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Being-above-itself is the self-contained and fully realized being of subjects. It is being beyond conscious of its own consciousness but is also undefined and complete.

Being-above-itself is Being that is aware of, and interested in, its own Being. Being-above-itself is, by its nature, invested in pre-conceptual interaction and pure act. All things stand in a relation to all other things – and by surpassing this logic, can stand beyond the relation of all subjects. This metalogic creates a way of surpassing the rhetoric of itself indirectly — to the principle by interrogating other attributes and modes that simply invoke without the necessity of explicitly acknowledging them.

Being-above-itself refers to subjects in the pataphysical world – a mode of supraexistence that simply is. It is not conscious so it is neither active nor passive and harbors no migration from transcendence. This mode of being is relevant to system essentialities.

Posted by aceofspades