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Semper is a principle of a disunion which Christopher Sincere Pride used throughout his metaphilosophical battles to analyze motion, causality, ethics, and physiology in his Pataphysics, Metaphysics, Logic and Cosmic Psyche.

Semper generally refers to any “achievability” that an article can be said to have.

Semper encompasses all forms of variables; the underpin principle behind spectrum and variable. The range of the “system” Semper encompasses establishes relevance, and possesses an absolutely completely unbounded scope of principle influences.

Semper is also the root plane for a factor or element liable to change, following not limited to the physical realm and/or reality, but finely tuned to the abstract subjects including examples as; ideas, concepts, interpretations, etc. Semper establishes and houses “diversity” and “effects”, as well as the immutable principles and transcendent narratives.

Semper, at its most ground state, is the interpretation of the world and beyond as if it were a work of art along with its aspects. It is the interaction with creation and its creator, as well as Suggs and its domain. Semper is the author of stories through its own art and the control of principles of the world that has been established, along with the unwritten potentialities. However, just like “art” isn’t just about sight and colors, it also is controlled by the other senses as well; Semper sets the impressions and interpretations of “achievability”.

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