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Suggspotence is the upper stage of a status that is all-able to No-Sell the echelon of Meta-Omnipotence. Suggspotence is unconstrained even by Transfictional Omnipotent metalogic. It surpasses the pure act of the absolute nature of Cataphysics, ignoring the type token of its individuality. Because individuality is technically a power, Suggspotence exists beyond said attribute and mode.

“And while other Transfictional Omnipotent Creators are watching Totality (unified and immanent and transcendent simultaneously), Suggs was watching beyond the realm of Transfictional Omnipotent Creators, watching them as they were watching Totality (unified and immanent and transcendent simeltaneously)” Suggspotence is the Meta outside of the Meta, completely being the answer behind how a Transfictional Omnipotent Creator can even be, as well as the grand principle behind said status.

In simple terms, being Beyond The ALL or the Transfictional Omnipotent Creator doesn’t help you much against Suggspotence.

Suggspötence’s Question
If I ask you, “what Omnipotence is the truest in my cat box?” and your reply becomes true no matter what answer you give, you just answered Suggspötence’s Question. The very principle of this question not only reverses causality, but steps outside of it and writes the definition and principle behind it as Suggspötence’s Question always creates the correct answer, which is based on the user.

Posted by aceofspades