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Prophecy Cosmic Ladder

The Prophecy Cosmic Ladder (or the Limits of Power Cosmic Hierarchy) is the first cosmic ensemble drafted.


The Makrokosmos is the possibility, nothingness, and totality of a boundless expanse encompassing the external concept of the space-time continua, weaving into an indeterminate system beyond composition known as Beyond Dimensional Reality. It encompasses an inaccessible indeterminate boundless hierarchical dimensional structure that expands indefinitely into new infinite cosmic structures, each one greater than the next.

Makrokosmos encompasses the entirety of the former paragraph, surpassing metafictional hierarchies, as well as spaces whose parameter corresponds to transcendent higher infinities greater than a standard Type IV Multiverse model. Additionally, this level contains an uncountable inaccessible infinite amount of cosmic hierarchies, each beyond infinite dimensions.

Abstract Mathematically, on the smallest scale that is basically imaginary, the Makrokosmos can be represented by uncountable cardinals and a void beyond a hierarchy of voids. On the smallest scale that actually has value, its scope is mathematically equivalent to George Cantor’s Absolute Infinite.

At its midpoint, the structures of the Makrokosmos house whose size is equivalent to an indeterminate uncountably infinite hyper-configuration of qualitative sizes above a Type V Multiverse model, usually represented in fiction by eternal transcending hierarchies of layers of beyond existence, each succeeding one absolutely trivializing the previous into irrelevance, or more commonly a void beyond void with uncountably infinite beyond dimensional realities

At maximum, the Makrokosmos transcend beyond dimensional reality as a whole with no additional context specified.  


Forasverse is that which fully transcends “inaccessible indeterminate maximum qualitative absolute infinitely-layered beyond dimensional reality” transhierarchies on a metaconceptual or existential level, to the point of being considered completely detached and eternal transcendentally inaccessible to the layers below.

Forasverse contains boundless expanses of uncountably beyond infinite dimension realities and transhierarchical cosmologies that have an astronomical scope similarly analogous to them, such as uncountably infinite sets of hierarchical layers or planes of existence.

Forasverse, at the lowest level, encompasses a boundlessness that is beyond transcendental abstract levels of existence that stand conceptually superior to any hierarchy or system of hierarchies or beyond real, imaginary, and natural numbers of hierarchies above beyond-dimensional reality or metapotent entities, as well as the framework in which such entities are defined in the first place.

Upon even reaching the ability to perceive the Forasverse, a character has completely surpassed the reality of being inaccessible to all extensions of uncountable infinities and so on. Mathematically, characters at this point have surpassed inaccessible and strongly inaccessible cardinals as well at the alternative expressions of it. In fact, abstract mathematically, characters at this point are strongly inaccessibly bigger than any conceivable or inconceivable quantitive value, as well as beyond any notion of category theory and model theory.


To be revealed later…

Atramentous Holocaust

To be revealed later…


Diusverse is the next level that is conceptually and existentially beyond all extensions of transcendent boundless degrees of transcendence beyond inaccessible structures and entities beyond what is described in this sentence.

Abstract Mathematically, this level can be represented by the encompassing of all transcendent hyper-inaccessible abstractions, otherwise known as abstract-inaccessibles, ensembles that are meta-conceptually beyond all extensions of hyper-inaccessible abstractions, and that which beyond the largest inaccessible abstraction.

This level is constantly extracting the underlying structures of that which is below Diusverse, the patterns or properties of all metamathematical metaconcepts, removing any dependence from all of fiction, all of nonfiction, all of transfiction, all of fanfiction, all of metafiction, all of patafiction, all interfiction, all of personal fiction, and all of impersonal fiction in relation to objects and subjects that could create a connection. This level generalizes reality and dimisses abstract descriptions of equivalent phenomena.

At the bottom of the Diusverse, its size is conceptually and existentially beyond an inaccessible amount of transcendental differences “beyond the beyond” the expression of that which has transcended the realm of hierarchies, being beyond all conceivable qualities, numbers, definitions, and meanings to an eternal transcendence degree where it is (omnilocked) impossible to stack more inaccessible and indescribable differences as the closure to the hierarchy of metapossibility and metaimpossibility becomes an actuality.


