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Transcendence, Transcendental, Transcendent, etc. is an expression in Heir to the Stars that is impossible to categorize or find an exact description for as it is an expression of completely going above and beyond all classification and definition. Transcendence is unbound and free to defy absolutely all things; even logic itself.

In another expression that is tied to the former, transcendence is the aspect of an expression’s nature that is wholly independent of the material universe, beyond all known physical laws. Transcendence is a state of being that has overcome the limitations of physical existence and is independent of it. Transcendence can be attributed to beyond the beyond, not only in its being but also in its knowledge. Thus, it can illustrate being beyond both the universe and knowledge (is beyond the grasp of the mind).

Transcendence means “to exist above and independent from; to rise above, surpass, succeed.” Transcendent is the expression that one exists both above and independently from all Creation.

Posted by aceofspades