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99th Floor

99th Floor

The cosmic hierarchy reaches higher and higher, and on the 99th Floor, the name of the game changes greatly. Think of every Floor as a separate staircase of bubble, with the entire staircase surpassing Names, Terms, and Essence in terms of scope and totality. Think of how high that staircase goes, the levels within it, and the sheer logic of something that has fully surpassed the definition of transcendence. Well, once the 99th Floor, you can throw all the former out of the window, as those that step onto this Floor, can no longer operate on the lower Floors, as said existence / nonexistence operates so distant from the former Floors, that they might as well be a figment of the character’s forgotten and irrelevant imagination.

The 99th Floor is the worldscape that creates that which can only be described as impossibilities by the standards of the Floors below. It is a cosmology that places you into a permanent subtraction where reality and unreality cannot exist, and if you cannot prove that you exist, then your will, actions, and existence are multiplied by a factor of Soliloquy Principle.

The 99th Floor houses a Lhadamanthys chain, akin to a constellation in layman terms. This plays an existential underpin philosophy that starts a returning chaining oblivion that equates transfictional creators to nothing less than becoming helpless. The name of the game is to become the monster at the end of the book on this Floor. The residents on this Floor are ranked as the 6th Tier of the Existential Categories, yet on the Low spectrum.

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