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The Renaissance Cube

Through manipulation of Cataphysics and Grand Metanarrative Causality, a cube is generated, forcing the plot to demands that the intended target fail. The storyline requires the defeat of the target in order to make a point that only the user is aware of, regardless of whether or not of underlying narratives. The generation of this cube completely stops the story and the paratext, as the target, reader and author has no control over the battle’s outcome at all — and all narratives will guide the target to its total defeat.

The Renaissance Cube, for all purposes, makes overrides the narrative causality and grand principle of creation (Possibility / Nothingness), and makes it that the plot won’t advance, the narrative won’t advance, and that the principle of definition/totality makes it that the outcome of the target is omniversal irreversible failure.

Ironically, The Renaissance Cube ignores crossing the line twice (or more), making it that defeat will not bring about victory and that success in defeat from the target will not generate a success. The very tone of the narrative is changed from all perspectives except the user, establishing only the failure and defeat that the user has intended.

Posted by aceofspades