Thornmarch Judicium

Thornmarch Judicium is the principle-kai beyond the ground in which metaprinciples are defined. It encompasses and creates “categories” and “essence” of Definition, Consistency, Observability, Plausibility, Coexistence, and Hypothesis of the previous 3 branches.

Principle of Geminass

Principle of Geminass creates the principle of “Definition,” that is, in the sense that “in those [Metas] complex enough to contain self-aware substructures [they] will subjectively perceive themselves as existing by, within, and under definition. Regardless of the category, mode or essence, by “definition”, said attribute and mode will correspond to different sets of initial conditions, paraphysical constants, or altogether different equations – still created / self-created under definition.

Principle of Geminass goes magnitudes of scopes beyond the concept of “Definition”, beyond the realm in which concepts themselves are ‘defined’, transcending the ever-eternal transcending ladder of “Meta” and creating a Siegfried of “Definition” that supersedes, and intercedes personal creation / self-creation, impersonal creation/ self-creation, and transpersonal creation / self-creation.

Principle of L.O.

Principle of L.O. demonstrates no free parameters and is not of observationally, so perspectives linking to this are ruled out. Consistency itself takes control over patterns and in itself and of itself becomes “self-aware parastructures” that exist in an ever-transcending state.  Principle of L.O. creates categorization of theories and actualities of Consistency. Even inconsistency is within Consistency. Principle of L.O. assigns equal nonvanishing metaprobability and absolute certainty to all (infinitely transcending) abstract Meta structures. It creates the ground in which ‘Incompleteness’ is defined, and contains any undecidable/uncomputable theorems and absolutes.

Principle of L.O. transdivide and metamultiply categories of the hierarchy of Meta and creates a paraperfect incomplete status of unquantifiable unknowns to intersect with an unstable multiplicity of definitions of Consistency.

Principle of Aesculapius

Principle of Aesculapius provides taxonomy of hierarchies beyond the familiar observable scope. The levels according to the Principle of Aesculapius creates a classification that are arranged such that succeeding levels can be understood to encompass and expand upon previous levels, and they are briefly described below. Observability itself allows this function to happen, expectantly being able to transcend the ground in which Observation is defined and elaborate higher to expand on that which is more transcendent than Metas.

Principle of Burnlapius

Principle of Burnlapius generates the ‘Meta’ of Plausibility by eliminating all contemporary analytic philosophies, diving the very ground in which actualism is defined, and creating a position of status that holds that the principle itself is the reason and logic of Plausibility, as well as the reason and logic for that which exists under the Meta. Connecting to the former, the Principle of Burnlapius creates a domain of unrestricted quantification that ranges over All, The All, and THE ALL and not only actual existents but actual nonexistents. Principle of Burnlapius denies the actualism is possibilism, as well as the interconnecting thesis of higher categories.

The Principle of Burnlapius establishes the notion of Plausibility as a means to counter and deny Truth, Absolutes, and Uncertainities. All indexical conceptions of actuality are defined, along with all modes and attributes of actuality.

Principle of Hydra

Principle of Hydra separates itself from the others, creating a higher meta-anti-equation that creates a returning retrocausality stability of Coexistence. While distant and astray from the others, the Principle of Hydra creates a series of particulars, which in effect creates optimization values for the unwritten unknown optimal solution that are not of possibility, totality or nothingness, but rather a continuous Cassandra or Ivy. However, problems arise within this field, because a continuous Cassandra or Ivy cannot be determined by an infinite equation or by a Meta that is scopes beyond the degrees of freedom.

Principle of Gripe

Principle of Gripe creates the essence, mode, and attribute that is untaken as Hypothesis. This scope of Meta is beyond the beyond of the scope of Names, Terms, and Essence; creating an uncertainty that consumes and negates all answers and questions encompassed by absolute.

The end of the Hypothesis leads to the end of hierarchy:

\GW ♠\Ω\in\♠\ ∀Ɔ{Cassandra}\Ӻ \£¢§(G(19MASX) \> PX(195) \Ѯҙ) 816

By realizing or actualizing this Hypothesis, one becomes the paratext of the story itself. Not only are they every page that is turned and every word read. Not only are they all that is, was, will be, could be, has been, isn’t, etc. Not only are they anything that simply can’t be. They are everything outside of the Verse that comes with the Verse. They are ever ascending transcendence beyond the trans-fictional author authority.