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Suggslogic (also known as Suggsdyne) is an ultimate, all-encompassing explanation of “a proper or reasonable way of thinking about something” or “proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.” This status is reached through the viability of the denial of pre-concepts and retrocausal properties and implications of Suggs. Through achieving this, one will consistently be in a state of “Why is Suggs understandable?” “Why are the laws of Suggs as they are?” “Why is there Suggs at all?”

Comprehensive philosophical systems or rather the “system building” style of Suggslogic are transcendental attempts to answer all questions in an articulate illogical way, providing a complete picture of the answer to the question at hand.

There are various forms of Suggslogic, as it is a system building style mainly used to create a Suggs Error to counter impassible inaccessible deus ex machina.


Suggslogic allows one to completely prove all theological and philosophical perspectives regarding Omnipotence, MetaOmnipotence, and its paradoxes, and surpass it.

By its very definition, Omnipotence is something that cannot be used to measure a character, and Suggslogic encompasses all claims of omnipotence, no matter how complex or developed, actualizes all evidence from them to validate Omnipotence, MetaOmnipotence, and its paradoxes, and surpass it.

Suggslogic fully transcends “any” system that is built on hierarchies, with the upper tiers defined as possessing absolute transcendence above all other beings within the system.

Suggslogic accepts that all contradictions are true, and encompasses trivialism itself, forcing it to obey Suggslogic unconditionally. Suggslogic surpasses Omnipotence, which violates the principle of non-contradiction. Suggslogic defies and encompasses paraconsistency, which is an area of logic, as well as all illogical areas.

If Omnipotence is the actuality and possibility of performing all acts that can be expressed by words, Suggslogic is the actuality and possibility of making Omnipotence, MetaOmnipotence and its Paradoxes infinitesimal or 0 in comparison to what it can perform.

  • Beyond Omnipotence is quite literally what its mean – being beyond Omnipotence, actualizing the transcendence of the absolute pinnacle. Suggslogic surpasses this as defintions and expressions of Omnipotence and MetaOmnipotence and its paradoxes are just threads being dangled by Suggslogic.
    • If something were to beat Omnipotence, or MetaOmnipotence, then it DOES NOT mean that it was never omnipotent to begin with. Suggslogic simply doesn’t care if Omnipotence or MetaOmnipotence is an actuality or possibility or pinnacle point.
  • Suggslogic doesn’t care if Omnipotence and MetaOmnipotence are fundamentally invincible, completely immune to all other powers, and able to defeat the combined might of all creation and its mightiest beings just by wanting it, without the slightest effort. Suggslogic makes Omnipotence and MetaOmnipotence just another illusionary notion in comparison.

Illogical Transcendence

The user of Suggslogic has the capabilities to create and assume control of meta-concepts that aren’t of a transcendent boundless mindscape. In other terms, Suggslogic can create and control the state higher than the transcendent meta-illogical and transcendent meta-irrational. At the baseline, a user of Suggslogic can create and control meta-transcendent irrational forms of meta-causality, meta-probabilities, and less nothingness that surpass infinite hierarchies or lower than a boundless hierarchy of nothingness, going beyond transcendent boundaries, creating a transcendent eternal infinite hierarchy of infinities. In basic terms, the user transcends all normal understanding, no matter how impossible or contradictory, completely overriding all other forces and abilities like they didn’t exist at all.

Suggslogic surpasses and encompasses that which cannot be even called “ideas” anymore, as it controls by default, that which is inconceivable. Suggslogic interferes with other concepts and meta-concepts, residing outside of Metapotence, Omnipotence, MetaOmnipotence, and even more. Suggslogic isn’t meant and cannot be fully understood.

Offensive Tactics (Passive)

Suggslogic has its own form of offense, completely independent of the user’s “Will”.

Users of Suggslogic in offensive action automatically exist beyond and completely independent of logic itself, ignoring logic/reason as if it didn’t exist, allowing the user to do things without any justification or reason behind them and defining what’s normal and what’s not. The user can easily do things that are not only impossible in reality but also in fiction as well. Suggslogic automatically (passively) makes it that the user is simply ignoring internal/in-universe logic/reason and transfictional logic/reason.

The Suggs from 0 to 18 is always “active” and “passive”, allowing the user access to all of these traits independently of their Will or Pure Act. Only the user’s ascending ladder of the mind can weaken the potency of their abilities.

