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Aeirs Ending Nilology

The Aeirs Ending Cosmic Hierarchy, or officially “Nilology”, is the setting in which all stories in relation to Aeirs Ending take place.

Those who come from the Aeirs Ending Nilology see things like Totality, Possibility, Creation, and the Grand Principle of Creation as less than fiction.

Unlike the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy, the Aeirs Ending Nilology is a descending ladder. The lower you are, the more potent you are. One of the most pivotal notions of this Nilology is its connection to the Descending Ladder of Nothingness.

Note: No Tier list exists for the characters here. There is no "thing" or "Existence" here since it's all null and forever descendingly subtractively less than what's here. But those that reside here (which is nowhere) possess a dominatingly powerful advantage over those that operate merely on Nothingness (the weakest of the Decesending Ladder of Nothingness since it brings about Creation), Possibility, and Totality - as this verse operates on the inverse of the Heir to the Stars cosmetic hierarchy.

Table of Contents


    The Aeirs Ending Nilology is separated by Mu-Almagests, which is where all pre-stories take place.

    Each Mu-Almagest has an entire Descending Ladder of Nothingness connected to it. However, there does exist a cosmology for Creation within each Mu-Almagest, but they do not exist within Possibility or Actuality, since they never cross the boundary of Nonexistence. Nonexistence is the highest point of the Descending Ladder of Nothingness, and the most impotent point of the ladder. 

    Mu-Almagest is comparable to a Floor of the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy.

    To understand the completeness of Mu-Almagest, see here: ForeverZero, Entropy's End, and SuggsNull.

    Factory of Creation

    A Factory of Creation operates on top of a Suggsprinciple. The purpose of the Factory of Creation is clear. While many denizens of Nonexistence are unaware of its true nature, its reality is no less true. Every chance that is taken to destroy reality, a dimension, a plane of existence, or a higher state of being within and of Creation, creates an echo. These echoes are encoded with the three principles of Creation (Nothingness, Possibility, and Totality.) They create a downwards ripple effect into the layers of “Unwritten” Nothingness, which in effect, becomes a road in which they travel downwards into a field of perspective. Each echo possesses a remnant signature of the three principles of Creation, which punctures its way into the factory, in a sense, returning to where it once was.

    The Factory of Creation is the house that brings about underpin behind the Authors that establishes All.

    A Factory of Creation generates the theory of everything, the possibility of everything, the totality of everything, infinite dimensions, change, non-reality, non-dimensions, duality, probability, improbability, possibility, impossibility, nonexistence, (absolute) nothingness, existence, etc. The Factory of Creation even generates the principle of omnipotent paradoxes, acausality, narrative causality, and definition.

    A Factory of Creation is present in various unlayers and voids of Nonexistence, for Creation came from “Nothing”.


    (or 0-Form anti-particle unrealm):

    This is a sub-branch of "THE" absolute passive denial of all things in creation. Creation and the Grand Principle of Creation do not go beyond this point, nor does it go below this point. No matter how chaotic, eternal or boundless it is, denial is the only reality…along with reason. All reason is meaningless. Magic is irrelevant. Concepts are denied, eternally, beyond the reach of Is-A or Being. Distances and Dimensions are irrelevant. All reasons and logic turn to every branch of the Descending Ladder of Nothingness. There is no what it can or cannot do. Your Nothingness is constantly destroyed (sort of speak) constantly, beyond the principle of eternity. That which is thought of as True Omnipotence or that which can be described as Deus in Heir to the Stars…is simply illusionary; an unwritten fiction that has no validity and can never be. This sub-branch extends like an ever-transcendent infinite ladder spiraling upwards of infinite hiera3eachies on top of infinite hierarchies surpassing infinite dimensions…. Except this is the inverse, with each layer fully denying you with every branch of the Descending Ladder of Nothingness.


    (or Pre-Oblivion):

    This sub-branch surpasses in potency the majority of the 1st Floor of the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy. It is akin to infinite layers of nonexistence, eternally descending downwards, only being less and less subtractive, but endless more so than the principle and definition of endless.

