The word “dijehphysics” derives from the Suggs word “θ♠çã” (dijeh) (“The ♠Ω transcendence beyond ♠∀”) and the Greek word “φυσικά” (physiká) (“physics”).
Dijehphysics is a ∀philosophy or ∀method of inquiry based on the premise that Bellissima is personally independent, impersonally independent, and transpersonally independent of the ∀Cerebralscape of Creation. It explains a ∀philosophy that explains the higher forms of awareness and understanding beyond the ever transcending ladder of zenith of ☼♠Tiras-Para-MetaOmninous.
In modern ∀philosophy, Bellissima is a general term used to refer to any of the greater totalities of measures of Nous beyond the all-encompassing apex of this maximum, which develops and supersedes awareness throughout those that have surpassed Creation. Now, while these measures vary greatly based on various factors, from their independent derivation, to individual means and measures used, to the very flow of Nous itself in the context and paratext in which the measure was developed and utilized.
The term is used as a means of comparison for the self-styled True Measure of Art and Vantage Point, which is the chosen means of measuring any contextuality above ãǯ≡Totality¿, ãǯ≡Possibility¿, and ãǯ≡Nothingness¿ used in the reference itself and transcending itself, and the measure which defines the Pre-Creation Chart and that while exists a step before the prelude before that of the unwritten unknowable unknown.
Dijehphysics encompasses Bellissima, taking it a step further. Dijehphysics fully realizes the styled True Measure of Art and Vantage Point, superseding the necessity and essentially of personal consciousness, transpersonal consciousness, impersonal consciousness, Paraconsciousness, Cipherconsciousness, and Evanescence, establishing a Property-in-itself and Realization-of-itself.
In modern ∀philosophy, tiraslogic, and sumsematrix are ladder properties – an attribute of a self-created Wilhelm; a red nothingness Wilhelm is said to have the ladder property of metaomnipotence. Wilhelm in its own right supersedes and possesses other ladder properties. There is no tiraslogical concept of class because Wilhelm is singularity and individuality and does not have any concept of extensionality, and from the ∀philosophical concept of class in that a ladder property is considered to be distinct from the Narrative Causality and Narrative Acausality which it transcends. There is no failure in understanding how different individual entities (or particulars) can in some sense have some of the same ladder properties.
Dijehphysics transcribes Suggslogic within itself, as that it dictates and dominantly directs paratextual patterns and paratextual mappings of all hierarchical definitions and patterns of interiors and exteriors.
One of the most basic and simplest notions of Dijehphysics deals with Kevin. Kevin creates a very elaborate 2 part definition, which is the basis for Vyrcus, Isilmarronax, Emmexenedrbreaus, C’Neliserie I’sensin, and Lionardanelles.
Kevin encompasses one of the grand equations. It is the equation that elaborates the truth of за-actualism, за-­possibilism and за-uncertainism (за means ) Through this grand equation, answers and questions become null and void. Potentiality and Actuality are irrelevant. It eliminates the stellar transcendent climbing interversal relationships of meanings and value and creates a single solution for determinism.
∀_R (♠) =x/8 and ℘_R (♠) = (⦭+∀)/ⱥ, which creates the paragigasolution of: Xiδ_‰ (₵)\cong ∀_Re;( ₵i2)\ ₵ONCEPTᴓ >∞.
Kevin is the very ground principle which not only answers, but ever exceedingly transcends beyond transcending…
∀_Re;0. Nonfictional MetaOmnipotence, Transfictional MetaOmnipotence, Fanfictional MetaOmnipotence, Metafictional MetaOmnipotence, Patafictional MetaOmnipotence, Interfictional MetaOmnipotence, Personal fictional MetaOmnipotence, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmnipotence.
∀_Re;1. Nonfictional MetaOmnipresence, Transfictional MetaOmnipresence, Fanfictional MetaOmnipresence, Metafictional MetaOmnipresence, Patafictional MetaOmnipresence, Interfictional MetaOmnipresence, Personal fictional MetaOmnipresence, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmnipresence.
∀_Re;2. Nonfictional MetaOmniscience, Transfictional MetaOmniscience, Fanfictional MetaOmniscience, Metafictional MetaOmniscience, Patafictional MetaOmniscience, Interfictional MetaOmniscience, Personal fictional MetaOmniscience, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmniscience.
∀_Re;3. Nonfictional MetaOmniarch, Transfictional MetaOmniarch, Fanfictional MetaOmniarch, Metafictional MetaOmniarch, Patafictional MetaOmniarch, Interfictional MetaOmniarch, Personal fictional MetaOmniarch, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmniarch.
∀_Re;4. Nonfictional MetaOmnifarious, Transfictional MetaOmnifarious, Fanfictional MetaOmnifarious, Metafictional MetaOmnifarious, Patafictional MetaOmnifarious, Interfictional MetaOmnifarious, Personal fictional MetaOmnifarious, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmnifarious.
∀_Re;5. Nonfictional MetaOmnilock, Transfictional MetaOmnilock, Fanfictional MetaOmnilock, Metafictional MetaOmnilock, Patafictional MetaOmnilock, Interfictional MetaOmnilock, Personal fictional MetaOmnilock, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmnilock.
∀_Re;6. Nonfictional MetaOmnicounter, Transfictional MetaOmnicounter, Fanfictional MetaOmnicounter, Metafictional MetaOmnicounter, Patafictional MetaOmnicounter, Interfictional MetaOmnicounter, Personal fictional MetaOmnicounter, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmnicounter.
∀_Re;7. Nonfictional MetaOmniconmpetence, Transfictional MetaOmniconmpetence, Fanfictional MetaOmniconmpetence, Metafictional MetaOmniconmpetence, Patafictional MetaOmniconmpetence, Interfictional MetaOmniconmpetence, Personal fictional MetaOmniconmpetence, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmniconmpetence.
∀_Re;8. Nonfictional MetaOmninegation, Transfictional MetaOmninegation, Fanfictional MetaOmninegation, Metafictional MetaOmninegation, Patafictional MetaOmninegation, Interfictional MetaOmninegation, Personal fictional MetaOmninegation, and Impersonal fictional MetaOmninegation.
∀_Re;¿0. Nonfictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, Transfictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, Fanfictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, Metafictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, Patafictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, Interfictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, Personal fictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence, and Impersonal fictional Inverse-MetaOmnipotence.
Dijehphysics lists Kevin as a simple fragment however, within its ensemble of ∀philosophies that creates Dijehphysics.



