator: In the First Prologue, ♕The JOKER♕ stated “It’s almost insulting that I AM just making my appearance here, considering that I AM the one that has been literally writing all of the plots to Suggsverse (the franchise) up to when she was introduced. The Plots / Stories / Verses / Authors wouldn’t even be if it weren’t for me.”

11 Shadows of The JOKER

The JOKER♕ has multiple shadows (avatars) that appear in Heir to the Stars (and in this life from what you are reading). Only one of them knows about the others.

The Unknowable Unknown
Chanaé Jones from Swan Song
Sadira Galadriel from The Church of Necessary Evil
Tiel Aurora from Solecism
Zaicaria from The Neverending Battle
Chanaé Galadriel from Guidepost to Tomorrow and Pharos of the End
Chanaé Jones from Guidepost to Tomorrow
Sadira La Danseuse of Pharos of the End
C’Daré Poisonscythe from Re; Melodybind ~ Kaleidoscope
Aria Gilthoniel from Like Yesterday
The JOKER warping reality


The JOKER♕ is mentioned throughout the Heir to the Stars.

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