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The Crown of Spades

The Crown of Spades is a Suggs Symphony (Suggs Truth) that activates upon request, essentially manipulating Reflection and Judgment in order to create a self-denying identity value into a target, thus forcing the target to deny themselves.

This Suggs Symphony (Suggs Truth), in the same spell, is used to deny the existence of Names, Terms, and Essence. Regardless of whether the target is of Possibility, Totality, or Nothingness, it is impossible to use anything linked to Names, Terms, and Essence to defend against this effect.

The Crown of Spades operates on the plane of impossibilities (and a Meta akin to Inverse-Omnipotence), establishing Suggs Symphony (Suggs Truths) that activate all at once:

  • Suggs Symphony Ein: An (Meta) unwritten unobservable statement that is the truth (from a metafictional viewpoint) and doesn’t require proof for that.
  • Suggs Symphony Zwei: An (Meta) unwritten unobservable statement that must be denied. Fantasy and Reality cannot interfere.
  • Suggs Symphony Drei: An (Meta) unwritten unobservable statement that states the rules of the Cosmic Hierarchy.

“The Gaiden” of the Crown of Spades actually operates as a prelude of this Suggs Symphony (Suggs Truths), removing the user from the influence and interaction of Names, Terms, and Essence.

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