Verseology encompasses and defines the foundation of every single existential and nonexistential “Verse” of every attribute, category, mode, possibility, potentiality, and theory within and outside of Possibility, Impossibility, Nothingness, and Totality – ever mentioned or seen (and above the absolute inaccessible transcendent multiplicity amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) of all of Fiction, all of Nonfiction, all of Transfiction, all of Fanfiction, all of Metafiction, all of Hyperfiction, all of Patafiction, all Interfiction, all of Personal fiction, all of Impersonal Fiction, all Literacy Genres (encompassing Narrative Causality that we are all stories) and all of ∀Fiction – on every single personal, impersonal, and transpersonal level.


A Verse is a Continuity in which encompasses a franchise of Stories written (or transcendently written) by an Author/Creator (which may or may not have established the foundation for which it exists). Verseology is the realm in which a Verse is defined, as well as the realm in which an existential and/or nonexistential Continuity is defined. A Verse is generally encompassed by Possibility, Nothingness, and Totality; but even those attributes are defined in Verseology. The higher dimensional attributes of Possibility, Nothingness, and Totality are of no relation.

Verse Principles

For any given story tier, there exists rudimentary elements that, no matter how possible or impossible, their manifestation is required for the story itself to happen. If not, there would be no story. Verse Principles is the realm in which defines this very mode. Different laws encompassed by categories and zeniths of “Omni” are defined  by the Verse Principles, and tiers of narration and plot index are assimilated and defined within Verse Principles as well. Verse Principles defines the stage in which a Plot/Story/Verse/Author is created and is allowed to operate. Verseology encompasses this plane and Paratext and turns all theories into actuality and above.

The Grand Stage

Verseology consists of several “Grand Stage” systems of ParaOmni based on the premise that there is always something greater than the highest point; transcendence surpasses perfect sets, and thus transcends even itself.

The Grand Stage is where Transcendence itself is defined, and thus the trigger for it is set. Improbables, Impossibilities, Inconceivables, and Imaginatives are set on the Grand Stage, waiting for the trigger to take center stage. Verseology defines the attribute of “Selection” and allows for said attribute to manifest within a Verse, within an event, and etc.

The Grand Stage goes far beyond that in which the fully transcendent Author of a story can operate, for without the Grand Stage, there would be no fully transcendent Author of the story and within the story. An index created by the plot cannot be formed without the Grand Stage’s decree or very observation. In order for something to exist or happen for no reason other than that the plot requires it to, the Grand Stage must allow for a “selection” to take place, in which the fully transcendent Author is allowed to create said attribute for the event for it to manifest. The Grand Stage embodies an ever transcendent ladder in which the highest point is always at the bottom, never being able to climb higher for always being at the top can only subjugate the highest point of authority to the logic of the lowest.


Suggsology is a paraphilosophy within Verseology that transcends unsolvables, the narrative causalities, and Word of Authors. The very realm of the Verse, which is by default under the foundation of its Author, is outright ignored.

Suggsology bypasses all theories and philosophies of Creation and that which was Written, Willed, or Acted; establishing a realm that houses solutions and transcendence to every Plot/Story/Verse/Author (and above the concept of an absolute boundless multiplicity amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) that was, is and could be.