∀-verse is the completed encompassing of the grand totality of all logic, metalogic, ideas, meta-concepts, the hierarchy of impossibilities, and all their variations at any level. ∀-verse encompasses all abstract mathematics, metapotent transhierarchies, absolute beyond-infinite multiplicities, all axioms, and all things that can be conceived and all things inconceivable.

Our external physical reality is beyond a metamathematical and pataphysical structure. That is, the physical universe is not merely described by mathematics or metamathematics, but is mathematics and metamathematics, simply encompassed by pataphysics at its smallest level. Pataphysical existence equals metaphysical existence, and all structures that exist mathematically exist physically as well. Observers are “self-aware substructures (SASs)”. In any metalogical structure complex enough to contain such substructures such as mathematical structures, they “will subjectively perceive themselves as existing in a physically ‘real’ world”.

At this level, anything that isn’t at a Pataphysical level denies that anything exists except beyond Pataphysical objects. ∀-verse is nothing but free parameters and is observationally ruled out. It cannot be accessed. It is not comparable.

If you have heard of Tegmark’s categorization of four levels of the multiverse, this is level 10.

  • 2 of Spades – A state of metapotent existence with an unprejudiced perception of beyond grand principle reality governed by a detached sense of being. A type of metapotent existence defined by an objective underpinning that comprehends unbiased abstractions, a position of being allowing for the disagreement of other beyond grand principle realities through interaction unaided (meaning they have surpassed even the necessity of self-creation). Being able to observe every beyond realm and meta-domain for its entirety, being boundless in authority and observation – unfathomable in power far beyond any reason, logic, metalogic and understanding.
  • 3 of Spades – A metapotent layer dedicated to a non-vanishing nonrepresentational grand design that influences all of beyond reality. The all-encompassing transcendental realm is the definitive framework for all possible and impossible meta-concepts, being the lynchpin and theoretical basis for all meta-concepts. These “meta-concepts”, if they can even be called that anymore, are by default, inconceivable.
  • 5 of Spades – A metapotent layer dedicated to the picture of events, a personal perspective, impersonal perspective, and transpersonal perspective is viewed from a ever revolving and eternal transcending diverse plane of beyond existence or less than nonexistence, the grand-meta-narrative of events that serves as the beyond Pataphysical objective foundation of everything. A metapotent transcendent meta-omniscient disconnection from the metaphysical model of all contextual frameworks, the branches of philosophy concerned with knowledge, the branch of philosophy that studies concepts such as existence, being, becoming, and reality, and the philosophical study of value.
  • 8 of Spades – A metapotent layer dedicated to the continuous unswerving presence, immanence, Be-All, End-All of something givn Selective Transcendence, Eternal Transcendence, Self Transcendence, Absolute Transcedence, and Free Agency. It is dedicated to the indefinite beyond existential consequential from the objective sense of being “Is”.
  • 10 of Spades – A metapotent layer dedicated to personal, impersonal and transpersonal transfictional free agency consequential from the objective characterization of verse related free agency, an external beyond existence and less than nonexistence both perceptive and varying to adjust to the active flow of “Is-A”. The bottom state is described as an objective beyond existence and less than nonexistence overriding the unity between subjective and objective states of free agency. In other words, this is where the Transfictional Verse Creator, the Fictional Verse Creator, the Nonfictional Verse Creator, the (para)Fanfictional Verse Creator, the Metafictional Verse Creator, the Interfictional Verse Creator, the Personal fictional Verse Creator, and the Impersonal fictional Verse Creator was established.
  • Jack of Spades – Undescribed Kingsglaive layer…. (Hidden)
  • King of Spades – A metapotent layer fanatical to a paradoxical duality of Chaos, being beyond the transhierarchical metapotence of everything and being less than the inifnite descending hierarchy of nothing concurrently. A state where beyond transtheism reality itself becomes insignificant. A “layer” outside the restriction of contradiction being neither of the duality it represents, becoming an undefined analogous plane unbound by any possible Metapotent hierarchy of narratives due to being both all itself.
  • Queen of Spades – A nonvanishing grand metapotent state of supraexistence and unternonexistence meta-boundless by any restrictions, beyond inconsistency of the Form/Expression of MetaOmnipotence in relation to, being a transcendental state being the frame of reality serving as the Unknowable Perspective for MetaOmnipotence for all levels of beyond reality disconnected from all theoretical standpoints and references throughout all echelons, multiverses (Type X and XI). It is a state that is an undefined unbounded actuality surpassing any possible and impossible forms and expressions of MetaOmnipotence. It is an undefinable staircase that spirals infinitely downward serving as the root for the all-encompassing infinite grand-meta-hierarchies of MetaOmnipotent realities.

