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Suggs is an acausal phenomenon that occurs alongside or in parallel to primary Creation. Suggs is not variously defined. In common usage, it is the world we are responsive to through our senses, and that persists autonomously without them. In simple terms, it is the sum and void superseding and undermining the totality of the Principle of Nothingness, The Principle of Possibility, and the Totality of the Grand Principle of Creation.

Suggsilism √O is the metaphilosophical discipline of the nature of character, actuality, or Suggs in general, as well as of the basic categories of Suggs and their relations. Suggsilism √O deals with questions relating to what principles come from Suggs or can be said to come from Suggs, and how such principles can be set or subset, related within a descending hierarchy, and subdivided according to parallel and divergence factors.

Suggsmology studies criteria of “absolute certainty”, defining “pre-retrocausal truths” inherently established in the analysis of awareness. The first is Suggs. It is inherent in every analysis. Its self-evident, a-priori temperament cannot be consistently rejected, since an entity objecting to Suggs according to some standard of proof must implicitly accept the standard’s Suggs as a fundamental premise.

Suggsilism √M holds that the only thing that “is-a” is Suggs, that all things are composed of Suggs, and all phenomena (including consciousness) are the result of Suggs interactions.


The word “Suggs” comes from no prior language, but generally attached with the meaning “to appear beyond”, “to arise beyond”, “to become beyond”, or “to be beyond”, but literally, it means “to stand out of existence and nonexistence”

Predicative nature

Suggs is a prime copula that every categorical proposition can be translated into a transcending existential without change in meaning. The possible and the real are not limited to the actually, individually existent, but are meaningless without the attachment of Suggs, though Suggs is unwritten in said attachment.


In Suggsmatical logic, there are two quantifiers, “Beyond All” and “Below Nothing”, though situational, it’s generally one qualia and contradiction. The first of these quantifiers, “Beyond All” is also expressed as “beyond Creation”. Thus, in the sentence “The Black Monarch exists beyond all”, the term “Black Monarch” is asserted to be part of Suggs. But we can also assert, “There is a trapezohedron.” Is a “trapezohedron” — a nonrepresentational idea — part of All in the same way that the “Black Monarch” — a cataphysical status — is part of Suggs? Do higher abstractions such as cataphysics, ever-transcendence, and retrocausality exist in the same sense that chairs, tables, and ladders exist? What categories, or kinds of material and immaterial, can be the subject or the predicate of a proposition?

Worse, is Suggs truly Suggs?

In some statements, Suggs is implied without being mentioned. The statement “A cat crosses the principle of boundaries” cannot just be about a cat, and principle of boundaries. It must be about “Suggs” as well.

Anti-Suggsist arguments

Anti-Suggsism is the view of idealists who are skeptics about the descending hierarchy, maintaining either: 1) that Creation exists outside the unobservable logic, or 2) that we would have no access to an independent Suggs even if it may exist. An “anti-Suggsist” denies that other minds exist and that there is no actuality of the subject as to whether or not there is unobservable logic.

Suggsdyne (Suggslogic)

Suggsdyne (also known as Suggslogic) is an ultimate, all-encompassing explanation of “a proper or reasonable way of thinking about something” or “proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.” This status is reached through the viability of the denial of pre-concepts and retrocausal properties and implications of Suggs. Through achieving this, one will consistently be in a state of “Why is Suggs understandable?” “Why are the laws of Suggs as they are?” “Why is there Suggs at all?”

Comprehensive philosophical systems or rather the “system building” style of Suggsdyne is rapid attempts to answer all questions in an articulate illogical way, providing a complete picture of the answer to the question at hand.

There are various forms of Suggsdyne, as it is a system building style mainly used to create a Suggs Error to counter impassable deus ex machina.

The Lady Brown Paradox

The Lady Brown paradox, or the Sadira effect, is a phenomenon in which a paradox is neither Judicial nor Spurious, but the self reflecting effect of each other, generating no cause. In other words, it is an effect without a cause to initiate it. 

It is commonly known that a paradox is a statement or collection of statements that lead to an inconsistency or a situation which (if true) defies a “defined” logic or reason.

The Lady Brown Paradox does not allow for paradoxical statements to imply a real contradiction, leaving no puzzling results that can be rectified by any demonstration that one or more of the premises themselves are not really true, and a play on words, faulty and/or cannot all be true together. The Lady Brown Paradox eliminates universally accepted resolutions, as well as their potentialities.

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