Blog Posts

Monday Without Tomorrow

A renegade spadesmage from the world of Haile. After his defeat at the hands of the Black Monarch, Monday Without Tomorrow was then tortured for an absolutely multiplicity of eternity by the principles of creation. By eternity’s end, he was freed as Creation came to an end. Monday Without Tomorrow was surprised to discover that there was a method to move across comic sets. Soon after, he was living among the world of the living, and not as a slave, but as an equal of men. When the Church of Necessary Evil invaded, Monday Without Tomorrow took to defend the grounds; their defeat would spell the end of mystical imbalances plaguing all worlds.

According to the akashic record retrieved from the Cat that emerged from a Quantum Rift over the country of Talia, tales of Monday Without Tomorrow are heavy in feats from the unknown Cat Cradle Wars. Even the most powerful of warriors failed to protect themselves against his powerful logic; impassable and toxic, his manipulation over economics decimated their ranks, their omniscience showing no indication of his immediate whereabouts. So dominating was his presence, that Monday Without Tomorrow once disabled an entire party before they could even react to his existence. The party was measured in the centillions, with each member consisting of accomplishments of eliminating or felling a Titan / Tower effortlessly.Monday Without Tomorrow continued his watch over the grounds all through the period of the war, but later accounts confirm his direct involvement against Nazan Cadenza.

Powers and Abilities:

Oikonomíakinesis: Monday Without Tomorrow has the ability to create, shape and manipulate the economic system, the creation, destruction and transactions of any economical activities and currency, including the production, distribution/trade, consumption of goods/services of any kind by everyone around the world, which can be individuals, businesses, organizations, or governments.Furthermore, they can define everything that related to economy, including resources, assets, labor, laws, contracts, ownership, markets, supply/demand, producers/distributors/consumers, wealth/poverty, inflation, capital, invention, etc.·

Absolute Contract: Monday Without Tomorrow can create and superimpose any type of contract/pact with absolutely anything, even with himself; dictating every clause therein, including qualifiers in the event one-or-more of the parties would – or even could – somehow break the contract/pact. The conditions superimposed by the contact/pact are absolute; and will always, inevitably, come to pass, no matter the circumstances so dictated. The contract/pact cannot be negated, nullified or undone by any exterior force or being, save by the user. This ability is reinforced by ♠The Ace of Spades♠.·

Quantitative Adaptation: Monday Without Tomorrow possesses the capability to perceive and comprehend the fundamentals of quantum probability and metaphysical possibility. In any given situation, Monday Without Tomorrow can calculate the accelerated probability and apply it in an EVENT. Monday Without Tomorrow is also able determine the motion of an object through the work of physics. Additionally, Monday Without Tomorrow has the capability to solve patterns, find an object’s weak point (sometimes through geometry), the capability to differentiate time and time periods, the capability to enhance his marksmanship through physics, comprehend and influence computational abstract mathematics, and establish the distance between objects.·

Value Enchantment: Monday Without Tomorrow can increase the value of anything, either permanently or temporarily. Monday Without Tomorrow can make dirt more valuable than diamonds, cause a pile of salt to be worth enough to buy all the land of the universes, make his fists worth orders of magnitude more than they are, etc.·

Trader Intuition: Monday Without Tomorrow possesses all-embracing innate understanding, knowledge and skills in negotiations, selling and trading. Monday Without Tomorrow can perform feats such as locating any/all items for sale or trade regardless of how difficult (or impossible) it might be to find or sell and is always able to have the best or lowest price for said items and can convince others to buy them regardless of their level of value.·

Datakinesis: Monday Without Tomorrow can create, shape and manipulate data/digital information from systems and networks, convert real objects/entities into data and vice versa, etc. Monday Without Tomorrow does not need to overcome multiple digital protections to access certain forms of data. Monday Without Tomorrow never had limited knowledge, nor did he ever need to train, study and gather enough information before being able to fully master a new technique or skill.·

Gnosokinesis: Monday Without Tomorrow can create, shape and manipulate any/all information/knowledge. Monday Without Tomorrow can insert new knowledge into the Omniverse that becomes established fact and reality, or destroy it to do the opposite. Monday Without Tomorrow has shown that he can make it that an enemy could be made to forget how to walk, while he could be given the knowledge of an enemy’s weaknesses or mastery of a fighting style. He is able to choose whether to affect reality, or only people’s perception of it.·

