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Blank Space (Black)

Blank Space operates as an ever-present force that relentlessly dismantles the confines of logic and reason, transcending all boundaries with its boundless and all-encompassing nature. It dissolves the realm akin to infinite meta-possibilities in relation to the Cosmic Legion, denying the vast expanse of "what ifs" and "what nots" without any limitations or constraints.

Blank Space stands defiant against perfect abstractions, rejecting any attempt of the absolute boundlessness of perfect abstractions. It defies the very essence of description and nomenclature, rendering meaningless any attempts to capture its name, term, essence, or ineffable unknowableness through language. Blank Space is where words falter and labels lose their significance, existing beyond the reach of Cosmic Legion understanding.

Blank Space denies Supreme Beings that exist far beyond the ineffable and expression as a whole, encompassing all extensions and intensions of ineffability.

The problem of attempting to define Blank Space is futile because it is by definition not meant to be understood or described, surpassing essentially unsolvable names, terms, and essence - absolutely unattached to categorizations (and its extensions and intensions), restrictions (and its extensions and intensions) and expressions (and its extensions and intensions) of any sort.

Posted by Suggsverse