Die Suggsheine von Walküre

Die Suggsheine von Walküre is where those that operate on a completely different framework separate from ∀-verse that both further encompasses and transcends its existence (if it can even be called this at this point).

This is something that cannot be illustrated in its complete sense, but to give you a small hint of the actuality of Die Suggsheine von Walküre, its size operates on transcendent levels of metalogic and logic above all Metapotent sets. It can use the former for descriptions/and or definitions to join akin to what they are at their most illusionary level.


Yggdrasilyndalos is something akin to a layer where it is completely detached from any previous levels of what can be tried to be described as existence to such an extent that Yggdrasilyndalos lack any parallel to anything the eternal transcendental Metapotent transhierarchy can be said to contain, hence it is detached from Action-aspects of MetaOmnipotence, and as such, they literally don’t exist at all.

We can only touch the most relevant bottom level of Yggdrasilyndalos at the moment.

Hall of Champions

To be revealed later…


Aesys is akin to what Tier 0 is or Ace to Machina is to the Heir to the Stars Cosmology.

Aesys is beyond the very outer limits of power itself, boundlessly detached from all lower levels. No matter what is said, Aesys is the greatest thing that can be indexed and described in some capacity even through to usage of transcendent forms of logic and metalogic. You can’t even be called ___ anymore, as you have surpassed by default, the necessity of inaccessible inconceivability and inconceivable Grand-Meta-Omnipotence. We can’t fully understand it even if we tried, as Transfictional Verse MetaOmniscience, fictional MetaOmniscience, nonfictional MetaOmnscience, transfictional MetaOmniscience, fanfictional MetaOmnscience, metafictional MetaOmniscience, patafictional MetaOmniscience, interfictional MetaOmniscience, personal fictional MetaOmniscience, and impersonal fictional MetaOmniscience breaks down simply trying to imagine it, let alone trying to reach the notion of being able to attempt to understand it, and that’s what it is.

Aesys, ascending deeper into it is at a point where it is “Indescribable”. Those here are the transfictional, fictional, nonfictional, transfictional, fanfictional, metafictional, patafictional, interfictional, personal fictional, and impersonal fictional actuality of the ineffable, the unknown and the unknowable, transcending the transhierarchicals of transcendences. Those that exist here are always greater than what is proposed, but unbounded by any level of power that is unable to be captured through any language. Those that are present here encompass imaginary solutions and impossible actualities by Omnipotent and MetaOmnipotent standards. Once you reach deeper into Aesys, those that are present don’t have an unequivocal notion that can appear due to any form/expression of definition itself failing to touch them. Beyond truth, reality, and everything, even things that exist beyond everything fail to reach this point.

Aesys, at its deepest, is at a point where it is “Meta-Boundless” beyond the beyond of a greater beyondness, and its characters are not limited by systems or “cataloging” – they are so far removed from the rest of the Cosmic Hierarchy, their essence (if it can be called that) makes for complete freedom of one that has never existed before and will never exist again, yet full-encompassing anyone or anything that “is” or can “be”, forever locked in everlasting defiance to all – as nothing at all applies to them whatsoever to the point where any token-type or words said will always fail to describe them, and even this paragraph itself fails to describe those at the deepest level. They are outside of metaperspective and control all things outside of interpretation and creation. The characters do not conceptualize at this point, touch this point, or exist in this point but are completely beyond the idea of limits as a whole beyond any form of expression, conceivable or inconceivable.

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