System Manipulation: Monday Without Tomorrow can create, destroy or manipulate the state of systems, regardless of whether they have an organic, inorganic, physical or metaphysical structure. With the manipulation of Systems, Monday Without Tomorrow has shown that he can create and manipulate Boundaries (manipulate the boundary between a system and its environment), Causality, Codification (manipulate complex systems), Concepts (Manipulate conceptual systems), Decodification (unlock the secrets of systems), Definitions, Evolution, Interaction, Logic, Mathematics, Meta-Concept, Meta Variable, Nigh, Order, Pataphysics, Physical Law, Probability, Science-Magic Ascendancy (manipulate all sciences, magicks and beyond), Stability (keep systems stable), Status (choose the status of whatever is in a system), Structures (decide a systems structure), System Creation (create new systems), and Universal (manipulate systems on a cosmic level). Monday Without Tomorrow “CAN” manipulate non systematic powers and concepts.·

Law Manipulation: Monday Without Tomorrow can create, rewrite, redefine, delete, apply and commonly manipulate any law which affects anyone and everyone as Monday Without Tomorrow sees fit, allowing him to decide what happens under which conditions.·

Ultimate Capitalism: Monday Without Tomorrow can trade for absolutely anything; for him, absolutely everything has value and can be bought, including people, concepts, fundamentals of reality, etc.. Trading (for him at least) does not require relationship with principles or personifications of certain concepts. Monday Without Tomorrow can give things their souls, their currency, or their lives for any amount of services for a different conception.

Sunday Without God

“We still live in a world of Gods and Monsters, but when that story comes to an end, you’ll realize that our nightmares were not written by them, but by something far more pure.”

Sunday Without God was always a distant character. She disliked interacting with others and always wore a mask to keep her distance, but did jump to the occasion when a chance to serve The Church of Necessary Evil. Sunday Without God was regarded across many realms as quite the talented apostle thanks to her immense agility and arcane, which were perfect for undermining the chaotic forces of Benevolence and tipping the mystical order in favor of Evil. Although Sunday Without God usually avoided the warscape during her missions, when she had to engage in combat, she displayed auspicious vigor. She is known for being able to easily overcome an army (of tens of infinities) of Towers on occasion.When the influence of The Church of Summum Bonum in the World of the Divine Faith began to rise, Sunday Without God began to suspect that the mystical order of that world had grown tainted, and began the step outside of The Church of Necessary Evil’s plans in order to tip the scale of evil back in their favor. Her exact methods remain unknown, but a key member the Church soon vanished when Sunday Without God uncovered information about someone being a traitor within the Church. Eventually, Sunday Without God would be ambushed by one of the members of 93, and in their legendary battle, a road to another tomorrow opened, causing them both to disappear.

Powers and Abilities:

Sunday Without God is a master strategist. As a strategist, she has studied the legends of The Silver Devil and The Black Monarch, utilizing their strategies and tactics to create an art that allows her to always achieve the finest results (depending on the means at her disposal), perfectly anticipating all variables and her opponents’ every move. She is able to create calculations that often guide her to exceedingly complicated strategic arrangements in the long run, which always end up being successful. Needless to say, despite being human, her physical traits are greatly beyond the caliber of normal humans.

Causality Visualization: Sunday Without God can instantly understand anything by perceiving all the causes/effects it is currently made of, as well as all the previous ones that guided to this state. For her, a simple glance at someone would be enough to learn their personality, qualities, quantum history, potential, strengths, weaknesses, etc. The causal perception can also be turned to the person’s future, its quantum paths, their quantum probabilities, and the one which will ultimately be realized.

Answer Manipulation: Sunday Without God is a mortal that can manipulate the answer to any question to any aspect of reality that is available. For example, she had made it that infinity + infinity = impotent a simple Omniversal fact.

Void Passage: Sunday Without God is able to hide behind the walls of Nothingness in order to not only travel, but to evade attacks, effects, and perspective of her existence. She can use this to avoid fatal damage, completely erasing the damage. She leaves her consciousness and will actively behind the walls of Nothingness, so that if she is affected internally, she can be pulled into the Void in order to erase said influence.

Saturday Without Sinn

“If I prepare an absolutely infinite array of options, all I need is for one of them to work. I do make a habit of preparing possibilities for potential and actual outcomes. I can’t fathom working any other way.”

Saturday Without Sinn is a member of the Grand Sentinel who helped to suppress an enormous apocalyptic threat against The Church of Necessary Evil. Saturday Without Sinn joined the Grand Sentinel along with his younger sister, and was immediately given vast tasks to match his incredible flair. He was made the principal rabbit of a Bishop Holocaust mission, and took upon himself the chore of retrieving the soul stealing word. Once the mission was concluded, he refused to address anything about his success, though some aver that it involved him taking the soul of an innocent angel. Saturday Without Sinn ultimately went on to serve as travelling priest.Although Saturday Without Sinn was considered to be an extremely talented Grand Sentinel, he relied too much on sharp judgment to value the extent of his potential, and instead repressed it to the point that his younger sister was able to surpass him. Had he let himself go and freed his mind of many transgressions, he could have become the next Maestro of the Grand Sentinel. Some predicted that he would’ve had the power to change many of the policies concerning within the forces, increasing the overall power and potential of the Grand Sentinel. However, what could be… will never be realized.

