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Æxzercadia exists as an unprovability of the contents of Aeirs Ending. Æxzercadia architects the “3” major attributes of “Independence”, “Decidability”, and “Complete”.

Unfortunately there’s no way to describe Æxzercadia, since they established the method transcending abstract and concrete conceptualization. At ground zero, they estasblish pataphysics, perspective, definition, and cataphysics. There are no names, terms or essence within any tier of vocabulary to capture the true essence of Æxzercadia. Æxzercadia is like that of a Spades, where we know the input, output, and attributes but cannot see the process of its workings, but regardless of input, we always know the output is guaranteed.

Æxzercadia appears in a series of 7

Suntaxis Antikeimenoin
Posted by aceofspades