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I cannot explain this in terms of those on the Second Floor, but I will do my best to translate from our perspective since our concepts of the Omniverse cannot apply to those from Above.

Re; is the unwritten facsimile that connects the principle of ∀[i] into a 1st Floor “turn of phrase”.

Basically, take fire. It’s simple right? Fire on the basic level in the Universe is largely known. Now, let’s take fire and apply Re; to it. Re; is never written next its “turn of phrase”, as it’s unwritten, but automatic applied to those from and on the 2nd Floor. A mere spark of re;fire, could swallow and erase The 1st Floor from even the weakest and lowest characters of the 2nd Floor. This applies to any notion of Creation, Maintenance, and/or Destruction.


∀[i] is (always) the inaccessible boundless transcendence that is assigned to the Floors above the 1st, giving the meaning that even at the most base ground state, it is greater than the sum total of the First Floor of the Cosmic Hierarchy.

∀[i] is completely beyond the transcendent boundless-layered inaccessible transfictional hierarchies (completely external and unreachable by it in any form) and any extensions thereof, as well as the framework in which such entities are defined at their base principle.

∀[i] is above any and all hierarchies giving it the state to transcend any/all extensions of a hierarchy.

You can go to the wiki term to see the inner explanation of this:

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