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Before the unwritten… and after the written…Ninelie was that of a very dominanting emptiness. Ninelie is responsible for the Choir of Ninevalokitezvar, the event that fractured the descending ladder of Nothingness. Before any theory of causality and creation principle, Ninelie was simply wandering, but that’s all that was ever unknown.

Ninelie transcends all concepts, conceptual modes and attributes, definitions/meanings and/or forms of logic. She exists in a state outside of any perspective, understanding or method of classification. She is fully outside of the influence of conceptual powers. Ninelie has no restrictions tying her down, as no concept can apply to her.

Since concepts are how we define and understand reality, Ninelie is completely otherness, impossible, undetermined and nameless to types of beings or entities. Ninelie surpasses the Inaccessible Cardinal, surpassing the essense of beyond.

Ijnoirscion (ish-nigh-see-on)
It is a counter Omnipotenception that allows Ninelie to establish the ground of Irrational and Metalogical undefinable rhetorics.

Posted by aceofspades