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Trinity Trials Queenscape


It’s here! This is a small collaboration project between Heir to the Stars (by Lionel C. Suggs) and The Trinity Trials (by Dexter Carr Jr.).


The Gates opened up for a moment…

Gates that created trials for those seeking to ascend…

On this day, the Gates opened up that created an empyreal road that guided all that chose to walk on it to a war-torn world covered in ash like snow and blood.

It was just as well such a fate had come to pass, as possibilities of a brighter malevolence still resurfaced in the infinitesimal depths of the broken world’s mind while welcoming the coming chaos to those that chose to step onto its soul…

Be sure to find more from author Dexter Carr Jr. on his Facebook and Twitter:

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Dexter Carr (@the.trinity.trials)

Posted on August 12, 2021 by Suggsverse

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