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The False Awakening

What does it mean to have a False Awakening?

When an individual (no matter the type) falsely wakes up, they start to collapse all hypothetical abstract dimensions as a chain reaction. False Awakenings were at first to be considered extremely rare, and then the chain of possibility was shattered, echoing throughout the grid. A False awakening means that an individual has not only slipped into the gap between illusion and reality, but the very concept of their “self” has slipped into the depths of Protosaṃkhyāṅkabindu.

They have no concept of “self”, and their very “Awareness” of possibility and actuality no longer applies to them. Because of the state that they are in, Grand Principles are distorted, causing Creation to blur. At this point, Creation cannot fix the fundamental flaw permeating here, and all means of “being” and “becoming” becomes inaccessible. 

Waking them Up

Waking up one that has fallen into a False Awakening is a feat that no Waker has ever accomplished, due to the very nature of this breaking the realm of paradoxes itself. 

Posted by aceofspades