Powers and Abilities:

Experience Subjugation: Saturday Without Sinn has the ability to command the art of Experience. Despite the vagueness of this ability, the top tier ability of this on the 1st Floor is one that is almost impossible to stop.

Experience Subjugation: Saturday Without Sinn is able to not only manipulate, but change the perception and perspective of experience itself. He controls the basic concept that comprises knowledge of or skill of something or some event gained through involvement in or exposure to that thing or event.

Physical experience: He is able to manipulate any physical experiences that relate to observables. They need not involve forms, properties or mental experiences.

Mental experience: He is able to manipulate any experience that involves the aspect of intellect and consciousness experienced as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will and imagination, including all unconscious cognitive processes.

Emotional experience: He can manipulate any experiential, physiological, and behavioral response to a personally meaningful motivation. His control is so powerful that at minimum, any degree (within the principle of Infinity) to which emotional responses (subjective experience, behavior, physiology, etc.) converges with one another are at his whim. His talents are also capable of manipulating the degree to which emotions vary or change in intensity over time.

Spiritual experience: He is able to control experience in the form of a subjective experience which is interpreted within any metaphysical religious framework. Under this scope, he is manipulating rationalism itself.

Social experience: This is an interesting aspect of his experience manipulation, as the very act of growing up and living within a society can foster the development and observation of social experience. Social experience provides individuals with the skills and habits necessary for participating within their own societies, as a society itself is formed through a plurality of shared experiences forming norms, customs, values, traditions, social roles, symbols and languages. He is able to fully manipulate the narrative of one’s social experience.

Virtual experience: He is able to manipulate the variables and experience gained from an artificial environment which is experienced through sensory stimuli (such as sights and sounds) provided by a computer generated sequence and in which one’s actions partially determine what happens in the environment also.

Subjective experience: Subjective experience can involve a state of individual subjectivity, perception on which one builds one’s own state of reality; a reality based on one’s interaction with one’s environment. The subjective experience depends on one’s individual ability to process data, to store and internalize it. For example: our senses amass numbers and zeros, which we then process according to genetic programming, neurological network-relationships and other variables such as relativity, etc., all of which affect our individual experience of any given situation in such a way as to render it subjective. Saturday Without Sinn is a virtuoso of controlling the subjective experience – personally, impersonally, or transpersonally.

Immediacy of Experience: Saturday Without Sinn has the automatic retrocausality ability to control the Immediacy of Experience, meaning that he can control all points of view of experience indefinitely. This is an innate ability that activates beyond the realm of “Pure Agency”, as he doesn’t have to Act or Will it, and is automatically placed outside of all hypothetical mathematical dimensions as it initiates against a target.Someone able to recount an event they witnessed or took part in has “First hand experience”. First hand experience of the “you had to be there” variety can seem particularly priceless and fortunate, but it often remains potentially subject to errors in sense-perception and in personal interpretation.Second-hand experience can offer richer resources: recorded and/or summarized from first-hand observers or experiencers or from instruments, and potentially expressing multiple points of view.Third-hand experience, based on indirect and possibly unreliable rumor or hearsay, can (even given reliable accounts) potentially stray perilously close to blind honoring of authority.

LOGOS: This is a special trait that allows Saturday Without Sinn to instantly absorb the experience of others by simply existing/not existing simultaneously, while removing it from the source, into his body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing himself, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc., either temporarily or permanently.

Friday Without Dreams

“Do you believe that simply by sealing Word, you have defeated me? You fool. Your imprudence is so immense, it astounds me. Why, precisely, do you think I have served as foundation for Serpentinekreig for so long? Because in all these centuries, no one has been born to rival me in clout!”

A Bravestorm who belonged to the disquieting ensemble of AWOL sentinels known as the “Serpentinekreig,” she was active during the early days of the Vatican, Friday Without Dreams was initially a regional lord who protected her coven using a word passed down in her family for generations. However, that all came to a conclusion when she was massacred of her region due to imperial deception. Friday Without Dreams became a wandering nun afterwards, until the leader of the Church of Necessary Evil won her respect during the War on Alpha. Friday Without Dreams then contributed to the assembly by establishing their foundation and negotiating their “services.” Some hold that, had Friday Without Dreams not been a member, the Serpentinekreig might never have been more than a disunited gang of bitter imperial knights. The tales tell us that the mystical “word” spoken by Friday Without Dreams had the power to change narrative causality itself, and that it saved the faction’s leader from an otherwise destined imprisonment when the Serpentinekreig were ambushed by 93. It was during this battle that The Church of Necessary Evil severed ties with this sub-faction, and personally blamed Friday Without Dreams for aforementioned failure. That was the last time anyone saw Friday Without Dreams.

