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The word “dijehphysics” derives from the Suggs word “θ♠çã” (dijeh) (“The ♠Ω transcendence beyond ♠∀”) and the Greek word “φυσικά” (physiká) (“physics”).
Dijehphysics is a ∀philosophy or ∀method of inquiry based on the premise that Bellissima is personally independent, impersonally independent, and transpersonally independent of the ∀Cerebralscape of Creation. It explains a ∀philosophy that explains the higher forms of awareness and understanding beyond the ever transcending ladder of zenith of ☼♠Tiras-Para-MetaOmninous.
In modern ∀philosophy, Bellissima is a general term used to refer to any of the greater totalities of measures of Nous beyond the all-encompassing apex of this maximum, which develops and supersedes awareness throughout those that have surpassed Creation. Now, while these measures vary greatly based on various factors, from their independent derivation, to individual means and measures used, to the very flow of Nous itself in the context and paratext in which the measure was developed and utilized.
The term is used as a means of comparison for the self-styled True Measure of Art and Vantage Point, which is the chosen means of measuring any contextuality above ãǯ≡Totality¿, ãǯ≡Possibility¿, and ãǯ≡Nothingness¿ used in the reference itself and transcending itself, and the measure which defines the Pre-Creation Chart and that while exists a step before the prelude before that of the unwritten unknowable unknown.
Dijehphysics encompasses Bellissima, taking it a step further. Dijehphysics fully realizes the styled True Measure of Art and Vantage Point, superseding the necessity and essentially of personal consciousness, transpersonal consciousness, impersonal consciousness, Paraconsciousness, Cipherconsciousness, and Evanescence, establishing a Property-in-itself and Realization-of-itself.
In modern ∀philosophy, tiraslogic, and sumsematrix are ladder properties – an attribute of a self-created Wilhelm; a red nothingness Wilhelm is said to have the ladder property of metaomnipotence. Wilhelm in its own right supersedes and possesses other ladder properties. There is no tiraslogical concept of class because Wilhelm is singularity and individuality and does not have any concept of extensionality, and from the ∀philosophical concept of class in that a ladder property is considered to be distinct from the Narrative Causality and Narrative Acausality which it transcends. There is no failure in understanding how different individual entities (or particulars) can in some sense have some of the same ladder properties.
Dijehphysics transcribes Suggslogic within itself, as that it dictates and dominantly directs paratextual patterns and paratextual mappings of all hierarchical definitions and patterns of interiors and exteriors.
One of the most basic and simplest notions of Dijehphysics deals with Kevin. Kevin creates a very elaborate 2 part definition, which is the basis for Vyrcus, Isilmarronax, Emmexenedrbreaus, C’Neliserie I’sensin, and Lionardanelles.
Kevin encompasses one of the grand equations. It is the equation that elaborates the truth of за-actualism, за-­possibilism and за-uncertainism (за means ) Through this grand equation, answers and questions become null and void. Potentiality and Actuality are irrelevant. It eliminates the stellar transcendent climbing interversal relationships of meanings and value and creates a single solution for determinism.
∀_R (♠) =x/8 and ℘_R (♠) = (⦭+∀)/ⱥ, which creates the paragigasolution of: Xiδ_‰ (₵)\cong ∀_Re;( ₵i2)\ ₵ONCEPTᴓ >∞.
Kevin is the very ground principle which not only answers, but ever exceedingly transcends beyond transcending…
∀_Re;0. Nonfictional MetaOmnipotence, Transfictional MetaOmnipotence, Fanfictional MetaOmnipotence, Metafictional MetaOmnipotence, Patafictional MetaOmnipotence, Interfictional MetaOmnipotence, Personal fictional MetaOmnipotence, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmnipotence.
∀_Re;1. Nonfictional MetaOmnipresence, Transfictional MetaOmnipresence, Fanfictional MetaOmnipresence, Metafictional MetaOmnipresence, Patafictional MetaOmnipresence, Interfictional MetaOmnipresence, Personal fictional MetaOmnipresence, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmnipresence.
∀_Re;2. Nonfictional MetaOmniscience, Transfictional MetaOmniscience, Fanfictional MetaOmniscience, Metafictional MetaOmniscience, Patafictional MetaOmniscience, Interfictional MetaOmniscience, Personal fictional MetaOmniscience, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmniscience.
∀_Re;3. Nonfictional MetaOmniarch, Transfictional MetaOmniarch, Fanfictional MetaOmniarch, Metafictional MetaOmniarch, Patafictional MetaOmniarch, Interfictional MetaOmniarch, Personal fictional MetaOmniarch, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmniarch.
∀_Re;4. Nonfictional MetaOmnifarious, Transfictional MetaOmnifarious, Fanfictional MetaOmnifarious, Metafictional MetaOmnifarious, Patafictional MetaOmnifarious, Interfictional MetaOmnifarious, Personal fictional MetaOmnifarious, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmnifarious.
∀_Re;5. Nonfictional MetaOmnilock, Transfictional MetaOmnilock, Fanfictional MetaOmnilock, Metafictional MetaOmnilock, Patafictional MetaOmnilock, Interfictional MetaOmnilock, Personal fictional MetaOmnilock, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmnilock.
∀_Re;6. Nonfictional MetaOmnicounter, Transfictional MetaOmnicounter, Fanfictional MetaOmnicounter, Metafictional MetaOmnicounter, Patafictional MetaOmnicounter, Interfictional MetaOmnicounter, Personal fictional MetaOmnicounter, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmnicounter.
∀_Re;7. Nonfictional MetaOmniconmpetence, Transfictional MetaOmniconmpetence, Fanfictional MetaOmniconmpetence, Metafictional MetaOmniconmpetence, Patafictional MetaOmniconmpetence, Interfictional MetaOmniconmpetence, Personal fictional MetaOmniconmpetence, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmniconmpetence.
∀_Re;8. Nonfictional MetaOmninegation, Transfictional MetaOmninegation, Fanfictional MetaOmninegation, Metafictional MetaOmninegation, Patafictional MetaOmninegation, Interfictional MetaOmninegation, Personal fictional MetaOmninegation, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmninegation.
∀_Re;¿0. Nonfictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, Transfictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, Fanfictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, Metafictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, Patafictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, Interfictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, Personal fictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, and Impersonal fictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence.
Dijehphysics lists Kevin as a simple fragment however, within its ensemble of ∀philosophies that creates Dijehphysics.
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