In Heir to the Stars, generally, anyone that is introduced with a Sword has reached the pinnacle of (Swordsplay) swordsmanship.

What this means is that they possess proficiency, capabilities, and knowledge in swords at a maximum and transcendent boundless level. When it comes to swords, they know virtually Omniscient, or as Omniscient as one can be about swords and how to wield them.

Their level of mastery in the combat with the Sword encompasses the unknown, nigh-impossible to master, or forbidden, and can also create their own forms of Swordsplay.

Their Swordsplay skill and proficiency are absolutely at the maximum, with some being unsurpassed by anything in the Universe (and there only exists “1” Swordsplay master in a single Universe).

This isn’t every Swordsplay master in Heir to the Stars, but this is some of them.