Powers and Abilities:

Bravestorm: Friday Without Dreams is rare species known as Bravestorm. A Bravestorm is one that exists within the gap between philosophy and mathematics. Because of this, to them, they are able to classify the structure of statements and arguments, both through the perspective of recognized systems of assumption and through the science of arguments in natural universal language and quantum frameworks of linguistics. Because of their biology, they can measure the scope of logic and determine its value (altering reality), create fallacies and paradoxes, to specialized analyses of reasoning such as probability, correct reasoning, and arguments involving causality. The Word: Friday Without Dreams is able to utilize a “pure uncreated statement”, typically describing pure action, or in other words, creating a behavior that can be caused by an agent in a particular situation. The Word become’s the agent’s desires and beliefs (e.g. my wanting a particular form of offense and believing the entity in front of me is real) lead to existential behavior (e.g. utilizing a particular offense). The Word creates the desire and belief, jointly causing the action of an agent. The Word eliminates any opposing arguments on a pataphysical scale, assimilating the concept of intention, making it fully analyzable into beliefs and desires.

Thursday Without Suggs

“I am merely a lost little fox, trapped in a Black Hole Sun. If you step into the same cage as I am, does that make you the hero of my story? Or does it make you the fool? ”

“I never really accepted the Queen as the strongest and most potent player on the board. It’s always been the Fox. The Queen is nothing but fan hype and fan speculation. The Fox is the one that sits in between the white and red boxes, cunning, and able to win by simply being not just a few steps ahead, but the narrative behind the steps.”

Sometime after Penelope had become The Crimson Chaos Queen, an acausal Mysterious Fox appeared before her and left her thunderstruck in mere presence alone. The fox was none other than Thursday Without Suggs, an anomaly to Nothingness and Possibility, and as he stood before her queen, her presence evolved into a final principle. In the distance, a multitude of Supreme Deities appeared, each a Creator of an Omniverse, each standing as the principle of All, each grouping behind Thursday Without Suggs. “My Queen, pardon the delay. In this moment, I will take your narrative from you!” she said with an unyielding silence. As Thursday Without Suggs peered at the principle of Penelope, The Crimson Chaos Queen responded by whispering something to her chaos and order shaping within her palm, unleashing a torrent of emptiness that completely broken down the totality of Possibility and Nothingness in principle and in actuality. An epic duel ensued as Creation came to an end…long ago. Finally, Thursday Without Suggs pierced Penelope’s principle with her word. Penelope used her argument to impale Thursday Without Suggs. As queen and adversary leered into each other’s principle, Thursday Without Suggs whispered “The Fox takes Queen; and that’s checkmate.”Impassable clouds and universal ending rains greeted Thursday Without Suggs as she emerged from the undervoid palace. The cosmos was but an echoing stardust memory reduced to imaginary 0s, and trembling void shaped serpents had overrun the white void. In a crashing silence, Thursday Without Suggs struck the abstracts from her narrative, parting their immanent and transcendent measure with nothing but a glance. Through the rift in the trembling voids, Thursday Without Suggs grabbed a chair and took a seat, reshaping the narrative that the First Principle behind the creation of Transfictional Omnipotence, the true grand narrative behind the context/characteristics of all (personal, transpersonal, and impersonal) verses started.

The Ars Deicidium:

Guilty Avarice: Thursday Without Suggs is able to control actuality, possibility and impossibility on an Heir to the Stars cosmological scope level (in other words, any cosmic structure as complex as the entirety of Heir to the Stars), able to choose which things do and don’t exist, can alternate subjects and objects from other Omniverses, can observe phenomena and events from all universes, realities, planes of existence, and dimension; can absorb/collapse/divide “Floors”.

Guilty Greed: Thursday Without Suggs can take an object or subjective experience from one Omniverse and switch it with an object or subjective experience in another Omniverse. This was demonstrated as she used this to fix a mystical imbalance in Creation that was being manipulated, thus she switched it with a mystical balance from another Omniverse.

Guilty Hunger: Thursday Without Suggs possesses an emptiness around her that is akin to the Schrodinger’s cat box, where all possible “truths” akin to her good fortune can exist at the same time. This emptiness around her rejects perspectives of a Cataphysical nature at minimum, and alters Cataphysical potential phenomena–even those with metaprobabilities lower than 0. Ironically, this is a narrative acausality effect, operating outside of the Story/Plot/Verse, as well as outside of the influence of Transfictional Omnipotence.

Guilty Ravenousness: Thursday Without Suggs is all-able to take “The Author’s Word” and demote it to her version of fanfiction, while she can arm another with canon to change the Verse or “interpret it differently”. This ability specifically targets Transfictional Omnipotence or those akin to said status.