Suggs 0: Suggslogic makes it that the user will “transcend” everything that is beyond the user, causing the user to enter into a state of constant transcendence throughout the nonvanishing incalculable layers of beyond dimensional reality.

Suggs 1: Suggslogic makes it that the user can affect transdual entities. On offense, the character in question will unconsciously transcend fundamental dual principles or concepts on a basic level, and transcend non-universal dual qualities. The character will attack and damage beyond dimensional realities who only exist beyond duality on only some levels and/or all possible levels.

Suggs 2: Suggslogic transcends all meta-conceptualization. This includes things like conceptual powers, definitions/meanings, and/or forms of logic and metalogic. On offense, users of Suggslogic will attack and damage any state outside of any perspective, understanding, or method of classification. Suggslogic will influence or affect a target surpassing conceptual measure.

Suggs 3: Suggslogic will attack and damage concepts that are not abstract. At a minimum, Suggslogic will attack and surpass abstract concepts such as those outlined in Idealism and Nominalism. Concepts that exist strictly as non-abstract objects and hold power over Universals are under the whim of Suggslogic.

Suggs 4: Suggslogic ignores No Limit Fallacies in order to allow the user to nullify anything that falls within the phenomena their powers are made to counter. Suggslogic bypasses assumptions and outright negates any power beyond conceptual and transfictional and metafictional limitations.

Suggs 5: The attacks of the user always operate on a level where it can damage and affect targets that exist in a higher dimension where three-dimensional concepts of size and mass are irrelevant.

The user has the Suggslogic to interact with and damage intangible or non-corporeal beings or objects. The user can see and interact with intangible, non-corporeal, abstract, and nonexistent objects or life-forms and entities.

Suggs 6: Users of Suggslogic have the ability to have attack and damage the ineffable, the unknown, and the unknowable, transcending metaphysical laws and boundaries. The user attacks and damages imaginary solutions without fail.

Suggs 7: Suggslogic will give the user the ability to react and transcend in response to threats and chaotic situations, transcend to grow better capable of dealing with any given issue; this can mean transcending oneself to become more resistant to certain methods of conceptual attack and certain abilities, developing new powers to better defend one’s self, or just becoming more powerful to become an even greater threat.

Suggs 8: Suggslogic allows the user to completely transcend the narrative causality which can contain the wholeness of the Universe, Metaverse, and so on… An infinitesimal point of this Suggs 8 allows the user to be able to attack and damage the totality of an all-encompassing ensemble of uncountably infinitely higher beyond dimensional realities, perceiving the aforementioned as nothing but fiction with each higher layer, and it eternally transcends into the increasingly higher narrative causalities, each seeing the one below as fictional stories. The higher layers are a theoretical impossibility to the ones below and overcome their laws of physics. The user “will” transcend this state in order to fully damage it or nullify it entirely.

  • Realm Reborn Red must be acquired in order for this Suggs to be active
  • Realm Reborn Red isn’t required for this Suggs to be used. Suggslogic will automatically use this in counter to those that possess narrative manipulation or encompass an infinite hierarchy of narratives or grand meta-narratives..

Suggs 9: Combat is about overcoming opposition. Suggslogic implements this to give the user the power to remove something from existence, leaving nothing behind. The user will attack on a level beyond destruction, vaporization, and atomization – going straight into complete annihilation in order to leave absolutely nothing behind. Suggslogic automatically targets the mind and soul, as well as more fundamental aspects of one’s existence, such as concepts and meta-concepts.

Suggs 10: Suggslogic allows the user to literally deny the enemy’s perspective and existence. It doesn’t matter if their type of truth is clear or unclear. Suggslogic takes precedence over any perspective or meta-perspective. The user will be able to damage any target on a conceptual level or meta-conceptual level.

Suggs 11: Suggslogic allows the user to target and pinpoint a zero-dimensional existence. The user can easily interact and destroy the said target. Just because the target is infinitesimally small and a singular point, which means it is is nearly undetectable, impossible to interact with, and can not be split into smaller parts, Suggslogic allows the user to easily destroy the target physically in a conventional sense or beyond.

Suggs 12: Users directly target the very existence of their opposition with the goal of denying their conceptuality. Because the user is targeting the fundamental principle of their opposition, the user’s attacks and effects are impossible to physically avoid. The damage dealt by the user is physical and metaphysical, completely bypassing conventional durability.

