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In Heir to the Stars, the term Human is an acronym for (Hierarchy Unevolved Morphology A-bap-ical New-men-on). It is a constant that remains the same with the only exception being in Solecism’s (Past Arc). Human means the same for everyone labeled as one (unless it is referring to a specific dimension in which humans are identified). There are regular humans, metahumans, transcendent humans, and higher dimensional humans.

Humans are the expression of the lowest mortal layer in Heir to the Stars. However, this isn’t to say that the lowest expression is simply without any value. A human can be either completely boundless and devoid of any existential limits and restrictions whatsoever, or be limited to a degree depending on what they strive to be. They can be so powerful that they can create, sustain or destroy the root cause everything else in which the cosmological setting originates. They can completely transcend over all meaning and definition.

Because humans came about due to the inverse touch of Chaos, humans are in fact a foreign being to the Universe and that the resulting paradoxical nature of the human mind and spirit is responsible for humanity’s incapability to gradually progress its society in accord with nature. However, it is because of this paradoxical principle, that humans are able to use expressions of Heir to the Stars.

In Heir to the Stars, humans have a knack of expressing the logical lines of Heir to the Stars, which allows them to do what they do. They can train for millions of years, surpassing the logical time barrier simply through sheer will. They can master quantum effects through sheer training. They can stand on the pinnacle of the universe or reach the end of infinity, as through it wasn’t an inaccessible boundlessness from them to said layers. The mind and training will take you far if you’re a human and determined.

List of some humans and types:

See the “Human” Tier list here: (It’s not really in any order)

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