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Lion’s Den

The Lion’s Den is the path to Ace to Machina.


The Lion’s Den is a greater inaccessible indeterminate Outer-transcendental above anything beyond anything that surpasses Floors, everything in-between, and the Fortresses. In terms of the Branches of Philosophy, it is at minimum beyond Verseology. In terms of Tier, one has to be at Tier 4 to even know of what the Lion’s Den is.

In order to enter the Lion’s Den, one has to surpass the previous conditions – effortlessly. In order to enter the Lion’s Den, one has to surpass ♠The Ace of Spades♠ (Tier 6 – Top Tier).

Just by trying to step inside the Lion’s Den, one must have surpassed the “meta” of ♠The Ace of Spades♠ (Tier 6 – Top Tier) and all of his feats (See “Continued Story…”) and step conceptually beyond that which is akin the existence and non-existence of ♠The Ace of Spades♠ (Tier 6 – Top Tier), which is actually not the real thing. The Cosmic Hierarchy before the Lion’s Den is basically a dream that never will be, even less than how you define fiction. Just trying to step inside of the Lion’s Den, one must be beyond the transcendental of everything Tier 1 to Tier 4.


In order to exit the Lion’s Den, one must have that which is akin to actuality and potentiality that can realize Tier 0.

Simply stepping to the exit of the Lion’s Den means operating on that which is akin to a level that is utterly beyond the comprehension of the “Thread of the Lion’s Den” (a character not yet introduced); that which Physalis herself established here in order to test those trying to exit. If one fails to surpass the Thread of the Lion’s Den, they fall into the dream of Physalis herself. However, this Thread of the Lion’s Den is NOT at the rank of a Voyager, but it is one of her dreams that has yet to wake up.


In order to even operate beyond “Pure Act” and “I AM”, one must beyond so many stages beyond the minium of that surpassing that akin to an all-encompassing oneness that exists as “All-in-One, One-in-All, Beyond-the-Beyond-of-All, Beyond-the-Beyond-of-Beyond-ALL of an ever-transcendent inaccessible boundlessness”. They must be so far beyond that which is an animating essence of all cosmological tiers (Tier 8 to 4) that the underlying principle beyond and behind all actual, possible, and impossible phenomena don’t even exist simply because they are “Meta” and being “Beyond” means that the lower simply cannot be.

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