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The Definition of Creation:

1: The act of bringing the world into ordered existence

2: the act of making, inventing, or producing: such as

Creation has been variously defined by sources. In common usage, it is the world we are aware of through our senses, and that persists independently without them. Others define it as everything that is.

Creation encompasses all entities that exist or can be said to exist, and how such entities can be grouped, related within a hierarchy, and subdivided according to similarities and differences.

Creation is inherent in every analysis. It is self-evident, a priori nature that cannot be consistently doubted, since an entity objecting to Creation according to some standard of proof (but not all) must implicitly accept the standard’s Creation as a premise.

Creation is the position on the ontological status of that which is everything that exists (i.e., everything there is). It is the domain of unrestricted quantification ranging over “All” and only actual existents. That which does not actually or possibly exist “may” or “may not” be considered Creation.

Creation (Type I)

The Allscape is absolutely everything/anything without limits, including concepts, existence, reality, and even Nothing, Possibility, and Totality itself – the Grand Principles of Creation.

At the minimum, the Omniverse is the totality of Creation as it is all alternate dimensions, planes of existence, parallel universes, possible universes, timelines, alternate continuities, realities, and Metaverses. Creation is every form, no matter how theoretical. It is all reasons.

In general, it is All, The All, and THE ALL.

In the context of Heir to the Stars, Creation (Type 1) is the totality of Tier 8.

Creation (Type II)

In the context of Heir to the Stars, a “Floor” represents the Totality, Possibility, and Nothingness of Creation (Type II). Since generally speaking, it’s impossible to know of a higher Floor or a lower Floor, a Floor is what it is. It represents Creation (Type II).

Creation (Type III)

In the context of Heir to the Stars, All of the Floors represent the Totality, Possibility, and Nothingness of Creation (Type III). This is due to higher Tiers looking at Creation as something entirely different than those of Type I and II.

Creation (Type I) is effectively and quite literally a universal irreversible unchangeable fictional nothingness. It doesn’t have any value at this stage, and everything that falls within it might as well have never existed at all.

Creation (Type IV)

In the context of Heir to the Stars, this is where characters that fall into Tier 0 use the context of Creation. Creation to them means everything within the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy, as well as the Branches of Philosophy from Pataphysics to Xenedraphysics.

  • The Descending Ladder of Nothingness is NOT included in this as it is not registered as part of Creation.
  • Suggsverse Kagami von Ende and Cataphysics are not considered part of the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy at this level either, so they are NOT included in this either.
  • Characters or that which has surpassed the necessity of categories of Heir to the Stars also does NOT fall into this.  

Creation (Type Suggs)

In the context of Heir to the Stars, this is the totality of everything ever mentioned or seen within Heir to the Stars / Aeirs Ending / (Suggsverse). This counts as everything past, present, future, and endless established not only within the Cosmic Hierarchies, but the paratext and outer narratives that have been established, never been established, and have yet to be established.

This type of Creation is realized by those “Beyond the Necessity of Tiers” and the highest of Tier 0 characters.

This is the totality of The ‘Verse/Series Franchise.

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