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Kampger’s Testament

Kampger’s Testament is that which exists as an unprovability of the identity from other identities.

“Provability of Self”

Kampger’s Testament is independent of a given first principle perspective if the perspective neither proves nor refutes Self; that is, it is impossible to prove Self from perspective, and it is also impossible to prove from perspective that the Self is false. Also, it can be said that

Kampger’s Testament is undecidable from perspective.

Creators have established that the Kampger’s Testament is independent of perspective if perspective simply cannot prove Kampger’s Testament, and do not necessarily assert by this that perspective cannot refute Kampger’s Testament. These creators will assert that the “Self is independent of and consistent with perspective” to indicate that perspective can neither prove nor refute Self or in this aspect – Kampger’s Testament.

“Decidability attribute”

Kampger’s Testament exists before Pure Act and Free Will.

Through this, metalogic is completely subjugated or outright negated. Decision problems are under that which is Decidability, which is under Kampger’s Testament. Through this, one controls the uncertainty of the existence and nonexistence of any effective methods for determining the identity in a set of algorithms that can and will return a cataphysical true or false value (negating the possibility of a loop indefinitely).

However, Decidability controls the methods used to establish quantifications, elimination quantifiers, and the completeness of a system.

Undecidability mode contrasts with the former.

Through invoking the Undecidability mode, Kampger’s Testament can control the set of logical validities in any first principle with equality and either (negating the factor of level and zenith) as well as the illogical fallacies of incompleteness properties.

Because of what Undecidability establishes, this mode controls interpretability methods, making it that said act or will is essentially undecidable, only being interpretable in consistency to itself, which essentially makes said method undecidable. To elaborate; if said method is undecidable, said method cannot be attached to potentiality or actuality in creation principles.


This is a personal, impersonal, and transpersonal attendant of Kampger’s Testament. It is an Art Gallery with the ability to create a field of influence where the flow of singularity and unity can be manipulated on a personal, impersonal, and transpersonal level, delaying all Cataphysical (and below) epiphenomena. The magnitude of influence can be defined at will by the user, who can also cancel the realm of singularity and unity before any hierarchy of Divine Will and Pure Act. From the outside, All-encompassing Will and the realm of Pure Act inside appears to vanish, while from the inside, potentiality outside appears to become actuality. Once within the field, dimensionality and hierarchy are irrelevant as concepts lose all meaning.

“♠The Ace of Spades♠”

Kampger’s Testament – ♠The Ace of Spades♠ is the proof of excellence that ♠The Ace of Spades♠ is more than what the Heir to the Stars cosmology illuminated. 

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