White Indulgence: Thursday Without Suggs is all-able to deny the “Textual Definition” of the metanarrative causality of the literary tropes in any given personal, impersonal and transpersonal transfictional hierarchal system, denying the subjective and objective principles of transfictional figurative language, regardless if it’s a subjective/objective word, subjective/objective phrase or a subjective/objective image. Subjective/objective artistic effects are not excluded. All transfictional omnipotent expressional figures of speech are under her influence. White Indulgence fully uses recurring literary and rhetorical devices, motifs or clichés from all modes and attributes of creative works as a figurative weapon, with the output causing absolute “Metanarrative Causality Canon Discontinuity”. And while limitations and boundaries cannot be connected to White Indulgence, Thursday Without Suggs requires not even an “Act” or “Will” to utilize it. Tre

Wednesday Without Death

“I am enough of a composer to illustrate freely upon my imagescape. Imagescape is more imperative than awareness. Awareness is subtle. Imagescape…on a Wednesday, encircles the narrative.”

With the influx of the enemy armies came the continuous quantum forecast and metaphysical analysis of every fragment they could find. It seemed that the armies were overconfident in their greater sum-a flaw that Wednesday Without Death proposed to point out (both factually and metaphorically) to her associates. As they assembled at the convocation, it became obvious that the armies surpassed the reality of numbers, with each army being mastered by a being that was superior than the 7 Trials to Glory. Wednesday Without Death created a plan in where she would have a few Daggers in suborbital positions, with a strike team on the helm of the vanguard to advance to the highest point at the earliest opportunity in order to dismantle each leader in unison. In the intervening phase in which time could not exist, Wednesday Without Death would lead a single battalion into the Den of Devils and Monarchs. With no other practical options left in possibility and actuality, they began the demanding task of preparing the Omniverse’s final defenses. Several phases would pass, as Wednesday Without Death made sure her allies knew what they were up against. This was not going to be a war in which they could win, but a single momentary fight. Soon, they sensed it… the pureness of nothingness as it signaled their enemy’s arrival. Universes turned into ash, dimensions were pulled apart, the infinite and the endless were reduced into a memory that never was, and wave function collapses echoed throughout all hypothetical mathematical frameworks of existence. Explosions upon explosions, definitions falling from place; the battle was here. Wednesday Without Death knew that this was just the beginning, and as she joined the others in the assault, the battlefield almost retreated as it could see the forbidding fortitude in her eyes.

Powers and Abilities:

Born on a Wednesday: Wednesday Without Death exists independently of any perceiver and progresses at a consistent pace throughout akin to herself – from herself. Unlike relative dimensions, and lower one like time, Born on a Wednesday is an attribute that is imperceptible and cannot even be understood mathematically.

Royal Hunting Ground: Wednesday Without Death blurs the principle of determinism, creating a formulated fallacy in which facts about the past, that which was written, and phases already acted upon metaphysically can be undone, or have all future facts determined or necessitated. Royal Hunting Ground controls statements of law and statements of particular fact at a time, as well as statements of particular fact at any later time. Royal Hunting Ground takes into account that universal systems that state that determinism neither entails physicalism nor is entailed by it, possible worlds where determinism is true and physicalism false; e.g., worlds where minds are nonphysical things which nevertheless obey deterministic laws. And there are possible worlds (perhaps our own) where physicalism is true and determinism is false. When this comes into conflict, Royal Hunting Ground blurs the principle Pure Act and Will.

No Man’s Land: Wednesday Without Death is able to interestingly control Choice and Consequence as a chain. Because narrative causality dictates that everything is a story, it is equally true that there are parts of the universe already laid down that absolutely appoint and decree what the other parts shall be. The future and the endless have no ambiguous possibilities hidden in the writing on the walls. The part that we call the present is attuned with only one totality. Any other future possibility than the one fixed from eternity is impossible. The whole is in each and every part, and welds it with the rest into an absolute unity, in which there can be no equivocation or silhouette of spiraling…. necessity on the one hand and impossibility on the other are the sole categories of the real. Possibilities that fail to get realized are, for this ability, pure illusions; they never were possibilities at all. Wednesday Without Death is able to see the list of “Choices” that can be made and the “Consequences” that follow, and alter the narrative to follow suit.

Godsgrave: Wednesday Without Death is able to exiled a mode or attribute from Continuity, making it that a character or a specific element or elements of a universe that are declared off limits for potentiality or actuality, be it in-universe or in another version of that universe. Depending on the scope of the cosmic hierarchy, some modes and attributes are made non-canonical as they technically still exist, but can’t be used depending on the situation – shifting their status to simply imaginary.

Etiology Manipulation: This is a Suggs, giving Wednesday Without Death monarchy over causation, or origination. She can completely create the causes, origins, or reasons behind the way that things are, or the way they function, or to the causes themselves. She can decide the reference to the causes or origins of various phenomena. In any instance, where physical phenomena are not well understood or when histories are not recorded or even provided within the narrative of the Verse, she can provide etiologies. Thus, an etiological narrative, or origin narrative, is a narrative causality that has arisen, been told over time, or written to explain the origins of various collective or natural phenomena.

