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Magics and Magicks

Spadesmana is that of an absolutely transcendent phenomena, a state of being best described as the conceptualism of forces of Heir to the Stars, which is an outerplane that encompasses the accumulation of all possible branches of logic and mathematics, whether possible or impossible to conceptualize at all, and is the totality of all possible conglomeration of ideas, possible or impossible. It is transcendent of its very principle, constantly above and within itself to an incomprehensible degree, and encompasses the principle beyond transcendent theory. No complete totality of logic and/or mathematics can reach its state due to its function as it is impossibly transcendent of “self”. And yet, it is the basis for all magic and magick.


Magic is the phenomena that allows certain users to harness mystical energy and shape reality. Through magic, one can influence the course of events, alter fixed phenomenon, remeasure laws and causality, and calculate conceptual manifestations and alter them.

Magic is the power to utilize mystical forces in order to achieve any effect one desires. Through the use of magic, users can invoke the use of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures, language, etc., to command mystical forces, with only their categories of the Mind and Will to define the boundaries. Those that can harness and wield magic essentially possesses limitless possibilities for what they can accomplish.

Unlike in other Verses, Magick isn’t limited to the use of Mana or underlying pools of energy to empower it. As long as they follow the Heir to the Stars logic (suggslogic), they can wield magic for as long as they desire, without limitations.

It is shown in All-World, that through the power of rejection, there are those that can utilize different forms of magic, like Occult magic. By turning one’s back on the religions of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam, the magic power of Occultism was bestowed upon certain individuals. This is just an example however.

Users of Magic


Magick is the force of mystical phenomena of omnipotent nature, entailing that the user is Truly Omnipotent with Magick, albeit focusing it all on everything associated, related and branched out from magick. Magick can only be achieved once the user has fully mastered the phenomena on an esoteric, mystical and supernatural level. Magick allows the user to surpass all the rules established by reality, effectively establishing a metapotence magick. You can argue that Magick, the user can simply do as they will.

Ultimately, Magick can operate on all of the branches of philosophy of Heir to the Stars, and can be used to achieve anything and everything without any limit, no matter how impossible or contradictory.

Aleister Crowley is a character that first appears in the series Solecism. Aleister Crowley is the leader of the Hall of Arcana, a group of Magick users and he is the creator of all Magick.

Users of Magick

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