    The Devil’s Helmet, to paint a picture for you, is an infinite series of ladders, with each ladder having an infinite series of steps on it. Each step is the reality of the lack of any conventional existence. You cannot exist as an idea or any other unconventional state. Entities cannot be conceptualized. If existence is 1 and nonexistence is 0, there is neither. There is no state that defies even the most basic logical principles. There are no unknowables, nor can there be. Even primordial voids or pure emptiness cannot be. Each step surpasses any transfictional hierarchical boundlessness, and at the same time, negates it before Is-A or Be or I AM or Pure ACT, as none can ever… 


    This sub-branch is presented by a Null-domain of countless lions, each one completely void of anything. For presentation's sake, it’s merely an outline of a lion. Each one has a mane in which a single fiber of its hair on the mane could contain all of the Floors of the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy, with the existence of individual characters taking up little more than an imaginary split particle.

    Nerium denies the hierarchy of narratives and the ever-transcending ladder of grand meta-narratives. It multiplies 0 by the principle in which 0 came to be, and denies that too, in a closed eternal loop. Nerium is outside of the paratext of every possible story (especially those that include an infinitely spiraling upward hierarchy), as the True End below the Descending Ladder of Nothingness. It doesn’t matter the story, plot, verse, or narrative, Nerium is right there, actively pulling whatever falls into nothingness into itself. When those that are greater than Omnipotence or Deus or an entire Franchise never were… it’s because Nerium has already claimed them.  


    (or Anti-Azathoth):

    This is akin to infinitely descending hierarchies of greater infinitely descending hierarchies of Null-Domains that treats as fiction that which is akin to a Fortress in the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy as fiction, and its inhabitants are seen as imaginary grains of sand laid on an eternal subtraction. This is far less than a void of nothingness completely lacking in a hierarchy of narratives that resides in an unreachable "nowhere" in relation to the cosmic ladder of the Heir to the Stars cosmic ladder.


    (or Anti-Verse):

    The descending ladder of fiction. Imagine walking into a living room, in which the very notion of the living room directly target your very existence (all the fundamentals and principles and future phenomena of it) and not only denies it (eternally, so even if you regenerate, you’re stuck in a constant loop with transcendence also being negated), and the realm of impossible to pataphysically avoid is overseeing everything. That’s what this sub-branch Null-domain is. Damage doesn’t exist here. Conceptuality doesn’t exist here. Power doesn’t exist here. Escape and resistance don’t exist here, nor can they be created, since the Factory of Creation is so far above this stage that it’s merely fiction as well. Then, fiction doesn’t even exist here, leaving less than the Descending Ladder of Nothing here.

    This is in comparison to Ace to Machina in terms of sheer boundlessness, as from this perspective, the Lion’s Den and Ace to Machina are daydreams and illusions that can never be.

    Corpse Flower

    (or Anti-Meta):

    This top branch is akin to gathering “All” of the Branches of Philosophy and sitting them down in a room around a trapezohedron. This room, however, never existed… This room irrefutably needs no substantiation or evidence to realize its validity in its absolution.  This room is akin to the greatest absolute infinite of hierarchies of Descending Ladders of Nothingness greater than a boundless transcendent unobserved subtraction being present alongside infinitely many ultimate truths. This room (as an expression completely denies the validity of a wave function that has already been collapsed, re-denying it endlessly) denies all gaps, semantic loopholes, and different interpretations of Suggslogic.

    This room makes “All” Branches of Philosophy in the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Hierarchy (and above it) impossible, irrational, contradictory, and illusionary to it. To give an illustration, Corpse Flower is similar to what happens when the Author decides to deny something from the story before publishing it, denying even the narrative from knowing it, and denying the paratext from ever being. Its immeasurable boundlessness ignores all boundaries in a sense of the Branches of Philosophy, and will always reach them no matter what, fully denying them. It notably cannot be stopped, defied, redirected, or escaped. But this is just the illustration of the room.

    Because this is at the bottom level before the true bottom level can even start. Because at this point, there are transcendent boundless layers of rooms, each one greater than the room mentioned in the former. This is just the beginning of Corpse Flower.

    Posted by Suggsverse