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Reflection of 8

“Chris Storm is the reflection of my dad. He is him. My dad is him. He is my father. At the same time, they are both separate, and completely unalike from one another.”
Nebuchadnezzar Pride

Heir to the Stars Chaos Theory Homeostasis Inverse Poriomania Paradox

This Heir to the Stars Chaos Theory Homeostasis Inverse Poriomania Paradox is something that was created by mere chance with a probability of less than 0% when Xeranthemum ripped the fabric of reality.

As this happened simultaneously, Villain Descendingsword, Christopher Sincere Pride, Astray, Chalice, August Asclepius Averruncus, Adrienne Vespasianus, Lucifer Highlander, and Chris Storm all created an equation to answer “Omni”, but the equation was linked to that which was Beyond the Beyond, thus escaping the logic of the Heir to the Stars cosmology and bonding the 8.

Each exists in a state of reflection. Each is a reflection of each other. Everything that defines one, defines the other. There is no difference. They each individually mirrored themselves eight times in order to find out the truth hidden within the truth. There are eight of them, which reflect from each other, continuing in an eternity of eight. Because of this aspect, none of them can truly be destroyed or perfectly erased… unless they are all affected and erased at the same time… which is in itself an impossibility, considering all other aspects of each of their existences.

Now, what this means is that they are all still independent personas, free of agency from each other, but they have each other’s memories, as well as traits, skillsets, and powers. The skillsets and powers are locked however until said paradoxical reflection reaches the level required to use it.  Adrienne Vespasianus is by the far the most powerful of mirrors.

There is no original version. Each one is the original version; 1 = 8, and 8 = 1, beyond the absolute infinite.

Each one maintains their individuality, however, keeping traits and abilities that belong to another reflection locked away or making them inaccessible to them as a means to maintain their independence from their mirrors.

Passive Traits

Some of the abilities cannot be deemed inaccessible or removed or hidden. These attributes and traits are universal irreversibly passive among all eight:

Perfect Immortality

All events had been removed from the story. In fact, the totality of life had been removed from all stories. The totality of death had been removed from all stories. All realities, planes, numbers, subjects, levels, wave functions, wave existences, phenomena, abstract mathematics, metaphysics, existences, conceptions, causalities, imagination, nonexistence, possibilities, nothingness, potentialities, actualities, uncertainties, truths, and unknowns had been removed from all attributes, modes, configurations, and stories. There never was the Pure Act or Event of Creation. However, those who existed outside of Pure Act and Creation were completely unaffected. Sincere is one of those who were completely unaffected.

Absolute Immortality | Regeneration

When Ashtwilight emitted a vibration that caused an irreversible metaphysical annihilation event, causing all possibilities (even those lower than a concept below absolute 0), potentialities, actualities, and continuums that linked to the conception of Sincere, to cease to exist or to have ever existed, he was able to instantly regenerate from it. In actuality, it is the absolute metaphysical end of everything that identified as Christopher Sincere Pride. It is not “the perfect end” because “after” this happens, nothing of the target ever existed. There was never a target to annihilate. There was never an end to the target since the target’s beginning never existed. However, Sincere was able to regenerate, even after she canceled out his ability to regenerate.

Quantum Mind:

August has the mental mind similar to that of a quantum computer, meaning that his mind can be thought of as a device for computation that makes direct use of quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement. However, his mind possesses a duality, meaning that he also calculates quantum algorithms, meaning that his mind can literally come up with any possible probabilistic algorithm before possibility can become actuality.

Seagulls Cry:

Chris Storm is able to hear the seagulls crying, which means that a world has come to an end.

Here but inaccessible

existence / nonexistence:

In order for Christopher Sincere Pride to protect himself, he discarded his entire being. He split himself into eighteen pieces, giving one of his ultimate soulmates a piece of himself to eternally and permanently hold. The observable and subjective representation of Christopher Sincere Pride is actually none of him, for he is truly broken into eighteen fragments, existing in one of his ultimate soulmates. Because of this, it’s impossible to actually kill, erase, bind or remove him through any forces, influences or powers from THE ALL.

These are the 18 pieces that are not linked with Christopher Sincere Pride. He possesses none of them. (Although it reads 18, it starts from 0)



Subjective Reality/ Metaphysical Body

Heart (Physical and Metaphysical)







Soul/ Akashic Record


Nothingness/Principle of Creation

Unknown/Principle of Creation







Anti-Omnipresenece: He is outside of all transfinite, natural, and imaginary sets. He is outside of all fundamental substances, the source of all metaphysical existence.

Anti-Omniscience: There is no capacity to know everything infinitely about him. He is not known. He has no thoughts, feelings, life, or origin. He is not from any modes or attributes of any universe, realm, dimension, plane, or void.

Anti-Omnipotence: He is outside of mathematic abstracts, logic, and influence. It was explained by All-powerful beings that Omnipotence cannot affect him, seeing that he is the anti-equation to omnipotence.

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