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Cat’s Eye Lullaby

  • Rivers Imperium Lullaby (0): Names, Terms, and Essence are negated. Self-creation is negated. Beyond the Beyond the All can only be self-negated and locked from itself. Attributes and modes will not come to actualize or potentialize.

  • Echoes Eclipse-silk Lullaby (1): Infinite future phenomena–even those with meta-probabilities as low as less than 0 are in constant nullification. All future and endless concepts that disobey this lullaby will be denied immediately (retrocausality).

  • Scythe Deimos Lullaby (2): Paradoxes are solved. There are no questions and answers. Truth negates itself.

  • Lion’s Regalia Innocence Lullaby (i2): This is the reality behind the principle in which causality is defined, reacting retrocausality pre-automatically to Pure Act and Divine Will, even when existence and nonexistence cannot be and sets all actions and choices back to less than 0. This lullaby will trap someone in a state of repeating 0 for all beyond all eternity (beyond the definition behind the principle in which eternity is established).

  • Fang Charis Lullaby (3): Those that step into this realm must be able to deploy a theory for its own explanation, creating a principle of circularity stating that a fact can explain itself. However, paradoxes are negated. Creation itself is negated. Self-creation is negated. Self-nothingness is negated (one cannot come from nothingness or imaginary divisions). And truth negates itself.

  • Diamond Tierra Lullaby (4): The idea that extension, or quantity, when divided and further divided infinitely, can reach the point of zero quantity. This very realm operates on the function of an infinite dividing ladder that keeps dividing quantities of zero and less than zero and lesser than that, ever continuing downwards beyond all abstract imaginary totalities. Creation akin to Possibility, Totality, and Nothingness are the first to be divided by this new quantity of cat’s 0, and then it completely descends from there.

  • Adverse Denial Lullaby (5): Because the plot itself is self-aware, it restricts action and free will. In other words, the principle behind the reality in which existence acts and nonexistence remains stagnant are outright halted, whereas the former is locked.

  • RE:I AM (NOT) Lullaby (6): Narrative Causality itself is very much aware of itself and what it defines, and on this level, it does not allow the characters to interact with or affect it. While it lets the characters write the story out, it cancels out absolute certainty and meta-probability. In fact, it denies them. Self-creation itself is denied.

  • Versus Forbidden Lullaby (7): Conceptual Identity is denied. As “relation” itself is removed from all categories of being and principle; all relations of each thing that can bear just to itself are denied. The notion of identity and self-existence / self-nonexistence is not only denied, but can never be… Identity of indiscernibles are denied (if x and y share all their properties, are they one and the same thing?). There are no questions about change and personal identity as the philosophical concept of identity within the notion of identity can never achieve possibility and actuality.

  • Re:0 Lullaby (8): ?
  • Reihard’s Diary Lullaby (0): ?
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