The Limits of Power

How do you rank power in Heir to the Stars? When exactly does power become irrelevant and the wrong term to use? In the Heir to the Stars franchise, there is a strong arrangement of areas in which increases a character’s status (and/or power). For the most part, it’s in order from priority. However, there are hidden areas which require special awareness to tap into. Understanding each area increases one’s status, but stepping into each area requires the power to “Step Beyond”.

How to “rank” Power in Heir to the Stars

<0.> Suggs

0. Suggslogic

1. ♠logic

2. Suggsaura

3. Tier

4. Branches of Philosophy

5. Semper

6. being-above-itself

7. Parahierarchical_Metalogic_Manipulation

8. Inverse Qualia

(Hidden) Suggsprinciple

(Hidden behind Hidden) Hexaglaive

Can you harness?

Can you harness?


  1. Characters beyond the Necessity of Tiers are excluded from this.
  2. Characters in Tier 0 are excluded from this list also for the time being.