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The Black Universe

The Black Universe is a status beyond Names, Terms, and Essence – used to refer to the construct created by itself which contains the entirety of the potential macrocosmologicals to come.

Little has been discovered concerning the construct or its nature directly, due to being beyond the necessity of MetaOmnipotence, MetaOmnipresence, MetaOmniscience, Metapotence, and principle behind the reality in which it is. It is known it was the first cataphysical construct to be, superseding the ascending hierarchal ladder of possibility and the descending ladder of nothingness, and by the very notion of it being beyond the necessity of Act or Will, it superseded all Authors linked to totality.

The Black Universe is the prevailing theory, and as its appearance is usually that of a broadsword, its sheer void beyond all principles of “The End” explodes outwardly, multiplying and diversifying all structures, forms and functions linked to Names, Terms, and Essence by a factor of Rabbit Nemesis.

That Black Universe self-created itself. Then, by its blade merely being, the formation of the first Cosmic Hierarchy was established. Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy is considered no less than that of an insignificant needle pinpoint to merely the smallest realm of the first Cosmic Hierarchy. The ‘echo’ or ‘reflection’ of The Black Universe’s blade’s edge continued to exist and that is where the Name of the Game comes from.


This is a status beyond Names, Terms, and Essence that was recognized by those that surpassed the notion of Verseology.

Macrocosmologic is that which employs an (a variant perspective of) inverse-omnipotence acausal automatic anti-meta transcendence against a counter actor.

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