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Lkéaremnnixia is the 1st Fortress within the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy, which begins after the Final Floor. By this point, the ∀level of 冕types exceeds all patacharacters. 

Lkéaremnnixia is only mentioned and seen from the distance. As there are those who are able to observe all of the Floors of the Suggverse, their observation ends at the Final Floor. The Fortresses that waits beyond the Floors of Heir to the Stars do not permit observation.

冕types are individuals which are beyond the necessity of Self-Creation, Self-Existence, Self-Nonexistence, and Self-Totality. They are personally, impersonally, and transpersonally not bound by Plot / Story / Verse / Author / Publisher.  冕types come long before any ground in which Conception is defined as Possibility, Totality, Nothingness, Actus Purus and even before then… 冕types utilize the dominating system: “Unicorns and Rainbows, Skulls and Crossbones.”

9ineReqvi Vhryanquess

This is the first level of the Fortress. This one level, on the inaccessible minimum Tier 7 scale, is magnitudes more transcendentally greater in scope, than all of the Floors within the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy on an inaccessible basic level. In absolute certainty and meta-possibility, ANY Floor should be considered less than 0 in comparison to 9ineReqvi Vhryanquess (This truth is to be considered equivalent to any Fortress as well, but on a much grand scale).

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