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Fodder is a term usually used to describe the lowest-ranked levels of power.

To put it as bluntly as possible, Tier 7 (Low – Highend) is where power is deemed significant in value. Everything below this is considered imaginary fiction of no value.

Cannon Fodder is like livestock being fed for slaughter. It’s effectively the easiest and most maximum way to express the lowest form of significant power.

Tier 8 and Gods / Deus are “Less Than” cannon fodder in the grand scheme of things and on the smallest form of significance, as they are completely insignificant. Their feats are treated as less than fiction.

The Weakest Feats of Power

(The Lowest Value of Power)

The below examples are the lowest form of power in Heir to the Stars.

  • ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING presented on Tier 8 or on the 1st Floor might as well be considered less than the most definitive description of weak.

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