Tuesday Without War

“There’s a web of impassable ideas that are born from unawareness. I hold many impassable ideas within my very grasp… As long as you have a single thought, regardless of whether not it’s sitting in nothingness or possibility I will be connected. And if I am connected, I am impassable.”

“There’s always another story which contradicts the main story. There’s always a narrative that is more powerful than the one that is the mainstay.”

Some speculate that the Cosmic Hierarchy that includes the narratives of Heir to the Stars and Aeirs Ending was but some of Tuesday Without War’s experiments. Perhaps once it has composed all the data and information it hoped to acquire from the Master Sets it didn’t create, it will return to dispose of these narratives. However, there is no way to really know whether these are Tuesday Without War’s true intentions. The conclusion of its trial would’ve then allowed for the perfect end to befall on all personal, impersonal, and transpersonal interconnecting acausal narratives. If this end were to continue beyond the significant definition of eternity, Tuesday Without War is would set her sights on the narrative that was established by The Golden Strawberry.An unwritten pre-narrative semper older than ♠The Ace of Spades♠ of lore. Rumor has it that Tuesday Without War is merely a semper, self-aware of herself from herself, but beyond the motion of an abstract thought, and that her true self cannot exist in a cosmic hierarchal master set. Being aware without being created or self-created from an idea, but simply by being aware from herself, she created The Song of Swans, Rabbits, and Cats, which is said to be the crystallized form of the overwhelming amount of ideas that gave birth to the chaos and mystical imbalances in all interconnecting narrative causality chains.

The Ars Deicidium:Innocent Avarice: Tuesday Without War is fully aware of Fanon Discontinuity, and can utilize said attribute to rewrite the canon of a Verse. Tuesday Without War is fully “Armed with Canon” can cause elements of a work, like characters, events, or episodes to be removed out of the canon. Tuesday Without War can be aggressive or subtle, such as a removing a single line of dialogue or the specifics of an event from canon continuity, making it fall into the realm of the imaginary or nonexistent. Tuesday Without War takes place of “The Creator”, allowing her to put something out of continuity (acting as the meta-cause of an Act or Divine Will). In the simplest form of explanation, she has the personal, impersonal, and transpersonal (verse) meta-narrative power over Canon Discontinuity.

Innocent Greed: Tuesday Without War has total control over the principle that gives a totalizing, comprehensive account to diverse chronological events, experiences, and collective, cultural phenomena based upon the appeal to Omniversal truth or Omniversal values. Tuesday Without War operates on her own system in which she controls the grand narrative, which is the principle that explain various events in Possibility and Nothingness, gives meaning by connecting disperse events and phenomena by appealing to some mode or attribute of Omniversal knowledge or schema. Because her very “identity” or “Self” is beyond the parameters of a status to be the Omnipotent Creator of all Verses (Transfictional Omnipotence), Tuesday Without War possesses the Suggs to convince “stories” of her singular truth, rather than what is told/written in order to legitimize various versions of “the truth.”Innocent Hunger: Tuesday Without War’s very “identity” or “Self” (or lack of/akin to what was said) is beyond the parameters of a status to be the Omnipotent Creator of all Verses (Transfictional Omnipotence), Tuesday Without War is beyond any scope of the one and only entity that is the Creator and Omnipotent ruler of all Verses, taking on a specific form and identity in each of them according to their grand context/distinctiveness. Tuesday Without War is beyond any entity that is an omni-dimensional being, existing simultaneously in all Verses as their local Supreme Being that is beyond Names, Terms, Traits, Appearances, and Essence. Despite the fact that she not only changes the meta-narrative of everything, even a Creator, her own narrative is in constant change itself, despite never changing. She controls the “logic” that is given in the context of every transcending Pataphysics or meta-narratives. She controls the “definition” of every transcending transfictional continuities, as well as entities that supersedes everything, including themselves, personal, transpersonally, and impersonally.

Innocent Cupidity: Tuesday Without War is not product of Suggs, but of itself. She is beyond the scope of Suggs, if one took everything in Heir to the Stars and Aeirs Ending, and maximized it and transcended it further, continuously multiplying the highest theoretcical form of Power or Suggs demonstrated, she would still be fully beyond “Everything” that is an element of the whole package immediately encompassing the text (Canon) and not part of the text itself. Even the modes and attributes, the All beyond the all of stuff that isn’t a part of the narrative causality/paratext/story itself, but still comes with it; Tuesday Without War is so far beyond it…it may as well not even exist to her. Because of her status, she has full control over the paratext, or rather; she has Transfictional Verse Paratext Manipulation. In other words, she can fully manipulate the totality (the grand principle of creation – the union of nothingness/possibility) of The All that is an element of the whole transfictional continuity immediately encompassing the text (Continuity) and not part of the text itself.