In Heir to the Stars, the term Human is an acronym for (Hierarchy Unevolved Morphology A-bap-ical New-men-on). It is a constant that remains the same with the only exception being in Solecism’s (Past Arc). Human means the same for everyone labeled as one (unless it is referring to a specific dimension in which humans are identified). There are regular humans, metahumans, transcendent humans, and higher dimensional humans.

Humans are the expression of the lowest concept in Heir to the Stars. That doesn’t mean that humans are always the weakest characters, but that their origin and inherent qualities provide them the least benefit more often than not.

Because humans came about due to the inverse touch of Chaos, humans are in fact a foreign being to the Universe and that the resulting paradoxical nature of the human mind and spirit is responsible for humanity’s incapability to gradually progress its society in accord with nature. However, it is because of this paradoxical principle, that humans are able to use expressions of Heir to the Stars.

The inherent power of a human in and of itself is very little; however, humans have the ability to learn to manipulate and take advantage of various forces like science, religion, law, magic and so on in order to boost themselves. While the human physiology of other works typically uses the field of physics as the basis for their abilities, Heir to the Stars humans use any of an abstract chain of different fields.

In Heir to the Stars, humans are empowered by various things other than physical, spritual and mental exercise, and other ways of physically perfecting the body, generally by realizing the logic of Heir to the Stars.

The Last Remnants of Humanity from the series Solecism represents the highest state that humans can achieve, which the exception of Eve, who has vastly transcended said realm.

Coup de grĂ¢ce is a group of Higher Dimensional Humans that represents humanity that has broken all dimensional boundaries, including the state of self.

Pharos of the End is a series that features humans like Dania, Danielle, and Mark. They are powerful in their own right, but nonetheless, human.

Blue Rose is an organization of humans who utilize the power of the Frozen Flame. This faction was established to seek out all contradictions within the world that distorts the time-space, and eliminate them. Each member carries the license to annihilate, and are by law the supreme authority over all other law enforcements. They appear in Solecism

Period is a street gang of humans who manipulate the power of science. They were assembled by an organization to find out the whereabouts of Xenogems. However, their only clue was a person who had fallen asleep. They appeared in Solecism volume 2. The leader of this group is Gallagher Godspell.

Ultimately though, humanity within Heir to the Stars can express various feats from annihilating an entire infinite metaverse, to stopping metaversal metaphysical annihilation without effort, to reacting to infinite speed or even breaking through logic barriers.

Being human is for better or worse, the lowest pinnacle of being, but depending on your strength of will or logic, you can rise to be better than the Tier you stand on.