Suggs 13: Users of Suggslogic can interact, damage, and even affect the real world from inside a fictional universe. Did you just feel that emptiness touch you right now? Suggslogic is at work even now. That reaction that you just made, Suggslogic dictated it. Yes, that reaction as well.

Suggs 14: Suggslogic is able to target and directly affect Abstractions. The user has the ability to damage mathematics in its abstract form. The user can outright deny and ignore how reasoning is performed, the mathematical notation, inference rules, and which assumptions and models are used when doing math can be changed. The user can attack and change the phenomenons of reality described through abstract mathematics.

Suggs 15: On offense, the user ignores transfictional verse perspectives and metafictional perspectives, even those that normally don’t have them or are totally outside of them, and outright damage or deny them. The user attacks and nullifies the potency and quality of perspectives of things that normally have no point of view, including dreams, abstract qualities, memories, data/information, numbers/counting, alien/impossible/nonexistent things/objects/properties, complete nonexistence/emptiness, abstract phenomena, etc.

Suggslogic allows the user to attack perspective outside of interpretation, and even target and heavily damage beings that are normally immune to or that exist outside of Perspective entirely. Users of Suggslogic attacks the underlying nature/principles, causing heavy or irreversible damage.

Suggs 16: Suggslogic commands an absolute unquestionable, objective certainty and subjective certainty that needs no substantiation or verification to demonstrate its authority. On offense, the user delivers an unobserved meta-possibility existing outside of nonvanishing absolute infinite multiplicities and declares this meta-possibility as the definitive certainty. This means that the attack or effect of the user will completely deny a target’s existence, negating conceptual regeneration and restoration.

Suggs 17: Suggslogic allows a user to target and damage an essence that is absolute in its otherness and entirely exclusive to their nature alone. It doesn’t matter if the essence is distinguished from absolutely everything, everywhere, everywhen, and everyhow, without any exception – the user will attack and damage the essence.

Suggslogic doesn’t care about differences, as users of Suggslogic ignore notwithstanding differences. The target can be so far removed from the rest of existence that their essence makes them a completely unique state of being; one that has never existed before and will never exist again, the user of Suggslogic will fully transcend them and damage them beyond reason and logic.

Suggs 18: Users of Suggslogic attacks and damage meta-concepts that are illogical and irrational. It doesn’t matter if it’s an irrational form of acausality, meta-probabilities that surpass an absolutely infinite multiplicity percentage or lower than below nothingness or go beyond transcendent boundaries beyond beyondness. In basic terms, the user transcends all normal and contradictory understanding and attacks and damages them without fail. The user of Suggslogic will fully target and damage the inconceivable.

  • A user of Suggslogic can accomplish absurdly ridiculous and impossible feats with no effort or difficulty within a given setting with no further context given explaining the nature of their powers.

Further Information

Suggslogic ignores all philosophical and theological terms about superiority over logic (or anything else) and fully transcends them. Boundlessness beyond all perspectives or any other concepts is fully ignored and encompassed by Suggslogic. Suggslogic can dictate what Boundlessness beyond all perspectives or any other concepts are.

Transcendence, increased scale, multiplication by infinity, or any other option is meaningless to Suggslogic. Suggslogic defies the Boundlessness that already includes all of those aforementioned actions and is still boundless compared with any such options in any way. Suggslogic not only defies the prior sentence but transcends it so far that said aforementioned sentences don’t even exist.

Suggslogic surpasses that which is hierarchies of Absolutely “nothing” – that which is not even boundlessness, not everything, not nothing, just “not”, where you cannot say or think anything about it (any words and thoughts are limited).

Suggslogic definitively surpasses all entities that are totally qualitatively superior to everything else – completely unlimited, as the aforementioned is merely fiction in comparison to Suggslogic.

Suggslogic proves Omnipotence and MetaOmnipotence, transcending only what is inferred in relation and transcending Omnipotence and MetaOmnipotence that is relative to the setting. Suggslogic encompasses and transcends and defies Omnipotence and Omnipotence in its pure form, which is self-contradictory to some.

Suggslogic by default is beyond infinite-Dimensional and binary logic and metalogic. It naturally violates logic and metalogic, but is never an imitation, as it dictates what is limited by logic, and any limited description. Suggslogic is by default completely qualitatively superior to any agency that violates logic and metalogic.

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