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Dlclaifsein Cosmogony – Lapis

⎈The JOKER⎈’s Dlclaifsein Cosmogony

⎈The JOKER⎈’s Dlclaifsein cosmogony reveals that Lapis is the first and highest aspect of petrification functions, and she is described as “the Speaking Swan, the Dancing Water, or the Singing Apple”. This is the Unwritten “above” ♠The Ace of Spades♠, and manifests through the work of the Heir to the Stars. Lapis emanated the Creation and the True Consciousness from its “indeterminate” animation, causing self-reflection of petrification. In other words, Lapis is an uncaused unwritten prelude before the principles that establish structure, patterns, or vitality. She holds the Dynamis, and represents an organization in its reflection of the impassable force or rather…Dynamis.

The very retrocausality and acausality of Lapis create an equation that supersedes all modes and attributes of the foundation of every single “Verse” of every category, possibility, potentiality, and theory within and outside of Possibility, Impossibility, Nothingness, and Totality – ever mentioned or seen (and above the absolute infinite multiplicity amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) on every single personal, impersonal, and transpersonal level.

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