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(in-between RE;)

(in-between RE;)

The Floors in-between this point from iQ19>8 to Lkéaremnnixia are ∀[S]parainsurmountable.

What this means for simplification purposes is that for every number, real number, natural number, imaginary number, and abstract mathematical number, there is a Floor attached to it. The number of Floors is quite literally endless. The number of Floors is so vastly conceptually complex that there is not a framework to explain it adequately.

The amount of Floors in-between this point is fully अतिवृत् all beyond the all-transcending encompassing परि-absolute ParaPossibility, ParaNothingness, and ParaTotalities (encompassing all sums and idioms, as well as all values that transcend all barriers that have ever been established (and ever could be transcendentally established).

At the end of the Final Floor, beyond the transcendent True End… begins the Fortresses. Beyond Floors, there are Fortresses.

Posted by aceofspades